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  1. The camel trader hints at checking the alleyways for such a dealer... The one you are after is actually in a shop...
  2. gnarly_rider


    Very nice work Surfer, though I'm convinced the AI can still see better in the fog/rain than players.... Great Ambience. I did accidentally fall in the sea, and discovered that the ladder on the other side of the boatyard doesn't work... Also where'd you get the ship from? I assume its a hidden object? Next step, get it onto the Steam Workshop!
  3. Yeah I had noticed you must be prone now to deactivate AP mines; crouching still triggers them... Nice work, will give it another run this week sometime.
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    Surfer, you haven't actually provided a pbo file; the download is still your editor sqm/ext/etc files....
  5. I was going to ask when it would be on steam... ill try it tonight
  6. Obvious question, for which I haven't found any reference to yet; has this been tested at all on dedicated sever, or solely SP? I think one of our members put this (back in March) into a dedicated server mission, with quite significant resulting stuttering and desync.
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    Make ai take cover

    Check out these two mods: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161875-WW-AICover and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164304-TPW-MODS-enhanced-realism-immersion-for-Arma-3-SP (specifically )
  8. Most awesomeness! Loved this thing in A2
  9. gnarly_rider

    Supporter credits list

    Or FRAPS it and play it back slowly.
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    Used this a lot in ARMA 2 for randomizing mission objective locations (e.g. find a destroy the OPFOR AA emplacement/ammo dump/whatever, with associated foot patrols, camo nets, MG bunkers, etc). A great way to allow a mission design to be reused multiple times, and even keep it 'unknown' for the mission designer. Excellent work Shuko.
  11. I lol'd when it spawned two SUVs onto the go-kart track. Suffice to say they wrecked themselves pretty quicksmart... Very nice work on the mod, desperately needed!
  12. gnarly_rider

    The BETA is dead! Long live Arma 3!

    Check out any new firing range/training scenarios, then the editor... 50% DLd, and it must suck if you haven't bought the Beta - retail price is US$15 more.... :)
  13. Very nice work Zorilya! A great fresh start for A3. A tiny and minor request, that's probably well outside the scope of this script package; it would be great if they could randomly close some of the doors behind them. The open doors are very much a 'tell-tale' of breadcrumbs when you are using the script without waypoints; walk along the street, and look for open doors to focus building and room clearing on. If the door is closed, small chance OPFOR present (unless they came in a back door, of course! I do fervently wish for the day when the AI gets a bit "smarter'', and actually (within a house) leave their rooms to track down firefight occurring in nearby rooms (again some level of randomness, some will and some wont. Or even some exit house to engage in nearby firefight, whilst others don't. Almost a variable setting a level of randomnees allowing them to break out of the garrison script when 'firefight' nearby? Also I didn't see any crouching occurring at all in 1.7? All targets were standing at all times? Keep up the great work, I won't be playing SP without this (and it may sneak into some MP missions to....)
  14. Thanks Sproyd, good little mission, and nice 3rd one. I concur with Beowulf's comments; I barley had time to complete the mission before the convoy rolled through. Whilst putting the pressure on, its a little too annoying IMO. Also didn't fire a shot (sawa quad bike vanishing at first locale) I'd rather have the convoy behind me with either the option to radio it to stop and hold in place, or much bigger time gap to it starting There are other options for adding tension though; a two man OPFOR sniper team overmatching one of the mined areas, who open fire as soon as you arrive, would really add some tension. Especially if their position is randomized, or in fact which mined location/s they appear at is randomized. You could for instance have 3 man patrols at a 200m randomised radius out from each location, with each man say 10-25% probability of spawning, or something? I think you see what I'm suggesting? Also, would love the convoy route to go say through Agia Marina, with mines at one of the street intersections, and again randomised couple of 2 man patrols in general lcoale, with again randomised chance of being present. Perhaps one using one the the house patrol/spawn scripts. Another way is for such randomised patrol locations/occurrences/counts to actually spawn further away from mined locale (say 400m), with a trigger to move to that locale when you activate BLUFOR present ''trigger. So they attack once you are immersed in de-mining... Means your AI will have to pull their weight, and you have to deploy them smartly at each locale for overwatch... Just some ideas to spice it up!
  15. I'm using the ACE collection plus ShackTac HUD. Will try it without if I get a chance and let you know the result.
  16. Whoo-hoo, a Celery mission, most awesomeness!!! Haven't been around ARMA for sometime, so this is a great way for me to get back into it, and the attention to detail is as always meticulous! I'll echo Rydygier above though; as soon as arms dealer sees me on foot, he simply turns around and goes running off into the distance. Weapon holstered, his bodyguards don't care at all. Tried it 3 times now, and same every time. Close or 50m away no difference. maybe I smell like the quiet camel I'm carrying???
  17. gnarly_rider

    Stratis Sniper Range v1.0 - SP & COOP

    Is this mod free? You mention scripts, none of which I assume are mods? Trying to run it on Beta, I get error "dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted, A3_Soft_F_offroad etc? Is is this an Alpha_>Beta issue?
  18. As always, searched and found lots of ways of randomising say the placement of a AA unit to 5 different marker locations, using grouping. Players have to find the AA, but need to talk to civis to do so. Eventaully civis give the location away, using this code (the AA unit is called AA2): _AA2pos = getpos AA2; _marker = createMarker ["AA2mark", _AA2pos]; _marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "AA2mark" setMarkerSize [200, 200]; "AA2mark" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "AA2mark" setMarkerText "AA in this area"; Problem is that the ellipse is centred on the AA2 placement. How do I randomly alter the X and Y coordinates of _AA2pos by say +/- 100m? So ellispe still encompasses AA2 position, but the players still have to search the ellipse marker area to find it (not just beeline for the centre)? Edit: I don't want to have to place another 5 say markers around the AA2 site, and then randomise the setmarker to these, as my intial AA2 marker's location is already randomised in the same way! ie for 4 random AA sites, I do not want ot end up with 20 total marker locations!
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    Dedicated Server Doesn't Show

    Also, are you running any mods on the server? If so, strip them all out of its modline, and see if the 'vanilla' modline gets it going (thereby removing syntax errors, issues with mod folder naming, content, signatures, etc). Start with the bare bones basics, then once/if that works, work up from there.
  20. Thanks for the updated version DAP, we had a ball! Couple of suggestions: Markers make much more sense! However: we had red hatched intel marker in a town, so went into it to search for cache. After decent firefight, cleared a fair proportion of town, then a green hatched marker appeared, significantly/mostly overlapping red marker. OK, so we assume that this green area is secure (AI wise) and ammo cache is in remaining red marker; and start searching for ammo cache in the red area not covered by green. No luck, eventually find ammo cache in area covered by both red and green marker. This happened at two different towns. So basically, the green marker appeared and covered a yet un-found cache location, twice (though specifically it overlapped the inital red cache marker at this location). Could do with some random AI patrols in the countryside (eg UPSMON or something 2-3km radius from towns), so that you remove the complete focus on attacking towns by overwatch then advance. ie right now the towns are almost the complete focus, and the rest of the map is 'dead'/secure; so if you set up overwatch 400-800m away from a town, you know you are safe and can pretty safely focus on the town. Be nice to have the occasional patrol come up from behind you if you aren't careful. Ie remove tunnel vision of BLUFOR Further to the global ambience, some random IED's to add spice to the 'transport' sections. Again, map feels empty outside the target towns How hard would it be to retrofit R3F Revive onto this? The default wounding system is brutal, and we found made team cohesion difficult; 3/4 of the time you die, and then respawn via Rally point, whereas we'd love all dead people to stay writhing on the ground, until they can be 'revived' in place. But I'm guessing this is difficult, as you've implemented it for AI as well! :o Awesome work, we are finding this very enjoyable! OH BTW, how do you disconnect from a UAV session??:butbut: TAB button doco says, though I'm sure I tried that, but......
  21. Legendary!!!! DLing know, will give it a go in the next hour!
  22. Do you mean clear of enemies (or no more enemy spawning?), or clear of ammo caches? As EZJack asks, a bit more info about what/when these marker appear would be brilliant! Also: But I did accidentally kill one, and still found a map (evidence) on the commander, which highlighted a cache location. So do you get both interrogation and map options for commanders, and if so, is the intel provided the same? Or does interrogation provided more detailed info than the map? Hopefully the second option, otherwise there is no point 'capturing' commanders! ;P
  23. gnarly_rider

    FHQ Coop Mission Pack 1

    Ran Blackbox tonight on dedi, the player who got the Action menu for acquiring the Black Box indicated they got a hint once the action was used, but I don't believe anyone else saw the message. We then all moved to the extraction marker, but no action menu option or radio (0-8) option presented itself, nor any chopper. Oh we also chucked smoke in case! No dice... Possibly the Black Box task initiated as complete on client side only? Hence mission not complete on dedicated, therefore no evac option? Nevertheless had a ball yet again in the Chernarus forests. God its great in 1.60!!!!!!