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  1. How hard would it be and what would be required to change the weapon loadout on a AH6 to two hellfire's, one minigun and a rocket pod. this would give the littlebird a bit more of a anti armour and stand off capability and putting it into the the fight a bit more. this loadout is used sometime in real life so it would also be quite realistic.
  2. goose36

    RAF Chinook

    any chance of putting some mini-guns[m134] for the front loadies and a ramp mounted M240?.
  3. goose36

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

    is there any good 58D's from OFP we could import as a interm?
  4. goose36

    hellfire's on AH6

    thanks for the input mate. i understand the tradeoff between payload and range/station time. have these new AH-6's have upgraded engines to allow for the greater payload?
  5. goose36

    hellfire's on AH6

    here's some good pics, no rockets or miniguns, but still a good mix. very task specific. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....page=31 sorry, dont know how to imbed pics.
  6. goose36

    hellfire's on AH6

    just found this, could be a newer model, unsure?
  7. goose36

    hellfire's on AH6

    thanks mate, i'm sure i've got a pick of some on a LB and a DAP? i heard the 58D sometimes struggle with the wieght too, any truth too that.
  8. goose36

    hellfire's on AH6

    very true, i would rather a kiowa too but we dont have that yet. is there any talk of a kiowa by BIS or anyone else?
  9. thanks guys, all good, its working.
  10. after installed 1.12 it still says i'm1.08, all patches after 1.08 do this to me? anyone have the same drama's?
  11. after installed 1.12 it still says i'm1.08, all patches after 1.08 do this to me? anyone have the same drama's?
  12. goose36

    Some WIP stuff to show

    is this going to use AI? i'm really interested in CAS, have been busy working some MP sop's out, and with all the new fast air, this is going to make things really interesting.
  13. goose36

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    great work mate, really love the m4's. is there any chance of a SR25 in the future. would love one of those. optics on MG's like the m240b and 249 are very common these days and would be great to see. some para or pimped up 249s with forgrips and optics would also be great. keep up the good work mate. looking forward to seeing the DMR.
  14. to be able to engage from helo's safely you need fix'd seating positions. for a blackhawk you can fit 3 to 4 on the door, thats 6 to 8 positions to shoot from and a few more non shooting positions. it would be crazy to just let everyone run around inside the bird and would result in guys hitting each other and bumping others out the doors. for the MH6 you can allready look around just change it so you can shoot too. i think with the chinook, CH53'S and other helos with ramps and small doors they should just leave the shooting up to the gunners. most chooks these day's have two guns[ 1 each side] and a tail mount, better then nothing. you can supress targets quite well in real life from the air so why shouldnt you be able to do it in AA2. also they sould just limit it to small arms and grenades, rockets will hurt too many people in the bird. in real life you can also snipe quite accuratly with the help of straps and fixed mounts, shooting a long rifle in the shoulder though while sitting down with no support is not. i hope they think about this when deciding what to do on this subject.
  15. goose36

    zGuba's Minimod for ArmA 1.09b

    how hard would it be to make both the mini guns on the little bird fire at the same time.
  16. I FOUND, VICTORY! it was in the mod all along. it works just fine, however is it dependet on batteries to keep it running. i only get two or three ranges before it goes dead. thanks for all the help.
  17. does anyone know of a hand held laser range finder to help with sniping. have searched but only found tank and aircraft lasers. any help would be great. cheers goose.
  18. hey guys, i got that mod and it did have a range finder.pbo file but i dont think it is a separate mod, i looked every where in the game, all the tank stuff works but no hand held. its cool, will wait for one to come out.
  19. thanks for all the input guys but i'm still confused, is there a hand held laser, if so where can i find it. thanks heaps.