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  1. goochertheworm

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Hi guys I’m pleased to say that after the patch 1.5 im back playing ARMA 2. and im loving it. It’s improved my enjoyment so much I can’t begin to tell you. Just one question though. Are there any snow featured maps out there that have been released? Cheers in advance guys GOoch
  2. goochertheworm

    Patch info

    Well guys thanks for your imput. I got Arma to work and Queens Gambit. I needed to do the memory thing and reinstall the drivers for my GFX card. I get this weird problem though.. Some times the gaphics just go all ( Spikey and distorted ) Spikey was the best discriptoin of the problem I could think of lol.. Or the game just switches off and goes back to my computer without even a hint of a glitch bug or problem..?? Any ideas.? GOoch
  3. goochertheworm

    Patch info

    Boxed DVD ArmA: Armed Assault by 505 Games Version 1.04 Download and install Euro 1.05 update When updated to version 1.05 Download and install International 1.08 update When updated to version 1.08 Download and install International 1.14 update so im D/Ling in that order..? thanks for the reply by the way dude
  4. goochertheworm

    Patch info

    You know what I cant believe I missed this game. Ive not been arround for a while and went to the Console market Having been tempted back by the news of Codemasters efforts (OFPDR) But ended back on the Bi Forums basicley not trusting Codemasters and there bollox ect.. Im not turning this into a codemasters hate thread ect.. This also involved me upgrading my PC at great cost but I know its going to be worth it. With Vista 64 and other nice bits of kit. But BI Studios have the pedigree Anyways I was browsing this forum over the last couple of days and basicley purchased Arma and the expansion Queens Gambit..its arrived today But the patch situation is somewhat confusing.. Im in the UK What is the order in what these patches to be installed On another note I remember two of the guys on there before who worked for Bi studios.. Sith and DnA are thouse guys still arround.? GOoch
  5. goochertheworm

    Operation flashpoint on xbox? what?

    This news makes me REALY happy..!
  6. goochertheworm


    Hi guys.I had to drop a new thread and say this the M/P is AWSOME Hadnt realy looked into it,But i was perswaded to play and DnA and Sithy took me for a game.Im acctualy ashamed to say that ive had this game since it first came out and only played online twice today was the second time,Goddam i was a buzzing Along with the new ingame sounds/weapon sounds its a totaly new game for me. Thanx for this fellas.
  7. goochertheworm

    Havent posted here in well over a year

    Yea sithy m8 talking about sleepless nights wating for the BIG review think i even took a day off work as well m8, Thats how hooked i was.
  8. goochertheworm

    Havent posted here in well over a year

    Yea m8 was from the origonal forum i was probs one off the first fiew to post out off about 20 people but that was along time ago.
  9. goochertheworm

    Havent posted here in well over a year

    Yea cheers snake looks like ive got some hellish downloading to do m8.
  10. goochertheworm

    Havent posted here in well over a year

    HEHEHE the magical islands ive just installed this game and am playing on the noraml without patches game god this is brinning back some memories. Cheers for the reply DNA m8. And GLOBAL ops is nothing like CS. cya guys arround.
  11. goochertheworm

    Havent posted here in well over a year

    Not realy sure how to start this thread. Basicley i used to come as this site opened as gopher[beerznwormz] like every one else loosing sleep over every single riview wanted more screen shots and Craved another video.THEN it came jesus what a game all my expectations rolled into one hell off a game.But for some reson i just stopped coming and playing, Probley something to do with my two kids Shannon and Jack . Any ways i got back into games and into a Beta Test for a the crtain sure fir hit Global Ops and who should i see on the test My old m8 DNA and folowing not to far behind another old m8 sithy boy, These two fellows are two good blokes have known them for adges now and just though i would pay these forums a visit and start playing this awsome game from scratch again. So here once again i am i find my self totaly hooked and enjoying every minuet off this Game OPF cheers guys for reading this know i ramble on a bit, Just been a long time not playing. CHEERS from an old fan GooCH