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  1. gnear

    Why is this game not more popular?

    yes mods do make the game a lot better, but why does a game need so many mods to make it tolerable :-p I'll come back when arma3 is out, hopefully its a bit more entertaining out of the box, if not, well, no biggy :-) see you in the funny pages
  2. gnear

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I think the main idea why people don't play this in huge numbers is thats its just a hard / slow game --- I play games for entertainment, arma/2 was entertaining for a while, but once I found the limitations of the AI opponents and lack of any real atmosphere until the next massive gun battle, it became dull very quickly. having said that, I still adore the game, but admittedly I just removed it from my SSD to free up space for other games :-) its just a bit slow and once it gets faster it falls flat in combat mainly from ? animations / AI being so chunky and non-fluid in combat that you become very aware you're not fighting opponents who act the same as you can? if that makes sense. Its not even as if dropping you into a heart of a massive firefight is that entertaining in arma2 like you'd expect. Somethings missing there, maybe that it just doesnt matter that much if you die or not? which I guess is a very realistic approach to a war simulator, just isnt entertaining. :-P (the main reason people play games isnt it?) Anyone holding out for Skyrim! thats kinda what i've progressed too now, atmospheric rpgs are a lot more inviting to take up my limited entertainment time :) edit: I'll just tak this on, as was still thinking about this when I had submitted reply --- I kept arma cold war crisis? (that whats its called now?:P) on the SSD because the original OFP had that feeling which was so entertaining not sure what it was but something about it just made it fun to play / was really entertaining all the time even when just being driven places by ai in the back of a truck :-)
  3. gnear

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 82407

    I was getting stuttering, until I turned off HT ;o seems the virtual core split makes a lot of skipping for me (this is on a i7-2600K @ 4.6)
  4. oh just playing it, seems like the AI running animations are sped up/like the players when moving? looks really good to me :D
  5. gnear


    because its physx, it can be offloaded to any cuda device, just like network overhead can be offloaded to a quality NIC. SDK3 has improved the cpu path speed anyway, so BIS can do some pretty complex stuff with it and still have good baseline performance. Nvidia also support game devs, a lot more than ATI, so its no surprise they chose the nvidia middleware.
  6. gnear


    why not implement it, when its at the heart of the physx software? all it means is that BIS should scale the physx calc to that of their ~recommended CPU specs, regardless of the video card used.
  7. gnear


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_acceleration was gonna try explain it, but can't be bothered. its all about scaling performance.
  8. gnear


    the physics wont change, same on both vendors cards... just if offloading is supported, you'll get a performance gain for having an nvidia card when lots of physics calc is going on... that is all
  9. thing I miss a lot, is being able to move through bushes and shrubs, and setup inside of them.
  10. gnear

    Player Leveling

    I hope they don't implement this, ever.
  11. gnear

    No DX11?

    I'd rather grass like in that demo than the stuff thats around now in arma/arma2 to be in arma3 >.> maybe i'm just old school / upclose detail is all fine if it doesnt affect the gameplay, but currently it does, which is a shame.
  12. gnear


    its the flow from one animation to the other, not during the actual animation, which is chunky. Reload on the go was good at reducing this, but things like stepping into vehicles or over fences is just slow and chunky.
  13. gnear


    Freebie says it all! I'd also like to see AI move into buildings / setup from inside buildings etc - even if a building model just gets bot waypoints that the ai follows so they can nav proper through them fast/smooth and usefully :) (anyone remember waypoint files for bots in cstrike? :P surely that could be tied into the house model itself??)
  14. Have been playing 2.57g over the weekend, its fantastic! thank you very much!
  15. gnear

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I might give Zeus a try, much better than the beta AI improvements?