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  1. in the mean time could you up the ping limit so us australians can play on your server?
  2. Hey SaMatra, Just wanted to say I briefly spent a few hours on your server and thought the changes you made were amazing! Only thing is I play from Australia and I'm frequently getting ping kicked which is to be expected. I too was hoping that you could up the ping limit to 450 so us Aussies could play on your server seeing as no other hosts have your version. I have plenty of aussie arma 2 mates who would love to join in and frequent on your server as well! Thanks!!
  3. hitomaro

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    one quick question, is there any way to use the original soundtracks? as opposed to the ones supplied by ffur? im loving the mod, its just that the music really doesnt float my boat, no offense! and i always loved the music from the original. great mod you got here, i love it, i havent played red hammer or resistance and only just got them, so this'll make playing them more greater...