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  1. fabiantronc

    Arma2 Server Sync tool

    Can you implement 7z compression instead of ZIP one?
  2. fabiantronc

    Footmunch/eddyD F-16 in ArmA 2

    and do you have photos of the rear cockpit ?
  3. I've asked the same thing in the past. I've used several software for this but the only one who works for me was Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader. But first look on the Microsoft Live Maps if the area that you are looking for it has a good visibility.
  4. fabiantronc

    need help for translation

    I agree. offtopic : william1, are you a native spanish speaker ?
  5. fabiantronc

    need help for translation

    Acampar for me sounds like, go to the country side with a tent and enjoy the nature. I don't know how other can call to that action, but with my friends we call it "campear", yes, I know it's Spanglish but everyone understand that, at least in games communities.
  6. I used Microsoft VirtualEarth Satellite Downloader and I've got a good image. Now I'm deleting clouds.
  7. fabiantronc

    Dedicated Server basic.cfg

    Try to launch your server without mods.
  8. Hi. Is there any easy way to take satellital images form Google Earth or another site in higher resolution ? I want make an island of the Sahrani size but at this moment the only thing than can I do for take the images are, open Google Earth, zoom in to 500 meter and take an screenshoot and later paste it on Photoshop and later join it all images in a big one. But that method will take me a alot of time. Any other way to do that ? Regards.
  9. fabiantronc

    MQ-9 Reaper (Predator) Rig/Import?

    EMSI & pochyst have done an UAV RQ-1 Predator. Also Armatec is working in another UAV Predator Here you have some OFP modelling tutorials, they are seemed with ArmA modelling. Click here. and here are more info about tutorials. Click here too Good luck with your project
  10. fabiantronc

    British forces mod

    Don't give up mate. Just focus in small goals.
  11. fabiantronc

    CTD with an addon.

    I looked at the UI.pbo and I didn't see a texture with a format 1024x768. Can you pack it and put on your mod folder and look if it works in your computer ? If you pack it in the editor will be appear an pop up error but don't pay attention to that.
  12. fabiantronc

    CTD with an addon.

    Hello. I have a Crash to desktop (CTD) when I use an addon created by me. Well, this is weird, because I tested my addon in the same computer 1 week ago and it works fine, but now I binarized the addon and go to the ArmA editor, I put 1 soldier and my addon and about the half of the loading I get a CTD. Between the last week and this one, I formated completely the computer, I tried 3 different version of ATI drivers, 2 different version of DirectX 9, I tried binarizing the addon and not and I ask to a friend who has a Nvidia VGA and he say me get the same trouble, a CTD. Ahh, I'm using ArmA 1.14 + QG. I downloaded BI tools 1.14 from Armaholic.com and armedassault.info, I re-installed it but the same problem. Every addon than I pack I get a CTD when I tried to use them in the editor. In the Arma.rpt I get this. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 004544EE graphics: Â D3D9, Device: RADEON X550 Â Â , Driver:ati2dvag.dll resolution: Â 1024x768x32 Here is the source file and the binarized version. This is only for test, I made it only for a commander turret test.
  13. I have a seemed issue with the commander turrets of a Leopard 2A4. My issue it's than the turrets only move in horizontal and not in vertical. I hope someone can help you and then post the result here.
  14. fabiantronc

    Camel vs ..who?

    It reminds me Red Baron 2 Look the BIS MLOD Camel and their config.cpp and model.cfg
  15. fabiantronc

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks to BIS for this game and thanks for made this huge community. Happy x-mas guy's