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    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I serve in the military and I do think flag burning is a part of free speech. Free speech is not always comfortable to defend. Funny though its all relative same people who provoke the muslims over showing of Muhammed on the other hand think there should be a special law to protect the flags. I guess craziness is all just perspective. Lifes to short to get upset about so many diffrent things.
  2. herman01

    North Korea about to launch ICBM

    Pretty much true. Another perfectly crappy product sold by Raytheon to our careless goverment. You make more money in the long run if your system continues to fail but somehow stay alive thanks to some paid for political buddys.
  3. herman01

    The Iraq thread 4

    Hes already replaced. The only thing significant about his death is the PR around it in America. I'm glad hes dead though, but one shouldnt exagerate the importance of his death there will always be someone there to take that someones place in that type of organization designed for such losses. I think the comment of trusting his fellow muslims isnt a fair one. Its a very black in white perspective of the muslim world. A good majority of the Sunni Insurgent groups would probably kill him if given the chance.
  4. herman01

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    I dont think your mod is very correct on its accuracy of what the Marine Corps really has and uses. Isnt the CROWs weapons system only fielded by the Armys 4th ID so far, and I dont think the marines have the money to buy such a system. I've also never seen marines use 5 ton trucks (m923) only 7 ton trucks. RG-31 is only used by the Army also. Just a few things to point out, not trying to offend you. Thanks
  5. herman01

    The Iraq thread 4

    Good answer, The wikipedia article was backed up by solid sources. He didnt seem like a guy with enough drive to make it through ranger school. Ive never seen a corporal ranger with pin on rank either and I have seen basic training push outs wearing it though. Thanks. About the WP, The source given above is a blog so its not to reliable of a source. Also in the foot note the author says that the military did use WP. The bodys with burnt flesh and intact clothes are obivious proof of this chemical weapon being used. The military saying that they used it for illumination is bull to, its like when your firing a 50 cal or larger at the enemy you not trying to hit him your just trying to destroy his uniform or weapon, he just got in the way. The mi.itary just wanted to use everthing at their disposal to avoid losses when the troops had to clear the town.They probably believe to that everyone left in the town was an insurgent which is obiviously not true beucuase many Iraqis stayed to protect their property from looting and destruction. Read bottom of paragraph three and for of this source. I know its not the best source but Im short on time in the sources they use are good. http://www.asil.org/insights/2005/12/insights051206.html
  6. herman01

    The Iraq thread 4

    How do you know the first video is fake?
  7. herman01

    Military Humor

    Nothing some portable stand or bi pod couldnt do. Ive never been sniper though so I dont know what would work better in real life.
  8. herman01

    The Iraq thread 4

    I was just watching Fox News and found out that Baghdad is safer than Washington D.C. They showed me some numbers and I guess I should believe them. They can shovel the bull crap cant they! It was nice Republican congressman from Iowa presenting this information. Sad part is. People believe the crap thats on Fox News on a daily basis. I really dont like a media source so closely tied to the goverment. I think its really dangerous. This goes either way also Democrat or Republican adminstrations they all are just power hungy politicians.
  9. herman01

    SF Truck?

    If some does make some FMTV vehicles is would be cool to see a version of the uparmoured one that is is being used in Iraq.
  10. herman01

    The Iraq thread 4

    The men that usually send us to war do not have any idea of the horrors that are war. The sad part to it all is that we all could be capable of such atrocities when placed in the same situation. War has just been glorified throughout history. Im just as guilty as Hollywood though, I mean this is an BIS furom in which they only make war simulator games which in my defense I mainly just download add ons and play around with them. by the way Bal they still think that trickle down econmics work even thought there has been no extra tax revenue creating are record setting national debt. If WWIII started from this situation they would still defend their decison. They are just greedy politicians.
  11. herman01

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    The CIA officials are not of appoitee levels like George Tennet(who was awarded by Bush) and many of them served under the supervison of Bush Sr. They just love their country as I do and care. The CIA had such large fall out due the fact that these professionals knew how everthing was cherrypicked and when the Adminstration used the CIA as a punching bag it just added insult to injury to them. Once again you just try to neutralize these individuals as disgruntled partisans so you dont have to consider them in. Fox News is a propaganda source for this adminstration. That should be as clear as day. Adminstration officials almost exclusivly do their interviews on Fox News. I used to share almost the same views as you Shin and you obiviously a very intellgent person. I my views just have completly changed after serving in Iraq. Im not disgruntled either, I chose to re-enlist and I proud to serve and I think I can help soilders in a way that somebody else might not be able to. I just wish I could serve in a meaningful mission.
  12. herman01

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Im without doubt that the story of CBS crew getting killed would draw more attention anyways. When soilders die in Iraq it always gets very little attention anyways becuase people are now numb to the news and it really doesent grab their attention. To include shins comment about goebbels propaganda, what do thing Rupert Murduchs empire is up to(which he is now courting Hillary Clinton becuase her strong chance to win the 2008 election, who I dislike Hillary very much also). Shin you also have a strongly biased and nationlistic point of view. How many more CIA people would have to come out saying that the country mislead to war in Iraq by the adminstration. I mean all you have do is label anybody who says the adminstraton did this is a partisan idealog. I have no hidden motives in my caring for the Iraqi people. I've seen all the destruction done firsthand and as human I care. Their people to me not just crazy muslims like many of my fellow country men see them. We haved a damned if we do and damned if we dont situation in Iraq. We leave chaos will overcome the weak central goverment, and we stay the indigenous will hate us more and more everyday.
  13. herman01

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Nobody cares of all the Iraqis that have died due to the U.S. goverments decision to go to war. Oh well we don't have time to think of those people do we. They realy dont matter. For those who try diminish the value of those lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Remember that we did go to war over the deaths of over three thousand Americans and one county which had nothing to do with that event. P.S. Ive served two tours in Iraq and in my opinion which is not blinded by nationlist idealogy is the fact that jounalist do more to defend my freedoms than I do. They are the only ones who can keep goverments in check. But I guess if you believe the elite politicians really care about us so much you can just keep on believing it. Its so easy to be an idiot to make a punching bag out the media. Its the oldest trick in the book of attacking the messenger. The truth is that there is huge disconnect in between the regular Iraqis and coalition forces and there has been no media outlet to cover this becuase it is so dangerous and many have died by both insurgent and coalition forces trying to do this.
  14. herman01

    Operation Frenchpoint GUI

    Why the PLGR I hate that thing so much in real life. I think it was state of the art in the 60's. Other than that its all good. Thanks alot.
  15. herman01

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Right with you on those commander MGs cameron