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  1. gassybutt

    Doolittle CTI

    I can see your point but if I really wanted more realism - i'd go play paintball. For me, a computer game should be fun, relaxing and a joy to play anytime I want to escape reality for a little bit. I don't find it much fun playing at night with a green monochrome display and only a small circle for my field of view.. it just annoys me. Doolittle thanks for pointing out the code and explaining it - I can now change things to my liking.
  2. gassybutt

    Doolittle CTI

    Doolittle, not that I don't like the day/night cycle - it works well but it should be an option if you want accelerated time or not. Personally, I hate fighting at night.
  3. gassybutt

    Doolittle CTI

    DL, your version of CTI is fun and refreshing. I like the 'cohesiveness' of units how they stick together in little groups while attacking an objective. Whether it's infantry supporting a tank or other vehicles, it's cool. I think the AI on foot should have some type of transport for the longer distances, something like in mfcti where AI would hop a ride in an apc and disembark just outside a city.
  4. gassybutt

    Crcti special edition

    This was mentioned previously but I am having problems starting this on dedicated server as well. Addons are installed correctly and proper shortcut directed to them. No errors, just 'wait for host' stays forever. Non-dedi works great and is alot of fun.
  5. gassybutt

    Sahrani Life

    I've given my workers guns but they refuse to fire at anyone.. cops or civs.. I command them by using "target" then "more" .. but they refuse my orders. It would be nice to take out some corrupt cops with an AI assassin! How do I get them to be cold-blooded killers?
  6. gassybutt

    Doolittle CTI

    Just a request to add a wreck/body remover script that runs say, every hour. After awhile all the wreckage causes server slowdowns. 3-way CTI is great fun, hope to see more improvements.
  7. gassybutt

    The All New sqf Support Pack

    Great scripts, they work wonderfully and bug free for me but unfortunately it only works for one side in a mission. Requesting the ability for all sides to use this in the same mission - us, sla, racs for pvp/cti games.
  8. gassybutt


    Even without the missions, it sounds like it would be cool to be in the middle of these random type battles with the AI going about their business all around you. Looking forwards to a release.
  9. gassybutt

    CrCTI Coming soon With working JIP

    It shouldn't .. I tested it again and it seems Ok for me and I haven't even downloaded the rhs_weapons pack. Is anyone else having addon issues with the Sakakah mission? On another note - as long as you 'patch' the Sakakah island for dedicated server, the clients can still use the 'unpatched' Sakakah island and it should play fine for everyone. It's a very lag-free island as well!
  10. gassybutt

    CrCTI Coming soon With working JIP

    The current Sakakah island download is not updated yet with the dedicated server fix - But you can depbo the island then add these rvmat files.. then pbo it .. works like a charm! Download rvmat files -> HERE For borderlite I added some new structures like houses that can be built by the m113 support ambulance since borderlite is a vast desert with alot of hills but very little cover.
  11. gassybutt

    CrCTI Coming soon With working JIP

    Here's a couple more crCTI missions: Iran Iraq borderlite v1 Mission Download -> Here Borderlite Island Addon Download -> Here and Sakakah mission Download -> Here Sakakah Island Addon Download -> Here
  12. gassybutt

    MFCTI Capture the island

    From my perspective, the converted MFCTI isn't all that much fun in arma, it's too slow paced and there's no JIP (join in progress). crCTI is a much better cti for arma. More action and you'll find more servers currently playing it now that the JIP bugs have been ironed out.
  13. gassybutt

    High Detail Texture Project

    Allie, great work on borderlite! I think it's a big improvement over beta 1 with all the extras like the more realistic sand color, extra encampments, roads, and environment stuff like some palm trees and limited grasses in selected areas. The missile silo building is pretty neat! I didn't notice any major bugs, just some minor texture issues in a couple spots but it doesn't detract from gameplay - it's an even better desert fighting map now.. top notch! Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to any future updates.
  14. I had an 8800gts w/640mb of ram and had alot of problems with it .. from the fog issue, random crashes to desktop, random black screen, memory errors. I just got so fed up with it, I went back to my old videocard I still have - x1950xt w/512mb of ram and Arma rarely crashes at all now. I can only run it on 'high' but it's extremely playable and stable. I play hours-long CTI missions regularly without one single hiccup or slowdown as well. It's like night and day. I think either Arma or windows itself has major problems with alot of the newer cards that are DX10 compatible - Arma doesn't seem to be made for them. My advice - dump the 8800 and go back to a good DX9 card. Yeah, you already blew $500+ for that nifty new 8800 but maybe Arma 2 will work better with it.
  15. gassybutt

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    I find the AI navigates excellently in CTI missions.. wheeled vehicles tend to stick to roads, I don't think i've ever seen a tracked vehicle get stuck yet.. and of course the infantry has no problems. Actually, I wish the infantry would get stuck every once in a while - the sneaky buggers.