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  1. i still have problems about this.... if you can help you re welcome
  2. hlq2action

    Why is US soo anti-communist?

    I'm not American.......but I'm certainly intolerant of comments like your first line, I wouldn't expect somebody to only think good things of another country, but, if you cannot hold a discussion without resorting to immature rants like that I think you'll probably !!! be better off finding a new forum to post in  !!! this is a good disctatorial post from mister placebo admin (mister saddam hussein). here is the translation of what it mean : if you continue posting things about my idol nation i m gonna cut your head off... i think it s useless to speek to these americans whores... they know nothing about communism.... DO YOU THINK THAT THERE IS NOT MUCH POOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA??? DO YOU KNOW THAT THE AMERICANS GOT THE BEST DRESSED POOR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.... THERE IS LOT OF POOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA TOO. SO STOP SPEEKING AS A STUPID AMERICAN REPUBLICAN. *** russians and overall asians are getting more and more powerfull everyday.. FEAR ABOUT EAST !!! *** HEHEHE not but seriously stop thinking that americans are superior to everybody... this is totally wrong. the best "brains" of the world don t come from USA but from russia, germany.... just take for example "" americans famous actors"" that are not actually americans at all... i mean by that arnorld chwarzeneger that is austrian. jean claude vandamme that is belgian. dolf lundgren that is from norway.... americans got nothing but the MONEY to attract interesting people from the other contries... and STOP thinking that USA wants to HELP everybody for the good cause they don t. these bitches are earning something everytime they do something. and for Wobble now... it s not by showing everytime the fucking american flag that you ll make me think that you are not with usa... you should be a little more smart. who really care of the fucking deads of the twin towers??? these shitheads killed at least 5 times more innocents in afghanistan with their bombs... so stop beeing BLIND. I don t have other word. STOP BEEING BLIND. O P E N  Y O U R  E Y E S read BETWEEN THE LINES. DON T TRUST FUCKING MEDIA. STOP WATCHING CNN. MEDIA CAN MANIPULATING YOU REALLY EASILY... YOU DON T EVEN BELIEVE THE POWER OF MEDIA TO MANIPULATE THE POPULATION
  3. hlq2action

    Why is US soo anti-communist?

    because americans sux ass... they want to have the control of everything... that s why they don t like communism... americans are not tolerant at all in europe we re getting strong and stronger and asia nations too.... we could expect a WW3 against americans in some days... but i stop saying too much about that because the BIS team are working for the US government and so are for USA... (they are developping a ofp version for the us government) they are PRO americans. FEAR THE EAST AMERICANS!!!!!!!
  4. hi i would like to remind that we are europeans and not american... beeing allied with RUSSIAN is our future!!!!!! we are for example developping a new GPS system.... we europeans falled in euro... the union makes us stronger. CZ should be a little more for russian i think. cuz you know only WATER are between us and americans... these suckers don t care of what happen down here in europe. if they helped us during WW2 it was to avoid germans attacking them if they won... we, europeans had several bills to pay back to americans too... the only thing americans wants is to have the europe to stay dependant of them... the americans are pretty safe where they are... only see surround them.... imagine an invasion of usa... we would have to disembark them... and before crossing the sea!! you must notice the growth of the chinneese population... they are a real big superpower. think about it. OUR FUTURE IS THE EAST!!!!
  5. hlq2action

    custom music in missions

    hehe what s the march song?? Der Koniggratzen?? to make your music file it will take some times to do it........ converting the file... creating the STRINGTABLE.CSV.... still did not try to add music or sounds (it s the same thing) but i think it s really complicated....
  6. thx guys.... i ve added a feature : when someone call the script by radio it calls a init script that will check the side where you are... and then call the appropriate script corresponding of your side.... it works when i add the calling of the rescue chopper in the action menu too... but there is a BIG problem..... it only works when i m creating server and then playing alone on the host machine...... cuz when i try in real multiplayer it just don t work at all!!!!!! not at all you ve read it right!!!! if you wanna have a prove, let me send you my map... (i remind you that the map got a rescue chopper feature that can help you to get back to your base by calling it....) doh!! another problem.... when you use addaction, and that you put it in east team and west team init field... when 2 players (east and west) are near each other, you can see the double of the action in the action menu!!! for example this is what i can see in the action menu when i m far of a ennemy unit that have the same action in his menu: CALL RESCUE CHOPPER but this is what i have when i m near an ennemy (2 meters): CALL RESCUE CHOPPER CALL RESCUE CHOPPER I GOT THE DOUBLE ACTION COMMAND IN THE SAME ACTION MENU!!!! BIS team should work a little bit about this...
  7. hlq2action


    ok bis team stop trying to say that you ignored this post... and try to respond thx
  8. i tried with addaction but you know it s not a good method i mean it s not currently use.. it s more logical to call a rescue chopper with a radio if you know what i mean... so the radio trigger returns nothing.. doh! another BIS bullshit... they got lack of creativity for some commands features..
  9. hey spinor... do you know that you are a genius.... a fucking genius.. YEHAAA IT WORKS! how did you know that constant value?? where did you read that? is there any other constant values in ofp man if you would like a rescue script gimme your email i ll send you my example mission :] the chopper respawn and even the chopper crew. I GIVE YOU THE OFFICIAL OFP EDITING MEDAL thx for spinor too for the try problem solved
  10. spinor thx for trying to help me but you really did not understand what i wanted.... read it again... and come back here when you ll get the answer
  11. hlq2action


    dumdumdum i know that you are heeeeerrrreeeeeeeeeee BIS team so respond to this question plllleeeaasssssseee come on don t be shy you can do it.... click on the icon then type on the letters on the keyboard you can do it cooommeee onnnn.....
  12. thx man sorry i was winded.... bad day
  13. hlq2action


    yeah get in touch of technical support and don t forget to give them your compleet adress so they ll KICK your little freak ass AND DON T TELL THAT YOU HAVE 2 COPY BBBBBUUUUUUUUUUTTTT ORIGINALS CUZ YOU DON T HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. so ok if you make your smartass i will say that it s not possible cuz i tried it... thislist select 0.... do it mean something for ya? well not at all for a zone script trigger where you have make something on presence of west or east.... and where a couple of guys could trig the trigger by entering in a zone... but when it s a radio trigger it return nothing at all.... so if you re so smart tell me the way you did to get the unit that called the radio. If you are smart enough you should know that there is only one guy that could use a radio call at a time... waiting for your smart answer. and please stop posting things if you can t help... we don t need smartasses here but guys able to help. so when you say : give us the script line then we ll see if it s wrong or it s right or it s a bug i will reply by : if i knew it was right i would not come here.... i already know that it s wrong or not possible... that s why i come here to ask for HELP. if it s a bug : this is one of my idea that i was thinking about here.... SO THERE IS TWO DIFFERENT KIND OF ANSWER : IT S WRONG Â OOOOORRRRRRRRRRR IT S A BUG. AND IF WRONG -> POST THE FUCKING ANSWER. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT? I M NOT HERE FOR CHIT CHAT SO POST THAT DAMN ANSWER AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME BY POSTING STUPID USELESS POSTS... PS : MISTER SMARTASS I DO PROGRAM IN C AND X86 ASM SO STOP TRYING TO TELL ME THAT I M STUPID. VERY MUCH HARDER THAN FUCKING OFP SCRIPTING.
  15. hlq2action

    hanger doors

    lol isn t it cool?? a huge hangar where nothing can enter or exit?? doh!! yea i tried to make jeep pass threw these doors it works... so you ll be able to protect the jeeps.. but for the planes... that s another story... well try to compact them with planezip then move the packet in the hangar and then unplanezip them... (the planezip command is in the official command ref) it works great too