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  1. I can say I love it. Gives me this sort of feeling that you're not looking through a camera tha hovers over the ground. However I can see how it could cause motion sickness to some people. So with that in mind I'd make it possible to turn it off.
  2. He's talking about the GPU, not the CPU. The short answer is "I have no idea". I suppose it will though. I mean it would be silly if it didn't because pretty much every card of the middle class has multiple cores. Just seems like a lot of unused potential to me.
  3. While ArmA2 has some amazing scenery, it doesn't beat crysis in other areas. Especially not character detail or effects.
  4. general

    guerilla tatics

    Thank you so much
  5. general

    guerilla tatics

    I've tried that and no it does not work. I get "Oops! We can't find that page."
  6. general

    guerilla tatics

    Been searching for this mission everywhere. If anyone have it I'd be really, REALLY happy if you could upload it. Thanks in advance.
  7. general

    The incremental aiming problem.

    I'd be very very impressed if you can spot a soldier when he's 2 pixels wide on the screen O_o.
  8. general

    The Cause Campaign

    I just got reminded that I have to play this through again with the XAM mod XD
  9. general

    Everon based missions ofp conversions

    I get a bug when I try to load from a savepoint, automatic or normal, which makes the game crash.
  10. general

    The Cause Campaign

    Is there gonna be a sequel for this? Like I said before, the missions were really awesome. some of the best I've ever played in fact and I would LOVE to play more of this kind.
  11. general

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Saw a video of a british soldier fireing a machinegun over a wall while standing up. He was pushed backwards and actually stood on one leg for a second before he could fight the recoil back. But the weapon didn't jump up and down like in arma 1.08.
  12. general

    Offliner(vs ai) or onliner(vs players)

    I'm the coop kind of guy. Players vs AI.
  13. general

    The X-Files 2 co-op mission

    It was pretty fun I say. I think you should change 2 of the snipers to a machine gunner and a medic, and remove the respawn. Respawn, IMO, ruins the challenge in a mission. Maybe if you added limited respawn in some way it would work. keep up the good work
  14. general

    Lost-World Returns

    That was so planned. Indeed it was
  15. general

    Lost-World Returns

    IMO the trex run (it's walking BTW, smiley must have been confused) looks better from behind. Head movement is a bit wierd. Tough I think all my anims are quite mediocre .