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  1. Thanks, DAP. Great work!
  2. With \ in begin and without prefix it works, with \ in begin and with prefix lib\lib_ppsh41 : Warning Message: Picture \lib\lib_ppsh41\data\equip\w_ppsh41d_ca not found with \ in begin and pboprefix \lib\lib_ppsh41 : Warning Message: Cannot open object lib\lib_ppsh41\lib_ppsh41_d.p3d
  3. I need help, my pbo uses prefix and it seems brings problem to me. When I write a path for my pictures like that picture="lib\lib_ppsh41\data\equip\w_ppsh41d_ca"; The game founds them in: Warning Message: Picture equip\w\w_lib\lib_ppsh41\data\equip\w_ppsh41d_ca.paa.paa not found :confused: binared\unbinared not important
  4. In cfgModels : sections[] = { "cislo", "grupa", "side", "sektor", "clan", "clan_sign", "podsvit pristroju", "poskozeni", "L svetlo", "P svetlo", "zasleh" }; That selections must be in visual lods only. If you have one of them in Hit Points, Shadow Volume, Fire Geometry and others will have CTD. We had CTD because was 2 selections with same name in visual and hit points lods.
  5. We had similar problem when we used a selections from array of sections in lods like shadow volume, hit points etc.
  6. Planned, but it will released in the full version. the infantry will show later...
  7. We have not screens of sd kfz 251, you should find the way to see the video :) Until you can see screenshots of Panther. It's the new model. Author: ttham Screens by Zenger
  8. Nice, Beton. Arma2 uses nopx texture. Do you know how to make one? I made a sample. http://rapidshare.com/files/378525637/pisekpoust_detail_nopx.7z.html
  9. We are making the interrior for radio truck.
  10. 2,400 triangles, I know, can be decrease, just want smooth cylindric shapes :) My picture from Max viewport, did it by DX Shader. I'd like to have that thing which does same but directly with Arma2 settings. Maybe when I see the subj, I deside where better make the settings and maps, if it will bad place I wont cry and will use a BI tools in the next time. no .fx file yet
  11. just a small model Anybody knows when we can get a shader for 3dsMax?:rolleyes:
  12. @Darkhorse Maybe the host is died. In the sarmat site a same. http://arma.at.ua/forum/11-2286-1
  13. translate: (created a cylinder with 1000 segments of the radius and 29 ones in Z dimension) It has 30000 verts + 2000 double points on the corners = 32k (it works) 2 cylinders has 34 k when it is same 30k verts in the statistic (it doesn't works) 7 cylinders with 3k has 35k (21k verts in the statistic). a sharp edge has few normals, that means extra verts.