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    Queer error

    Ok, when I run OPF it gives me this error: "No entry 'config.bin::CfgIntro.initWorld'." Help! how do i fix this?? Also how do i know which version of OPF i have installed? Thanx
  2. homestar

    Need help playin opf

    Ok, I have the original Operation Flashpoint and i also have the Gold Upgrade. But, I have lost the CD for the original Operation Flashpoint. I have all the documentation that came with the original, including my CD-Key. I also have the Gold Upgrade CD and documentation. Operation Flashpoint is installed on my PC but whenever I try to run it, it gives me the "Wrong or No cd in drive" message (which is expected as there is no cd). Is there any way for me to play Operation Flashpoint again, or will I have to buy another copy? Thanx (PS. How do I find out which version of the game I have installed?)