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    What will do to your OFP when you have ArmA

    i own... ..operation flashpoit: gold edition with red hammer ..resistance i used to have the first realese i will keep the ones i currently own forever
  2. hipacross

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    naah i doubt it... and then the offical is some time in early '06 ne way that mag has no idea
  3. hipacross

    Some neat idea

    i donno getting hammered in the local bar would be kinda fun
  4. hipacross

    Vote for jumping?

    just because i voted for no jumping doesnt mean im against realism...? that would be more the oposite anyway? In full combat gear jumping 3 feet in the air is anything but real. jumping will RUIN THE GAME!!!!
  5. hipacross

    about swaying grass - hope you can turn it off

    I disagree 100%, the waving flora in Vietcong was brilliant and really made the environments feel alive and not so static, even the waving trees in GR werent too bad at the time, i think having dust and flora reacting to the rotors of a helicopter will be quite a spectacular sight, im imagining helicopter insertions/extractions in the new Aras game already  . i agree! the wind in veitcong was nice and i was impressed when i bought the very first GR, i thought the wind was beautiful and the sound was good too. So i don't know what your talking about when you complain about the wind in games
  6. hipacross

    Hope Realism is a factor

    i've been playing ofp for years, from the time it was put out! The last thing i would want to see is it become anthing like America's Army.
  7. hipacross

    release over steam

    absolutly not
  8. hipacross

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    graaaaaaaassss lots of it! i whant to be able to hide, and just for the visual the grass adds, makes it look alot more real. as people already said, destructable/interactive terrian and vegitation so i can dig a foxhole or climb a tree. or burry myself in the grass...