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  1. gsg1981

    Geforce fx 5600 problems

    I have been playing Operation Flashpoint for almost two years now and just last week I built a new computer. Â I have: Asus A7V600 w/400mHz fsb AMD Anthlon xp 2700+ 512 pc2100 ddr ram geforce fx 5600 w/256 mb ddr 10,000 rpm Seagate SCSI HD Adaptec AHA2940 SCSI card sound blaster live! 5.1 With all of this I am still getting poor performance when playing OFP (I get the infamous green screen w/addons but that is not what I am posting about this go 'round:). Â I have all of the latest drivers for the hardware listed above. Â I am updated all of the way up to 1.91 and I am using the GOTY edition. Â When I built this system I thought that I would be able to run OFP with the resolution set @ 1024x768 without a problem, my terrain detail is set @ low, my visibility is set @ 900. Â It runs choppy, I had the idea that this setup would be ideal for running Flashpoint. Â Does anyone out there have a similar setup that might be able to assist me with configuring my system to run like it should? Â Thanks a bunch...
  2. BRSSEBz: will you be able to make the landing gear retractable? what about the weapons bay? Thanks. -Garrett
  3. gsg1981

    Proper release of the littlebirds

    theavonlady sent me these links for the required addons for the littlebird demo mission: Â SEB Delta Forces & Â TJP Euro Pavehawk Thanks avonlady!
  4. gsg1981

    Proper release of the littlebirds

    BAS, your ah-6/mh-6 addon is excellent. Â The textures are great and so is the model. There is only one problem, I cannot find 2 of the addons required for the demo mission TJP PAvehawk (Euro Camo) (TJP_Pavehawk.pbo) & sebremington (From SebDeltaWeapons). Â Could someone please post a link or tell me where I can find these addons? Â Thanks.
  5. gsg1981

    Ballistic addon studios site updated

    Eviscerator: Is Ballistic Addon Studios going to be back online soon since Operation Flashpoint Editing Center is back up?
  6. gsg1981

    Ballistic addon studios site updated

    does anyone know the new link to Ballistic Addon Studios? I have tried their old link: www.ofpeditingcenter.com/tjp/ but it does not work. Thanks. -Garrett
  7. Are there any Little Birds for download anywhere? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!
  8. gsg1981

    Where's the malden islands located?

    Some useful info on Kolguyev- http://www.unep.ch/islands/IEO.htm#1061 Demographic info on kolguyev http://greenwood.cr.usgs.gov/energy....en.html Geological article Got the below from accuweather.com Five Day Forecast for: KOLGUYEV ISLAND Tonight Very windy with snow; cold. Low -6. RealFeel Min.: -17. Saturday Periods of snow and very windy. High -4. RealFeel Max.: -15. Max. UV 1. Saturday Night Very windy and cold. Low -7. RealFeel Min.: -19. Sunday Very windy and cold. High -4. Low -8. Max. UV 3. RealFeel Max.: -14. Min.: -16. Monday Frigid. High -7. Low -8. Max. UV 2. RealFeel Max.: -17. Min.: -18. Tuesday Rather cloudy and very cold. High -7. Low -9. Max. UV 2. RealFeel Max.: -11. Min.: -16.
  9. gsg1981

    Where's the malden islands located?

    I have an old globe and I found an island east of the northern tip of Finland called O. Kolguyev. It is the same shape as Kolguyev in OFP. Grab a globe and check it out.
  10. gsg1981

    Mk 20 rockeye

    How would you change the rate of fire for the a10? Would it be hard to do or is it just changing some things around in the pbo? Where could I find some tutorial on how to do this? Thanks...
  11. Do you think Hercules 200 is actually making a c-130?
  12. gsg1981

    A real al most finishd hercules c-130

    Yo Dennis, thats beat up. Do you have any proof? Where are you Swedish Man?
  13. gsg1981

    Omg, b2 w nukes addon!

    How do you change the view distance in ofp? Someone said it was possible to make the maximum viewable distace to 5000. Can someone please go through the steps of doing this? Thanks..
  14. gsg1981

    3d glasses

    I got mine a few weeks ago from eDimesional, they add a whole new dimension to OFP (no pun intended). You'll dig 'em.
  15. gsg1981

    New guns @ taiwan website

    Yeah, a couple of the files have problems. Try the link above, it works for sure. Great guns though