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  1. I made a field of p_helianthus, so i think it's the number of objects in the area. With the other clutters as natrual objects i didn't test it.
  2. hi all, i m trying to make an indestructible object on my map (wall). with the editor, it works but when i put it on the map with visitor doesn't. Have you any informations plz. see you
  3. ok guys, its a problem with an Arma2 object: p_Helianthus make problems on map . I delete it from my map (as natural object not clutter) and all is good. see you
  4. hi guys, i m working on a little map. In a small area with arma2 objects and some personnal ones i have a big crash. in the rpt i see that : Error: Vertex shader ID out of limits anyone know how to delete this error? thx all
  5. floosy

    Arma road generator

    yes i done that
  6. floosy

    Arma road generator

    Hi all i'm back, i saw that great tool, but have problems to import road. i ve got error when importing: "unknown component 10 25" etc... think it's my config modification. could you give me exemples plz for good armaroadgenerator.config modification? thx all ans see you
  7. I think it's a graphic card problem, try with a friend's one if you can
  8. try with normal for terrain detail. What is your graphic card and cpu?
  9. Could you give your video parameters plz. And materiel configuration.
  10. I saw your video, but after test in game with new version of the island, i don't have the same.... Don't have answer for you i think kju or other guys could give you informations.
  11. I think no, i want place to mission makers if they wabt to buid their village, and place for heavy armored war. see you
  12. floosy is my player name so you have your one ;)
  13. C:\Users\...\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\ADO%20Floosy%20[Cpl]\missions
  14. Just edit your "mission.sqm" and replace "test" by "queshkibrul" ;)