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  1. hkg3

    Ai kneeling "bug"

    Didn't you notice this before in previous versions?, Civilians would go into the prone position and point imaginary guns, also so did soldiers without weapons..........
  2. hkg3

    Who do you admire the most?

    Archie Gemmil, you Scots out there will know why lol........ Really my Grandmother for all that she was and meant to me and all her children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren.
  3. hkg3

    Whose going to win the world cup?

    Ahhh the "Beautiful game", i'll put an outside bet on Spain Probably be between France and Argentina....... LOL England, they'll be "Home before their postcards" hehe
  4. hkg3

    Public servers and leadership

    I'm with you on that one John, i have not personally been told "Hey you can't fly/drive that chopper/truck/tank " etc, but if i was i would be a bit pissed off to say the least. As you say it's only a game and it should be treated that way, yeah maybe if the guy had said "Look i would rather we all went in the one truck bla bla", not "Hey you you can't drive that" erm and why not, BECAUSE U SAY SO??. If there was some form of plan or reason not to take the unused truk then fair enough stick to it, but who's to say that you didn't have a better plan etc etc ramble ramble, you get my drift........ When we play we never tell anyone that they can't do anything in the game, yeah we would prefer that we all stuck as a group etc. The only example i can give of us telling anyone not to take a vehicle is in a clan match where we might want to protect it to avoid giving away unnecessary points or something. Anyway feel free to click on the link below, join our forum and play at our server, where freedom to do what the f**k you like is greatly appreciated and expected.
  5. hkg3

    Did this admin act fairly?

    lol how about WATTY, or KINGETTY, ending with F***.............
  6. hkg3


    Inflatable raft now whats the point of that!!!!, hehe only joking, now thats more like it, yeah top idea m8, inflatable raft silent approach excellent......
  7. hkg3

    Omg, b2 w nukes addon!

    Cheers Vixer, let me know if you are gonna do one  , you'd make me a happy puppy hehe, that "Pod" thing at the back can have mounts for MG's etc you can find more details on Fast Attack Vehicles here FAV  or here  Spec ops .com ............I emailed BIS ages ago askin if they would pretty please include one of them. Good in desert Black ops missions...In quik satchel,  shoot grenade and gtf out fast hehe
  8. hkg3

    Omg, b2 w nukes addon!

    It would be nice if someone made one of these......... they are missing from this game i feel (Only my opinion).
  9. hkg3


    And whats the point of a submarine???
  10. hkg3

    New rh grounded problem

    Why not land the chopper near where the cutscene starts and "Drive" it into the cutscene area on the ground, and i never had any problems at all with any of the redhammer missions...(Well maybe a FEW attempts at THE ALAMO!!
  11. hkg3

    Did this admin act fairly?

    I have this funny burning sensation that i know which server it was but hey maybe thats just cystitas lol, anyway m8, i agree with what yer saying that was out of order, if you come and play with our squad you get no end of slagging off, but its ALWAYS with 100% good humour, i have been called a noob many a time no big deal, but kicking you for that was out of order in my book, my only thing i would say to you was that you should have shrugged it off, not gone back to say "Yes!", you just lowering yourself m8. Sometimes the admin thing can go to some peeps heads, it's a control thing, a bit like a little boy with a toy..............Also explain nOOb?, i never did understand that, i've been playing this game since a week after it was released so surely i cannot be a nOOb?, or is that just new to that particular area/server etc bla bla
  12. hkg3

    why did you use your username

    My favourite weapon, not the one in OFP (G36) but the older G3 model
  13. hkg3

    What do you pay for yor internet?

    I also have ISDN same as Hilandor, have a look here though for dialup 56k deals and 128k unmetered ISDN....... http://www.giointernet.com/ Aye 10 ft tall and shoots lightning bolts oot his airse........;-))
  14. hkg3

    British and dutch plane spotters found guilty

    Yeah Greece that place of massive technological breakthroughs, where secret things are worth spying on, mind you with all that topless birds on the beach you would have thought that birdspotting would have been the better option. I can see it now, "HK you are accused of being a planespotter", "what have you to say in your defence"?, "planespotter!, don't make me laugh i'm a spy" Spy in my book sounds that little bit harder and much more glamorous than Planespotter!!!
  15. hkg3

    I'm sick of ofp complaints!

    LMAO, Pokeman hehehe, yeah m8 i'm 110% in agreemant, if they don't like what they see, they can always go back to playing with their "Action Man" or "Toy cars". If they don't like OFP, play something else and leave this game to the "Realists". I played the fragfest type games once and once only, didn't enjoy it but i never complained about it, i just moved on to something that i did enjoy.