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  1. fiftycalfrontman

    Static weapons problem

    Nope Vanilla Arma's pretty much the same, any tips?
  2. fiftycalfrontman

    Static weapons problem

    First of all sorry to bump an old thread, but I thought what with the forum move and all, I thought it was a good idea. Sorry for not posting specs, so.... AMD Athlon 64 2.4 ghz 2gb DDR3 GeForce 8800 GT Arma 1.14 Direct X 9.0c Anyone any Idea on how to fix this?
  3. fiftycalfrontman

    Static weapons problem

    Hi. Whenever I place a static weapon in the mission editor (and this includes independent addons) the following error comes up when I press preview "'No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/M2StaticMG.gearbox'" (substitute M2 for Dshk etc. Missions still load in the campaign and in the Single missions, but the same error comes up on the map screen. Oh and static weapons work with the slx mod, which is odd. Anyone know of this problem? And hopefully a solution... Thanks in advance.
  4. fiftycalfrontman

    Protect & Serve

    @Ack, never heard that one. Kuffiah for the headdress, I'm pretty sure thats what it's called, seeing as I lived in Saudi Arabia for a while, and I own one.
  5. fiftycalfrontman

    Protect & Serve

    Guh, these 'head rags' etc, you speak of are divided into several catagories. A kuffiah is the head dress that is worn long, tucked into the back of your dish dash held in place by a figure-eight of black rope. It is wrapped around the face and tucked in at the back to form a full-face mask, to provide protection in extreme conditions. The T-U-R-B-A-N you misspell is a had dress of a plain linen sheet folded into a triangle, than wrapped around the head and back of the neck. The rag hat Kerry calls a 'turbin' is probably a Pushtu hat, a woollen skullcap wrapped in cotton rags. Apologies about the anal retentive-ness but casual ignorance of others cultures subtletiesmakes my hands itch. That and bad spelling/grammar. Anywhooo, great detail, Love the stylish bankrobbers, reminds me of the spy in TF2.
  6. fiftycalfrontman

    RH reskins

    Tsk tsk, petty squabbles, Vilas. He's given us an excellent choice to replace the BIS default, perfection is'nt needed when there is such a drought for ArmA. I personally worship RH on hands and knees for this especially the Beretta and Wood grain on the Ak's
  7. fiftycalfrontman

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Thanks so much for this, from one who is limited to 56k and as much time as I can in the nearest net cafe, this one was a definite download, as I already had most of the units used in the config. Great work, and I salute you, fine sir!
  8. fiftycalfrontman

    Crash on large custom maps

    Thank's for the linky, changing the terrain detail to low worked a treat.
  9. fiftycalfrontman

    Crash on large custom maps

    Yep, using Nomap and Nosplash. Deffragged my HD not two weeks ago. I'll try lowering detail, see if that works.
  10. fiftycalfrontman

    Crash on large custom maps

    -AMD 64 3800+ -1gig of Ram -Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI mobo -Geforce 6600 w500mb vidRam Getting dropped back to windows, with the following error message after loading a map; 'Out of reserved memory (16384kb) Code change required (current limit is 52488 kb) Total free 17964 kb Free blocks 42, Max free size 10476kb Any fixes? Running OFP (Res 1.96) with the latest version of ECP, stopped using dxdll as was making things a bit laggy. Any fixes/help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  11. fiftycalfrontman

    US DSAI Extension v1.1

    I think the OFP original faces were quite well done. The llauma faces have a really vacant slightly agressive stare, Freaky. Any valid links to the original DSAI for ECP 1.085? Did'nt download it when it came out, now I can't find one.