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  1. I've just bought the Arma X anniversary box set, Arma gold, Cold War Assault, and Arma 2 install just fine, but when I try to install the Op Arrowhead/BAF/PMC disk I keep getting the same error over and over again; File not found: E:\DLCs\PMC\Addons\ca_pmc.pbo.xz I've tried copying the contents of the DVD to the hard drive to try and install that way but it won't let me. Racking my head over this one, any help would be great. Many thanks. ---------- Post added at 10:23 ---------- Previous post was at 09:55 ---------- Well this is weird, after several attempts at reinstalling I took out the brand new shiny disc, breathed on it and gave it a quick rub even though it wasn't dirty and was box fresh then tried again. It installed :confused: Very odd! Mods feel free to kill the thread! Thank you.
  2. Just downloaded and installed the mod, absolutely brilliant! Many thanks to the guys who created this as you did a wonderful job!
  3. hairydavey

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    I made a shooting range mission to practice using the ingame weapons as many people do. I added some friendly soldiers for more ambiance, and put out a load of empty vehicles to shoot including a few empty chernarussian ones (was under the impression that "empty" vehicles did not belong to a "side"). Blew up one of said empty vehicles and went to talk to one of the AI soldiers, who promptly told me to "piss off" before shooting me in the face. Nice!
  4. hairydavey

    We Were Soldiers.

    EBUD and SEB? Remember SEB's nam packs, those were brilliant :)
  5. I'm running the game with the build 1.02.58136 patch and have just started the Badlands mission. The Razor Team AI won't respond to any commands whatsoever and I have no means of taking control of the cpu soldiers whom are supposed to be under your command. As a result, I can no longer play this level! Surely something this gamebreaking would have been picked up? This is when in the previous "Bitter Chill" mission, I chose to go to the CDF for help.
  6. Good job, I have to admit that while playing the 1st Arma I deliberately lowered the grass settings to balance the playing field in singleplayer due to x-ray vision on the AI's part. Nice experiment, kudos.
  7. For those of us in the U.K., www.gameplay.co.uk £25 including 2nd class delivery.
  8. Many thanks to the both of you, and that code works an absolute treat! Cheers guys, does exactly what I need.
  9. Oops! Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, new to here and it seemed at first glance the place to post as the mod discussion isn't for these kind of questions. Thanks for the info about the .pbo tools, I will be sure to check that out!
  10. Hi, Apologies if this sounds like a daft question but............ I'm pretty up to speed with downloading weapon packs and using the initialization field to bring up weapons and load said unit with magazines using the removeallweapons this; etc,etc, but I've downloaded a few packs that don't state the weapon or magazine classnames in the readme and the weapons only seem to be useable with a specific unit for example; I could download a mod, a specific unit could be armed with an M60E4, but nothing in readme for finding out how to implement said weapon into the initialization field for another unit. Is there any way to find out where the classnames are, if they can be found at all? Sorry if it sounds slightly obscure, hoping someone gets the jist of it! Cheers!