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  1. foxyboy1964

    ACE for OA 1.13

    When I use the ACE mod and play as the KA 52 the pilot has no rockets, it's showing that he's out of ammo. I tried putting this addMagazine ["40Rnd_80mm"] in the init field but it didn't work. Can anyone tell me how to get the rockets? Thanks.
  2. In this mod it is possible to rotate the helo from the gunner's seat. Does anyone know of a script that can make that available to all helos? I tried the following... but it doesn't work.
  3. foxyboy1964

    Rearm Helicopters in ACE 2

    OK, found it. In the Editor select Empty>Warfare Buildings>Vehicle Service Point. Rearm, refuel and repair all in one go.
  4. Does anyone know how to rearm the helicopters when using ACE 2? The normal method of hovering over an ammo truck doesnt work, neither does the ACE interaction key.
  5. Can someone do a mod that gives the Mk17 EGLM a night vision scope? No changes to recoil, zoom or ballistics etc.
  6. foxyboy1964

    Full Screen NVG

    Not too late at all, the link is much appreciated. Thanks :)
  7. foxyboy1964

    Military Symbols Module

    Works perfectly! Thanks very much for taking the time to post :)
  8. Hi I want to have military symbols showing on the map at all times. I can do this by placing a Mil Sym Module in the editor and putting setGroupIconsvisible [true, true] in the init line, but when I team switch I lose the icons. Does anyone know of a way of calling them back?
  9. foxyboy1964

    High Command Module Problem

    Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was just me.
  10. Every time I use High Command with subordinate groups I find I can only give High Command orders to the subordinate groups, not to the player group. The diagram on the link below clearly shows a blue flag symbol for the player unit. I can never get that. Can anyone help? Link... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/High_Command
  11. That sounds like the same problem I was having and mentioned higher up this page. It never happened to me in the training missions and I wasn't able to replicate it after reading your post. I can, however, tell you that there are invisible targets on both the T-stan and Cherno maps and the same thing will happen. The way I work round it is to avoid flying around with the FCR switched on. I simply pop up, switch FCR on, scan for targets but don't select any, switch FCR off and pop down again. I only switch it on when I decide to use an RF missile or to scan for targets again. I know that doesn't help with your training mission but my point is it can be worked round. SwissMaverick comes across the same thing in the following video... If you fast forward to 20 minutes you'll see him begin his attack. When he tries to lock targets you'll notice his radar range on the HUD changes to Scaler and the target box jumps up to the top left. Maybe one of the devs could check out the video and post some advice?
  12. Thanks very much, that works a treat. Now I'm hitting every building I aim at. I know it's been said loads of times in this thread but this mod is awesome. Great work, you guys.
  13. Does anyone have a reliable method of using the laser to target and destroy buildings while playing as the gunner? I can hit them sometimes, but very seldom. The pilot seems to enjoy moving slightly and losing the laser return. Also, am I correct in saying that missiles cannot be locked on while using the gunner's optic view? Isn't the gunner's optic view the TADS?
  14. Has anyone else noticed a problem when the player gets in as the gunner? When you start using the different sensors and press next target the radar range changes to scaler and the target box jumps up to the top left of the screen. Got another problem, I can't get the TSD maps to show up anywhere except the training missions. Anyone help? I'm playing A2CO+BAF+PMC 1.62. OK, got both problems sorted. Now enjoying the mod as it should be, with working missiles amd maps. So thanks to Franze, Nodunit and GeraldBolso for their work.
  15. Hi. This is a great mod, loving it! Is 1.62 still the recommended version?