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  1. ggxjimmy

    Influx of Bad Gamers?

    the fact is theres annoying cocks on every server, its life. the cheats are just going to get worse any time now. they got there OFP cheats finally converted to Arma, what a bucnh of losers they are...
  2. ggxjimmy

    My arma Multiplayer Rant

    BIS need to make the multiplayer like BF2's but they wont, as there too busy adding 1 car per patch and useless crap when theres a game still needing finished. if im wrong it would be nice to hear some input from bis as to what there actually doing
  3. ggxjimmy

    Servers for lease?

    sticky this topic, its handy to see all the providers without trawling so much rubbish on google
  4. ggxjimmy

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    we should make there website a sticky so all the noobs can download it and get it out there system
  5. ggxjimmy

    Freezing after 10 min.

    Go Intel and spend the extra $400, worth it in the end. personally i like a bit of light heartedness in the forums. if you dont fix the problem then the easiest fix is to use the worthless arma disk as a frisbee
  6. ggxjimmy

    8800 problem or ArmA?

    I'd say your problems are Vista. although artifacting is an overheating problem with the RAM on the graphics chip isnt it? i used to get when i overclocked. then i stopped that as the cards never worked properly again after... i have a single 8800GTS thats OC'd by XFX. no real problems with it after 1.08. it does get hot, but i have a big case. even then on hot nights i soemtimes have to take the side off the case....
  7. ggxjimmy

    Ugly Bugs

    sounds like your graphics card is overheating or overclocked (hence overheating) have you cleaned the fan and heatsinks recently? same goes for the rest of your PC download a program caled Everest. it will show temperatures of your PC. anything above 55-60 isnt so great. it should run cooler than that at idle, graphics cards are always hot, but you should be able to touch it without gettting burned! i think the problem your talking about is called artifacting or something similar
  8. ggxjimmy

    Where did all the Berzerk servers go?

    also to add to my post of capturing flags. whats the caputre radius? within the marked coloured circle? or the inner hashed (#) cirlce?
  9. ggxjimmy

    Where did all the Berzerk servers go?

    i noticed one bug. the tank flipping bug!! do you remember CTI in ofp - there was a feature to unflip tanks. do you think this could be added to arma? its so annoying when my noobie driver (lol figgy) flips the tank off a building. and a spawn border warning a lot earlier for helis!! sometimes where all noobs and end up in the spawn! the warning is spot on for tanks and ground troops but for helis its too late. is there any info on the the criteria for capturing flags? if one east and one west stay at the flag pole then does it not capture or what? if this could be defined it would help me a lot. im a noob :P
  10. ggxjimmy

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    well i dont think i will play any tournaments in ArmA ever again. i've seen some buitiful bull from people i talk to often. but it always comes to me digging a hole for myself as obviously im the noob
  11. ggxjimmy

    Where did all the Berzerk servers go?

    Berzerk is the way forward in ArmA. its the best game i've played in a long time. it even beats old OFP games. i hope the maps and updates keep coming mate. your work is all i look for in multipalyer browser do you have a website? hope you get your PC sorted. mine is being a PITA atm too. ugh i hate windows and ASUS motherboards!!! funny how i keep coming back to them
  12. ggxjimmy

    BIS, Please Read This

    i could live without noobs droping bombs in bezerk from planes anyways. who really cares if one plane doesnt work. people would soon learn. as for server load. the program need only scan the most annoying aspects of the cheat pack. bomb dropping and TK is the main ones. next thing they will just spawn thousands of gubas like they used to.....so boring to recreate the same old rubbish. all we have to do is update as it goes along. i know the cheaters are up for a challenge they have nothing better to do anyways.. same thing in every game you play. glory hunters, people always pick the easiest team. cheating is one of the most simple things you can acheive on gaming. shame they dont apply there skills as they really are talented to anti cheating. where they would be really praised and hunted for the skills by good companies...maybe they are just kids with a little insight and dont have the depth required to make anticheats...bring it on...
  13. ggxjimmy

    Less and less CTF players.

    ctf is just weak..ArmA will never match OFP. your aswell playing CTF in ofp and have fun in ArmA on the C&H games. simple. plus the main cheaters have left OFP..
  14. ggxjimmy

    BIS, Please Read This

    as its so easy to make cheats, why not make a seperate program, just like TKC's program that detects bombs spawned and stops them instantly. this only needs to be run on the server PC. if anyone has skills in C++/VB. whatever these boring fools use to make the cheats PM me. im interested in the idea and know someone who could maybe make the program for me call there bluff and use the same technology there using.... im bored spamming #userlist every time a players connects and then reading a god damn note pad i have with all these ID's get it sorted BIS. join STEAM or punkbuster. dont make something yourself. why reinvent the wheel when its been made already and with better metal....money i bet..all about the money...
  15. ggxjimmy


    so call it something other than TNT