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  1. Just google for "cpbo" and use it to extract the pbo.
  2. Just replace original sounds with sounds from the mods.Of course you have to rename them but there is no hassle with config.
  3. Me too!Who should we kill to get them back?:Oo:
  4. hamis

    Non-blinding sun mod

    Sakura,please could you update this mod for OA and CO?
  5. hamis

    Making a Replacement Pack

    Take a look at existing replacement configs,it's easiest way to learn.
  6. hamis


    If you want to disable them forever,use PBOVIEW to find faces you want to replace.Then just copy white faces you want to use to other folder and rename white faces with those you want to get rid of,copy them back(owerwrite) and repack the faces.pbo.
  7. Download some infantry addon and take a look at it's config.You should find out what's wrong with your config this way.
  8. hamis

    Light effects

    Do you remember name of this mod?
  9. hamis

    [CAMP] TM8 Part II - need testers

    After going past DC3 and shilka at antigua loading always causes ctd and trying to cheat to get to next one causes comp to freeze.So this is enough testing for me.
  10. hamis

    [CAMP] TM8 Part II - need testers

    Well,started playing few days ago.So far 2 bugs,"forbidden forest" i killed everyone at base including all vehicles.Objective still not completed:"kill two officers".Raid on antiqua:destroy fuel station already ticked as completed at start of the mission.
  11. @ Nodunit Have you considered insignia and random numbers for your M1a1?
  12. hamis

    Campaign Svoboda where?......

    I don't remember if it's good or not.I uploaded it for you:http://hotfile.com/dl/49339708/0bc9dbb/svoboda_Campaign_1_1.7z.html
  13. @ Reconteam Maybe it's using default 20mm ammo(harrier?) @_BARNS_ Download SLX desert islands addon.