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  1. To the op point, we are talking about accuracy not performance. Longer barrel = more accurate over distance, not so much when its upclose and personal. if you are tuning a corner in a house a compact firearm is obviously the way to go. Not trying to start a flame war, just wanted to put some facts out there. If arma is about details like bullet drop and such. I think being able to place effective fire 200m further down range is worth noting. I think it could be considered mission critical if given the choice of firearm at the onset of said task.
  2. That is an incorrect statement. The m16a4 has a 20" barrel producing a muzzle velocity 3110 ft/s. It features a single shot or burst fire [three round] selection. it also has a non telescoping stock and is approx one pound heavier then the m4, It shoots the same load as the m4, 5.56 62grain 193 ball ammo. It has an effective range of 800m. the m16a4 is the standard issue rifle for the usmc today . The m4 has a 14.5" inch barrel with a telescoping stock. It has a muzzle velocity of 2900 ft/s with an effective range of 600m Its primary use is for cqb engagements.
  3. awesome mod! But.....The silencer doesn't work for me. the LJ sound is gr8, but seems astho its a bit overbearing compared to the other rifles, I know its a large caliber but its actually distorting. Just sharing my thoughts fwiw, keep up the excellent work!
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    I stand corrected. That would be the one thing I enjoy about arma that really keeps me playing after all these years is that there is always something to learn! BTW This is a mod that I consider crucial or a "must have"!
  5. ht-57


    asus. try putting the "dta" file in a "addon" folder, inside the @anzins If u look at the path of your other addons u will see, as you are missing one folder steam/steamapps/common/arma3/@anzins/addons/dta
  6. hello all, Tyvm 4 any help with the following. I'm using the eos spawn script which spawns a group of stock a3 east units. I would like to change the stockgroup to the "russian" add on units. I have the class names for the individual units, But is there a way to call a group of russians without an array of individual classnames? here is the script snipet that calls the stock a3 groups- _grp= _this select 1; _grp = [_spwnpos, East, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfTeam"),[],[],[0.25,0.4]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
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    This is an awesome mod!
  8. ht-57

    version .55.103923 inventory crash

    I'm getting a lock up about 5 to 10 min in during the first firefight when I pull the trigger. doesn't happen 52.103 just the latest dev build. Updated my mhq-m4 pac, problem solved... shoulda known.....mods. By spelling it out here I discovered the culprit, so I guess it was worth it.
  9. Arma is supposed to be a fps infantry concentric game that is closer to a mil sim... that said i to believe each firearm should be different and mirror their real world counter part insofar as bullet drop /effective range/ dare I say sound/etc.... otherwise you have a bf3 or cod that is leveling the playing field, which is ok if thats the games mission statement. true it will screw up scopes. But irl trijicon [acog] optics makes a scope for 556 another for 765 and so on. also this is where elevation and windage may actually make a difference to the individual shooter, So I would much rather or expect a "DCS" style of game from arma3 then a bf3 style, At the end of the day that is why prefer bis over other titles.
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    Difficulty settings

    Wow that was quick! and easy TYVM sir!
  11. ht-57

    Difficulty settings

    I have been attempting to change difficulty settings in A3 to no avail. Is this not implemented yet? or I'm I missing something? I have tried changing the owner settings manually. Both regular and vet categories. tried in editor and exported mission to to scenarios and tried it there. I'm currently using the Alpha not the developer ver. Any thoughts would be appreciated, tyvm
  12. All due respect but the only thing that A3 has going for it is that its not that popular.....yet.... how do u prove you haven't seen a hacker w any of the anti cheats running? heres a lil somtin that u might b interested in...put "aimjunkie" in your googally bar. BTW u missed the st patricks day sale for the A3 aimbot. heres a A lil sample from a prior hacker http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield3/comments/t7201/im_a_hacker_and_i_have_some_information_for_the/ yah I know its bf3 but this same thing is applied to A3 and every other fps title u can think of!
  13. Unfortunately unless you play with a "known" group of people on a "known" server with admin, even then there's always one or two guys u can't touch...makes me say mmmmmmmmmmmmmm? . Say it isn't so but your not stop'n the hackers!
  14. Mark, In the init_island after small and large camp positions and the weather, you have- "GLaddittionaltown logics"- what is the function of those positions?
  15. TYVM! I'm just a simple cave man and obviously not up to date with all these features you have incorporated! All is running well, thanks again for your patience!