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  1. I'd like to see that tightness that's been called for too. Animations aren't quick/fluid enough with Arma but in fairness it's not far off the mark. Running isn't quick enough, a slight step up would help but keeping a penalty the more your equipped. Same with crawling speed, a slight increase is needed. Revise the flight model of helicopters please! When I took to the skies first time in Arma I was really dissapointed, still am. Compared to good ol' OFP flying choppers just feels awful, give us back the fun for ArmaII! Â I personally don't like the way a distracting page pops up to re-arm in Arma and the way you re-armed in OFP should be bought back for ArmaII as its quicker. Not much else needed as its obvious the bar will be raised with the graphics and if the modding community is catered for all else should follow. But BI needs to make sure they ARE sated as it's there work too that makes all the titles something special. Hula
  2. hula

    Blue Skies I

    If you like this campaign then you'll love Revolt 1998 by KingNothing - perhaps the greatest of the Tonali based campaigns, sorry NoMinesSine - just my opinion. Also of consideration is Aurora Tonal - though this is not without the odd bug. The sleeping soldiers at the start of the 'our property' mission springs to mind! I too encountered the compass not showing in Blue Skies, never did find out why this happened? Away from Tonali I'd also recommend Operation Spearbounce for a well made and challenging campaign. Hula
  3. Does anyone know of a sky mod that will work with vista? I've tried lluama 2, modulsky and namsky but these fail it seems because a 'cannot find the specified file path' error occurs when running the bat files. Otherwise all other mods seem fine with vista but still it'd be nice to have a nice sky to compliment them. Thanks for any help you can give. Hula.
  4. hula

    Recommended Campigns

    Quite frankly it's more than worth while downloading any necessary addons for good campaign. Worthwhile are Revolt1998 by King Nothing, Blue Skies by nominesine and Aurora of Tonal, though this last one really remains unfinished.
  5. hula

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I've given Arma a fair crack of the whip but I have returned for the time being to OFP. If I were to pick up on any points why I don't like Arma they would be: i) At present it does stutter. No matter how you tweak it and patch it up when the going gets heavy then the frame rates drop and I have a fairly beefy system too that can fly through all my other games until it meets Arma. If I were BIS I'd have sacrificed scale and cities in favour of framerates on the initial launch just to have reached a happy medium for MOST of its' users. Â ii ) Alot of people have criticised the campaign which wasn't brilliant but I'm not worried about that because the community is bound to produce some cracking experiences and addons to make the platform shine however they should be given the tools to make this happen straight off as the community will be the saving grace for Arma. iii) I hate the sights on the guns now its like looking into a tube at arms length, send it back to how ofp does it! iv) Helicopters are annoying to fly now. I don't care for comments like 'you have to spend more time getting use to fly them' This is a game not a simulator I want to be able to jump in and get going with only a small learning curve to worry about. There was nothing wrong with how helicopters handled in OFP and if ain't broke don't fix it should have been observed here. I wasn't alone in purchasing Arma many of my friends purchased the game in the hope that we would could now have many more multiplayer battles between ourselves, the chopper issue was just one reason that Arma now sits idle on our shelves. Â Â v) I do like the ability to use a machine gun as a commader in a tank but allocating of targets now seems to have taken second place to using the machine gun. I'm damn sure in real life the commander would be less interested in popping off his gun than assigining targets, especially other tanks that will rip his ride open! Being a commander in OFP in say King Homers M1A2 SEP is a great experience and this shoulda been emulated for Arma. It's a shame really because there is so much to like in Arma and I suppose like many I'll return to it in the future when through various mods and patches it comes into its own. Hula.
  6. hula

    [CAMP] Aurora of Tonal

    Hello Bardosy, Have completed your campaign and have really enjoyed it. A nice balance all round.. please continue it! I have taken the liberty of amending your briefings so that the text reads fluidly. Hope you don't mind. The edited briefings can be found here. http://www.filefactory.com/file/16695e/ Hula.
  7. hula

    [CAMP] Aurora of Tonal

    Hello Bardosy, I'm having fun playing this campaign. Particularly like the way quite a few missions evolve and have a sting in their tale. Have encountered something odd though. After I had completed the mission where I had to rescue the Nuns/Catholics and got what was left of my team outta there the next mission began - 'Our property' but for some reason most of my team are now dead at the starting site? Why? what happened? Left with only three guys left to assault a desert base and re-capture the Bradley I didn't think this fair so edited it to make it fairer. Seems like a script kills em but without explanation? Otherwise excellent, with a few more cut scenes and a slight bit of polishing on the language/prose side it'd be up there with the best. Hula.
  8. hula

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    This worked great for me. Can't say I have checked in multiplayer though. Thx for this William1. Â
  9. hula

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I have the same problem. Even if i don't run FFUR 2006 2.0 my note book has disappeared. How can we get it back?
  10. Currently there is in my opinion a dire need for some absolute clarification on OFP2. I say this because there are several disconcerting factors regarding the title. We have a date given as spring 2006 by Codemasters and yet another given by amazon. There's the report of possible takeover by Ubisoft of Codemasters that some say is happening and some say is just rumour. The nature of OFP2 is reported to have changed and rumours are going round that BIS are in trouble over certain aspects. Only BIS or someone from Codemasters concerned with the title can truthfully settle these 'concerns' so this is a direct appeal for a definitive statement on OFP2. I am a moderator over at www.ofpdepot.com and have emailed Bohemia in the hope of information, news, a possible interview etc but have never heard a thing back. I think the fans have at least a right to know a little something even if it is a confession that states 'all isn't going to well, please bear with us' Our site is currently on hold for the moment as we re-design its' layout. We launched when we did because we wanted to build everything up as we headed towards the date we all originally expected. Quite frankly were a bit disillusioned of late. What is the point of offering the community an OFP2 site so soon when the bombshell that is the new release date is thrown at us all. Disheartened. Hula.
  11. hula

    Im really bad, i think

    If youv'e got a large squad to command first off assign it as a team (either as a whole or into parts) this is gonna make selection quicker. Your squad can be a bit too eager to loose off at the enemy so get them to hold fire quite a bit ahead of any target/encounter. Command your squad/unit to halt ahead of any objective then go ahead and recon the situation yourself. Get your men into position as stealthy as possible - usually by crawling in. Position your squad to hide in buhes etc and make sure there watching the correct points ( you'll here them shouting out enemy positions anyway). If you wanna eliminate the enemy yourself secrete yourself in a bush then pick a target and fire but never loose off more than two rounds at once or they'll (enemy) locate you and it's all over. For a team effort simply issue the order to open fire to your squad. A well positioned team, with your help, can quite quickly knockout a superior force.
  12. hula

    Gmph 85

    Any idea where i might find this unit, I had it before i formatted but cant find the damn thing now. Also need a STTDesSoldierEGL to open a mission, I have the unofficial add- on cd and am sure i've extracted all add ons off this but these elude me.
  13. hula

    Warning about new 'ofp cool editor'

    Yeh watch out alright - I downloaded this forgot about it for a couple of days then installed it whilst i was still sleepy eyed in the morning,of course i let it do its stuff and it duly transformed my operating system into a wonderful (not) Chezch version - ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. I ended up formatting the drive - always read the label!
  14. I'm in the process of making a pretty large base and am now at the stage of adding units to this but everytime i put down a soldier they dont seem to wanna face the direction i'm setting them to. No matter which point i set they all turn round to face a certain direction although the officer trys to look in the direction I set though only his head does so and he looks like a gifted circus performer! I set a game logic look point early on for a specific soldier which didn't work so i deleted it - is it possible the rest are trying to face this 'deleted' point? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. hula

    Rain effetts

    I and several others think the rain/storm weather that was experienced in wargasm was some of the best on offer in a game akin to flashpoint. A particularly nice touch was the spreading of water across a windscreen when moving and the thunder rumbled on instead of abruptly ending. I appreciate such things are really finishing touches but they do add to that being there feeling.