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  1. Blackhawks and seahawks

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I must be dreaming, shoot me dead and kill my wife, this is beautiful and here I was about to give Arma up for dead. Dude, you just gave me one reason to give this contraption called arma a second chance. Now if only we had a Bush (no offense to the supporters or to any American citizen) civ in tht VH-60.... Thank YoU!!!!!!! Sincerely unwrothy, GGH
  2. IMWM

    What the dude above me said, great HMVs m8. Sure hope there'll be some nice variants. Just wondering, up-armored does means up-armored as in you'll be tweaking with the armor values right? Great job, love the vid. KEEP IT UP regards, greg
  3. F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

    That sir is one sweet looking bird. Droolz at pictures... Texture's kinda off but still great for WIP. Keep it up! Great job m8. regards, greg
  4. MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    I've been following this thread from the start and all I have to say dude, is this. Keep it up. As for suggestions, my 2cents is as follows. You're the creator, decide when you want to release on your own time. Don't let others do it for you. Take a look at BAS, their birds took so long to complete but when they did people are playing them until today, at least i am.  For the weapons part, i think a gunner on the ramp will do but whatever you do come up with, I'm sure the community will support you especially with such a stunning addon as this. regards, greg  I'm unworthy in the presence of such a great creator.
  5. BushWars Mod

    Great job guys...another addition to the community. Keep it up. I'll be cheering you guys now... One question, can I ask (from pics) I'm seeing that the Puma has only one gunner? Why? Just curious. Two beats one anyday. regards, greg  Â
  6. HWM Addon Pack v2.0

    Double post, sorry.
  7. HWM Addon Pack v2.0

    You sir, the creator of this pack are a a group of bldy geniuses. I salute you with honour! I'm drooling like and idiot right now....(wipes drool but more comes out) Downloading.... Huey, falls in love...Hmm, Sahrani life sure can use this, better than the bh for cops...(HINT) Great job. Hell, I'll buy you a wife if you keep this up. (goes to bank to withdraw money) regards,greg Genius. Genius. Genius. That's what this people are!
  8. Dynamic Mine Field

    @Kronzky...been looking for some great mine scripts and this seems to fill the bill. great job, hope to see more works of such superb quality! Be testing this now.. Outside Corazol...SLA Forces prepare to launch an offensive but even as they do, the general area seems quiet... As the first troops move across the border, and into RACS territory, not even a sound is heard than...BOOM! a mine explodes going off everywhere denting the SLA first wave to bits. bloodyslags YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! LOVE THIS, with regards, GGH
  9. Ai thread

    I think the only think that's lacking in OFP's realism is AIs helping one another in squad-based attacks. I remembered one mission where 3 squads were supposed to eliminate a huge area defended by the enemy and push them back. Anw, must be my 'bad luck' coz my sqd got pinned dwn by mg and tank fire and the other 2 squads just left us hanging there to fight our way out when they could have helped us overcome it. I mean please, where's all tht s**t abt no men being left behind or coop? I believe squads SHOULD help one another when one is overwhelemed not leave them to be picked off one by one. Can you imagine it? your squad being pinned down, outnumbered.. and Bravo Squad comes in and supports you allowing you to fight or retreat, or maybe Bravo flanks the enemy? That and most of the things posted in this topic are wht i like to see... Regards, GregGregHals ret. military liasion (offtopic - is it me or does bis takes our ideas and implements it in VBS and NOT in an upcoming game....? played ofp goty, 4 years, arma 6 mothns, VBS1, 1 1/2 years, VBS2 2 months) btw, in reply to a post, not all muslim soldier attacks are 'frantic' or follow no tactics. I've presonally seen them coordinate and struck with feriocity causing us to retreat in a wargame during a FivePower Defence Exercise.
  10. Ageing soldiers, rusting vehicles

    Alright maby, u've got something there with 'marks of war' but aging soldiers, maybe if u're talking a ww2 campagin... but, u shld change that, to being injured... injurires do take time to heal, EVEN with a trip to the most advanced hospitals with supre brilliant doctors, I don't see being shot and going to the medic and being able to run perfectly well in the next minute.
  11. Weapon accuracy

    I do agree tht on the basis of accuracy of rifles, OFP does it better than no other (to my knowledge) BUT on HANDGUNS, that's where OFP failed me, I've seen AIs blasting away with a handgun (WHEN HE's CARRYING AN XMS, right use the M9 when u've got an XMS, bloody brilliant) at ranges + 500 meters and getting head shots, killing the ruskies who are armred with Aks, PKs & SVDs. (if that's true, i'm bringing an M9 if we go to war) I mean please, even with an M-16 on the clean OFP RES, the enemies are specks. it's gonna be pretty lucky for you to get head shots at that range..... ESPecially with the bloody AIs bouncing all over the place I'm no expert but i believe handguns aren't supposed to blast that far AND still get headshots for you. I agree with Baphomet with his improved realism, on handguns anw.
  12. More Armor to Abrams

    With all due disrespect to anyone who didn't understood the M1A1 Abrams. I recalled reading an autobiography of General Fred Franks done by Tom Clancy, the VII corps commader in the frst gulf war and in one of the chapters it stated clearly "RPG rounds were bouncing off the tanks armour", "Most Iraqi tank rounds were just scratching the pain off the abrams" These were real after action reports...but thean again that's real life, this IS just a game....
  13. OFP Vs Arma SP Campaign

    I believe in all sense that we've been ripped off...They should have gotten this game out 2 years earlier with the Mission Editor and that alone for half the price so the community could create a better campaign, FDF's a great example. I played the campaign with one or 2 missions reached the part of being sent to whack some SLA armour after the intial attack...with AT4 and a stachel charge? WTF Quit and uninstalled the game, pulled out my OFP Goty and played tht instead.. CWC had just about everything right...immersion, realism, etc..it made me want to try a mission again and again when i failed but ARMA is just a plain ripoff... The only time i'm reinstalling this game is if BIS fixes it to an acceptable level.... or when someone with half a decent brain and understands ths game decides to bring it back to it's original glory and wht it's players first loved it for with a great campaign, CWC ReArmed is something I'm looking forward to. With Regards and No Disrespect to anyone, Halstead
  14. MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    Questionably, it would be interesting if you do add the minis and simulate damage of careless ppl who shoot anyhow.... blasting away at a rotor could cause bits of rotor to fly off and the the bird to fly jittery blasting at an engine, no need to say the consequences etc... this would make ppl understand the consequences and add tht level of realism but either way, great job mate, loved wht u've done so far!
  15. MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    great job bro! 5 guns! yikes...tht's new btw, i thought the V-22 is well is supposed to have a chin turret ignore the top part but check out the below comments.. here's a linkV-22 Weapons hope it helps and i so hope i'm wrong coz i'd love to be blazing away on a gat with 7.62mm shells spraying away cutting some SLAgs, regards, greg