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  1. Does anyone have an answer for this?
  2. Hey listen up you sorry, sorry man. Adumb is an amazing dev who makes some high-quality vehicles for this community. I'm sure he isn't done and he doesn't need you to tell him his windows aren't transparent. So please make your criticism CONSTRUCTIVE in the future, instead of just flaming him! I love his work, and I love him. I won't let someone push him around like you are!
  3. Billabong81

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Hi bois. For those interested in jonny's pic, each model above is available in all 3 camo schemes. Don't worry about unmatching unis. You are silly for thinking he would have a desert SF soldier fighting in the artics! BTW w0lle, suck it.
  4. Billabong81

    Jonny´s Marines

    You are one rude boi Jonny
  5. Billabong81

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    Did you show them your ban hammer?
  6. Billabong81

    Modding Tools information...

    You my friend, are a bigot. Now get out of my sight.
  7. Billabong81

    Modding Tools information...

    This stinks guys. If we can't talk about the (previously) never-released tools on the forums, what is left? No more excuses for bad addons (thoughts of "I DIDN'T HAVE THE TOOLS!!" come to mind). As shin said, the tools are going to be a hassle to work with. Their release will kill the forums. I hate this news.
  8. Billabong81

    Sick of ArmA? then i have the toy for you!

    .Jonny, stop lying, we all know your "mate" is really you.
  9. Billabong81

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    It could be another reason, but Alpha Prime was an extremely arcadey game, like Doom or something. If Black Element and BIS are co-developing it, I just hope ArmA retains its realism aspect. I don't want another game where I can be sprinting, jumping over a log, and using the scope of my sniper rifle at the same time .
  10. Billabong81

    Evolution V3.0

    Great work dude. By far my favorite addition: The mission is uploaded on the 1/7BN USMC Server if anyone is looking for a place to play this masterpiece .
  11. Billabong81

    ArmA Squad Directory

    Could you please change the 1/7BN USMC homepage to http://www.nervezero.com/usmc/forums/. Thanks.
  12. Billabong81

    Thinking about Mission of the Month again

    I think this is a great idea Crash. I think having a contest each month would be cool, just so people could know which missions are the really good ones when they are looking for something to quickly DL and play.
  13. Billabong81

    USMC 1BN7 Recruiting

    Hey guys, just an update. We are actively recruiting and are looking for lots of new members, so if you're interested check out the forums and fill out an app. We play coops about 2-4 times a week and our forums may seem empty, mostly because the majority of our communications are on MSN/Ventrilo . Hope to see some apps soon and feel free to PM me with any questions you have.
  14. Billabong81

    Shoulder mounted howitzer No backblast!

    I could see this as useful in an actual war with a country like Russia (JUST AN EXAMPLE!, that would use armored vehicles, but today's enemies are using pickup trucks as their "heavy armor" vehicles. A pickup truck can be disabled with small arms fire, rendering a massive weapon such as this useless in modern warfare. I just can't see the usefulness in this type of system in our current conflicts. However, for a conventional war, I agree, this weapon would be a huge advantage to whoever is using it! Also, those shells look pretty big, I wonder how much it must weigh to carry a bunch of those around .
  15. Billabong81

    Chick Advice

    WRONG.... ok maybe not