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  1. That's how I update my local VM server. And if you want to save the old beta's just rename the old folder BetaOLD or however and then you can always easily roll back by renaming the old folder to beta and the new folder to beta<whatever>. I will be CONUS next month, so I will stop in the server. I want to check it out. Sounds pretty sweet, both in gameplay and the extras you have.
  2. alleycat, you just need to take the "beta" folder from your desktop machine inside of C:\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta or where ever you have installed the game at. Take that beta folder and copy/ftp or however to the server and replace the same folder on the server install. Just include in your startup Expansion\beta and Expansion\beta\expansion. I use the TA2DST tool and just select those as mods. Or copy whats in the _runA2CO_beta.cmd. *This is for a windows server install.
  3. Always a pleasure to test the mission out, so without adeiu... --> Just had a quick game, local host server. Got a horde.sqs not found message when heading to a side mission that had a horde. It did give me a completion message, but there were still zeds left. I later died of dehydration, but I never received a message that It was getting close, or that I should find some water. I found a blue barrel of water, but I could only load it into a truck. Not sure if I am supposed to be able to drink from it?? The take raw goat meat message shows up twice. And lastly, the zeds are a lot slower and are real jerky when coming toward you while the player is on foot, they run for a few steps then stop. In a vehicle they run full speed after you. Oh just for fun, I tried a clear out town mission, and the zombies rushed me as they had in previous versions, acting completely different than in classic gamemode. I got mobbed completely. I chose 5 random boxes and there was nothing spawned though. Running latest beta(w/all DLC) CBA, blastcore and JSRS
  4. Check your arma2oa.rpt in /appdata/local/arma2oa it should give you some hints on what mod/addon is missing.
  5. Sounds like you may be using the Arma2:CO version or vice versa when you only have OA. Verify that then try to load the mission again.
  6. Did you check the parameters? I think there is one in there that lets you change it to allow players to spawn near each other.
  7. Sure thing. DL the update. FYI on your signature you have the blurb about 1.25 being released, but the link takes you to the first page on the thread and the links displayed still show the 1.0 version. None that I see.. (caveat: nothing game breaking) The only time I've had "issues" is when running a mod that drastically changes the AI reactions, like the AI suppression and AI Line of Sight mods. Running mission with the AI suppression script makes all the zombies duck or drop to the ground as you shoot at them, so kinda ruins the whole zed thing. Bobtom built the mission with ACE in mind, so you can turn off/on ACE stamina/backpacks in the parameters menu. As for the ACE specific weapons/vehicles its all a crap shoot as how ever the mission handles that. I have played with all of that just fine and found ACE items here and there, but not as widespread as the Vanilla equipment. I think ALICE is in there somewhere too, so if you have additional civilian vehicles you will see them here and there. I like to hunt zeds in the '70 Cuda myself :)
  8. I would see it whenever a new zed would be spawned or a group however the script calls for it. I did also get a message about the z_horde.sqs not being found? That was with the brown background and the continue button, not the black background white text of the script error. I do like the sound effects for the magic box :-)
  9. wow.. looking forward to this. Thanks bobtom. Is this actual release or an update on whats going on? As there is no dl link available. ETA: Nvm. Looks like I posted in the middle of bobtom still posting the announcement :) additionally you rule sir. ETA2: Wow.. just wow.. Runs like a champ even while running a bunch of stuff as a hosted server. Nice work. Can't wait to get some folks on this map. Bug Report for you. I get a script error '|#|removeAllItems _zombietype' Error removeallitems; type String, expected object This is on latest beta patch and only blastcore visuals running with additional addon maps. Also the ability to get things from the zombie corpses doesn't seem to work for me. I can see the sparkling that prior indicated the zombie corpse had an item to grab, but there is nothing in the action menu, or in the inventory of the body.
  10. whoa.. nice. Once I think all has been done in Arma, someone proves me wrong. I find this type of experiments to be fascinating, so thanks for sharing. DL right now to check it out. ETA: Just tried the PBO version and it gave me an error of No Player Slot found on startup. Just FYI.
  11. Here to another masterpiece :D I keep finding myself getting distracted as I get to watch the opposing sides clash in the valley below me. Great work again!
  12. markb50k, What do you think about a way to collect explosives and create a scripted IED devices (like abandoned armies if you remember) so you can setup a defensive perimeter or cover a retreat. I play a bunch on the urban maps and always find myself wishing I could setup some trip lines or something when I am trying to bug out of an area, or ambush a armored vehicle since RPG's and such don't always show up. Not sure if there is a mod already that could fill that role?? maybe if there is I want to take a look at it and see how it could integrate with the mission. yay or nay? Checked out Armaholic and found this on a search Dapman traps I'll check it out maybe it will suffice for scratching that itch :) nope.. i guess running ACE2 and adding the mines/tripwire stuff will be the only way to get it addon wise.
  13. I like it the way it is. This mission in my opinion shows exactly how it would be if you were against a numerically superior and equipped enemy. The whole point of the mission is to use strategy and tactics to wear down that enemy, to bleed them of equipment and personnel in order to gain the upper hand and be able to control territory. From the posts previously I can see that there is one flaw, you are playing as if you have backup, a larger force to help contain the enemy and a bunch of territory that you control. In this mission you do not. I spend very little time in the towns and cities, I hit them hard and quick, killing everything that moves scooping up as much equipment and vehicles I can then I GTFO before the reinforcements arrive. I hide in the mountains or forests away from the main roads, I re-arm, re-equip and heal up my men and myself and then consult the map on my next move. You need to exercise patience for this mission. Planing, Timing and Execution are critical in the first part of the game. You are not holding territory, you are merely trying to bleed the opponent of men and material to allow you to take territory at a later date. I cannot stress that enough, using the static tactics and strategy of holding land will just get you surrounded by enemy vehicles and dead. Hit and Run, hit that truck with a RPG and machine gun the survivors, grab their stuff and RUN! You only need to seek specialty weapons otherwise you just need Ammo. Stop collecting stuff and just get what you need, doing that ensures that you are in and out of a town quickly and you can easily adapt to new threats when you have space and the means too. Wading into the town like its COD and trying to go toe to toe with 5 to 6 enemy squads will get you dead, even though you may have killed the infantry you forgot that the Gunships are on their way, you forgot that the Tanks and APC's are coming to help their brothers and that is when you get in the position of feeling like you cant go or do anything without getting surrounded. Try tactics like that and then come back and say it needs to be changed to what is already available in hundreds of other missions available for Arma2. I don't think you will.