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  1. in1t

    addon tool idea

    Here is a post I put on mfcti forums back in september that describes what would be needed to do it for mfcti sources (or other mfcti variants). I didnt see any response so I didn't persue it any further. http://sourceforge.net/forum....=241625 Basically it involves: 1. creating an addon catalog. This is the catalog for the wwii addons, depending on what you want to do in the builder it may not need to include all the fields. Initially, a spreadsheet could be used to build it. 2. creating template files from the mfcti sources. Basically a search and replace exercise changing all the values into something recognized by the script ( ie change 25 to %(soldiereastcost)s ). Only need to touch the files that have lines that need to be changed. I have written a python script to parse the cti44 stats file (slightly different from default mfcti) that does this automagically. It most likely could be modified to do the same for mfcti stats files. The two big files are the mission.sqm and the Stats.sqs (mfcti has a few more that would need to be converted into templates). The web interface: Is a cgi script that connects to a database that has the catalog and builds the different pages and drives the final output. The cti44builder also stores visitors values so when they return they won't lose their missions. I dont think it would be that difficult to create another version of the builder for generic mfcti (or other variations). Most of the work would be building the addon catalog. The mfcti sources is mostly search and replace exercise. And, the web interface would not take too many changes to make it work.
  2. in1t

    Ardennes WWII maps

    John has an Ardennes map that you can get from here: http://ofp.info/john/
  3. in1t

    FlashFx Units Replacement pack 5.0!

    A few comments: I was a bit alarmed when I installed v 3.5 and it looks like it replaced some of the default ofp files. As a mod that is not what I expected (expect to have all files placed in the flashfxur directory). A bad side effect is that when I run the uninstall for flashfxur it removes the replaced files and I am left with a broken ofp installation. A list of replaced files would be usefull (and a warning about which ones will be replaced before its done). I dont understand the clean editor concept. What is the point of downloading 700MB of addons and not be able to use the editor to create missions with them (am I missing something on this)? On the subject of missions are there any missions avialable that makes use of all the great work done here? I didn't see any missions included in the mod.
  4. in1t

    the invasion 44 CTI maps...any servers yet?

    I agree the addons are very confusing. I will try to put together a list of the addon packages and their contents. There is a m3 stuart patch on the cti44 website (only about 4MB) that will add the stuart (it is also now included in the bigger files as well). I dont think the stuart from the US pack will work (the config.cpp in renamed to config.___ in thevonstuart.pbo included with the pack--- I think they are naming it different in the main USpack configuration). I didnt want to add a dependency of requiring the US pack for cti44 (yet anyway) so I used the original config.cpp from the vonstuart. I think the core addons are settling down and won't need to add any new addons (excluding thePacific and Eastern Front are still changing though). I think changes to the ELVCTIUnits.pbo (a very small file) will take care of a lot of the requests I have received to adjust armor and ammo strengths to make all the addons play fair together. Hopefully there wont be as much confusion with fewer addon changes. Does ofp.info give user account access or do you have to send them a request each time to have them pull the file? It would be easy if I could just upload the files to their server when they have changed....
  5. in1t

    the invasion 44 CTI maps...any servers yet?

    Good news! I was finally able to recreate the script errors and found the problem (at least a few of them anyway). I uploaded the corrected missions files (see the website for a list of all the bugs that were fixed). Please test it and let me know if you are still having problems with the COOP missions.
  6. in1t

    the invasion 44 CTI maps...any servers yet?

    There are actually 2 pbo files in there that are cti44 specific. One that I put together and one that the original cti44 author did. CTI44Units has not changed in a while, but the ELVCTIUnits changed recently.
  7. in1t

    the invasion 44 CTI maps...any servers yet?

    I think the @cti44-all.zip from ofp.info (ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/mods/@cti44-all.zip) is outdated. I am not sure if they downloaded the file before the updates where finished or what. (The listing on ofp.info was not really planned it just happened). One other person has told me something similar too. That said I was still not able to reproduce the errors. AI commander builds tanks with crew and sends them out? I have been using version 1.96 if that makes a different. IT seems to be working for some people to I am not sure what is happening. BTW that is how I did part of the conversion. Grepped the files to find the ones I needed to change. Out of all the files in mfcti there really is only a small set of the critical files that needs to be changed.
  8. in1t

    the invasion 44 CTI maps...any servers yet?

    I understand the critism (true in many regards). First, I am relatively new to ofp so I am still learning. I saw all the wwii addons and liked the game play of mfcti. On the mfcti forums I found the original version of cti44 done by another person for an older version of mfcti. I took many things from the old version and converted it to mfcti 1.16. It really is just slopped together (commented lines etc etc). It by no means is a finished product, but the core features are very playable (at least for some of us it is??). The addons are another story. Many of the addons were carried over from the original CTI44 and I have added more (the extensons). If you have found unused addons please send me the list so I can remove them (cti44 has evolved so fast just havent had time to keep up with the unused addons). There doesn't seem to be any one mod that has a complete package for all the aspects of cti (from infantry to planes across German,Russian,IJA,US). The result it trying to pick ones and combine them. They don't always play good together! I have tried to adjust some (mostly just armor and speed). I dont feel I know enough about the addons to do it at this time. I am a little surprised some people are having problems with the script errors. We have been playing for months without any script errors or problems. From the feedback I have received these script errors are causing the idle tanks anbd other problems with AI commanders. We have played some tough games against the AI commander (lots of tanks and infantry), so I am not sure why some people having problems. It is hard for me to fix the problem if I cant reproduce it... I am trying to fix the starting locations. Its just a matter of time going through all the staring locations and checking that they aren't in building or forests (AI doesnt know how to move to a clear location) I haven't found another wwii cti version out there. So until there is something better this is it (as ugly as it may seem). If anyone wants to help fix some of these problems let me know and I can send you the original sources I have been working from to build the missions.
  9. in1t

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    From looking through the scripts (I am still a newbie to ofp scripting) it looks like the AI is not limited by funds. In RTS3-SP-AIOffenseLand.sqs (Air and Plane look similar) it appairs ai just creates x number of crews then creates tanks for them. There does not appear to be any economy involved for the AI. <rambling> First off, I think RTS is an excellent addon for ofp. But, IMHO the lack of a coop/constrained AI version is one of the weak spots of RTS. My brothers and I usually only play ofp coop games (wwii speficially) and when the AI has no economic restraints it makes the game play somewhat unbalanced. As a results we end up playing coop CTI44 (WWII version of MFCTI) . The number of types of wwii vehicles, soldiers, aircraft in RTS is great, but for coop play its not as fun. </rambling> Does anyone else prefer coop? I am willing to help work on a "coop" version of RTS (or place economic constraints on the AI), but I am not an expert ofp scriptor.