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    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Damn...just when I downloaded 1.0 yesterday! Just to say, great job on the FFUR packs, they've really brought me back to Operation Flashpoint (haha, even if they lower my fps down from 60 to 30 min with textures etc...maxed out) Onwards! To 2.0!
  2. firedude_edd

    Mission ideas

    I always thought a dynamic campaign would be good. Anything can happen during missions, you might go on a patrol and find nothing, and whilst returning to base you run into a tank battallion heading towards the base. Yes, it would be nearly impossible to do such a thing(although it has been used in Flight Simulators like Falcon 4.0, where events including ground forces occured in real-time around you). Maybe randomizing missions? Give a number of different events that randomly get added during the mission would be good.
  3. firedude_edd

    Unscripted War dynamic grass

    Does this lower fps a lot?
  4. firedude_edd

    corrected CWC campaign to work in Res 1.96

    The bug is from mods I believe. -I had FFUR mod installed -When I played the mission, Black Bear did not attack -Well! I uninstalled the game and re-installed it WITHOUT any mods. -Played the mission...hey the tank blew up. This is probably because the realism mods limit range, sight and hearing of troops and other AI factors so probably Black Bear was not in range of the tank.
  5. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I have been playing FFUR 2006 for quite a while now. Great job. -Are there any bugs I need to know of? E.g the ones I was asking about earlier. -Also, when will the classic, light and multi FFUR 2006 packs come out? -Can I delete certain files in the FFUR directory so I can use default files? e.g Can I delete the models file so I just use the default models, or I copy the default files and copy over it?
  6. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Hmmm. Finally people with low specs can play with FFUR mod! Good luck with that to the FFUR team.
  7. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Its going a bit too off-topic now. Anyhow, I can play FFUR at a reasonable framerate, although I get 20 FPS on the battlefields map. When I play without FFUR, I get 40-60 FPS. I love FFUR, but I want to play with good framerates. What tweaking should I do to improve the FFUR experience? Can I use the default models and keep everything else from FFUR?
  8. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Hmmm. I know, but you can disable all the features of it and you just use the latest directx so it will take advantage of it.
  9. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Can somebody answer my questions please? I have a new one too. THe Dxdll file you an download...does it improve FPS if I played with FFUR? There was a mod like this for another game and it did improve the FPS a lot. Just wanted to find out.
  10. firedude_edd

    Behind the scenes...

    FOUND IT IN 5 minutes!!!! Very hard if you aren't looking properly. Just need to find out login. Edit:......Damn. I do not know anything but his name. I guess I will have to play the entire campaign again :-) Edit:......Been playing for quite a while now. I think I'm gonna break my laptop. Can somebody please pm me the login info?
  11. firedude_edd

    Whats your FPS like?

    1.5Ghz 512 RAM 32mb ATI RADEON 7500 I play with low terrain detail(so no bumping), high textures and medium for everything and 1024x768 resoloution. On battlefields I get 40-60FPS.I do not understand how some high-end PCs can't cope with Operation Flashpoint. I even play call of duty 2 with 50-60 FPS...
  12. firedude_edd

    What do you play Ofp with?

    1.5Ghz Pentium M 512 RAM 32mb ATI Radeion 7500 I run Ofp with FFUR 2006 installed, on 1024 768 resoloution and textures to max, land texture to v.low and everything else medium. I get 50-60FPs but when explosions happen in my face I get20-30FPS.
  13. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I mean, it is sometimes impossible to complete the mission because the choppers crash, and the city is full of russians and BMPs which the choppers should have eliminated. It turns the first mission(which is supposed to be easy) into a suicide attack. I hope I will get answers soon from the FFUR team.
  14. firedude_edd

    AIs behaviour/improvement

    Anyone played the Close Combat series?(NOT FIRST TO FIGHT, but the top-down strategy series). Every single soldier had his own morale, and reacted to everything around them. -I'd like to see how moving troops move according to the situation. During combat, they rush from cover to cover, and when just patrolling through streets, they stay to the sides of buildings. -AI uses everything as cover, including vehicles. -Morale-troops under heavy fire may begin to panic depending on rank, leadership and other things. -AI will effectively do things by themselves. If a maching gun position is seen, a couple of men will flank it on their own accord, depending on situation. -Vehicles! Their AI must be improved. Helos under fire may try to regain altitude or even land if things go badly. Tanks need to move more realisticaly. Rather than surge forwards on their own, they allow infantry to scout ahead. -Possibility to take prisoners. And be one. If the enemy are completely surrounded by a large allied force, and are running out of ammo, they might decide to surrender. Obviously some might decide to die fighting, and form a suicide attack, -On the defensive. Troops will effectively form a defensive line so flanking enemy will have a hard time. I have a lot more sugggestions, but that is it for now. Edit: If there is any heavy combat scripting in the game, like Call of Duty I won't buy the game, as it is no longer a simulation, just an action shooter game. Also, after reading earlier points about graphics, it is used psychologically to attact consumers to the products. This does'nt affect me for I play really old games too, where gameplay is the most important factor.
  15. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Yes, I am suprised how well my system copes with new games, such as Call of Duty 2(I get around 50-60 frames, unless smoke appears). Obviously it seems particle effects such as explosions completely eat up my pc.
  16. firedude_edd

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I am currently downloading FFUR 2006. I was wondering if it is more realistic than the 1985 woodlands pack. -In 1985, there was crazy slowdowns during explosions if you were near it. Drops about 20-30 frames. -Some ofthe physics were wierd(APC flipping over when hit by RPG, or flying about 40 meters in the air. Happens sometimes). -Do death animations in vehicles work now? Once a BMP was carrying troops, and I killed every baddie riding the BMP. THey looked alive, but just had blood all over. As I said before, an APC flipping over had its diver and gunner still inside it, and they looked perfecty alive as the APC fell and blew up. -In 1985, some damage was too realistic. In the first mission of OpFlash, the air support choppers were blown from the sky in their first gun run from AK-47 fire. THe surviving BMPs completely destroyed my squad. Also, here are my specs: 1.5 Ghz Pentium M 512 RAM 32mb ATI Radeon 7500(with latest omega catalyst driver) DirectX9.0c I played FFUR 1985 with good framerates, averaging around 50 FPS. The only problem was that the FPS dropped drastically when explosionsn occured and a load of troops appeared all over. I'll be getting a new 128mb ATI card in the summer holidays, but that is in a long time. Can someone confirm if FFUR 2006 will run on my specs? Also are the problems I mentioned solved?
  17. OK, not really new to Operation Flashpoint, but I uninstalled it quite a while ago and now I decided to return. Before, I used the FFUR 1985 woodlands mod, which I thought was extremely well done, but it still ate up my pc(well, usually I get around 30-60 FPS, depending on the map. When explosions occur, I get an extreme fps drop) because of the models. Also I encountered annoyances such as on the first mission the air suport was shot down in the first 5 minutes from infantry fire, so the BMPs completely slaughtered my squads. Is it possible to just use the anims, models and AIfrom the FFUR pack? Or is there a good modification which just does that?
  18. firedude_edd

    New to Operation Flashpoint

    Hmmm. I know the authors now but I do not know what they contributed to the FFUR pack. In FFUR 2006, can I take out the models in any form? Edit: I meant take out the models, so I am left everything but the models, so I can play without slowdowns. I run OperationFlashpoint fine with these specs: 1.5Ghz Pentium M 512 RAM 32mb Ati Radeon 7500
  19. firedude_edd

    New to Operation Flashpoint

    Yes, but I do not know any of the authors! Is there a way to just take out the models from the pack by modifying it in any way?
  20. firedude_edd


    I like to have a good graphical quality and preformance for the game. Multitexturing-What does it actually do??? Terrain detail-Is everything below normal good to play on? Cheers
  21. firedude_edd


    I have been playing OpFlash Gold for quite a long time, although I need help on the fact that sometimes I get loadsa points or 0 points after missions. Sometimes I kill many guys(maybe 5-10) and I still get 0. Do you have to stay in formation(the yellow box) to get points?
  22. firedude_edd

    Operation Flashpoint in Polish game magazine

    In Spain, all the game magazines give away a free game every issue and also a demo disc! Its quite good. One issue gave away Splinter Cell! Its not copied. They attach the game box to the magazine. It onli cost...2.99 euros. Right now im in the UK and the mags cost 5 pounds and no free game...:(
  23. firedude_edd


    Omg. I never kill friendlys. OK, sometimes I don't get kills at all, but I still complete the mission and get 0 score. ANyways its a minor problem.
  24. firedude_edd

    Massive slowdown

    On windows it says put pagefile on the hd where your system files are NOT located. I have not tried which one is better. Try experimenting to see which is better. ALso try playing other games. If they lag too then its a problem with your pc if not then its a compatibillity prob with flashpoint.
  25. firedude_edd

    Massive slowdown

    Your specs are much better than mine but I get super smooth gameplay on high settings. Don't know. Are you using hi-res sky or island addons? THey eat up a lot!!! Try- -Downloading new driver for graphics card(fixes many things) -Defragmenting(Speeds computer up a lot for me) -Don't use programs in background(Depends what programs ur using) -Delete temporary files(Depends how much useless files u have...I had 1 gig) -Pagefile. It is extremely useful. Your max pagefile should be around 768(1.5 of your RAM). This is because if you have too much(e.g I had 2Gb of pagefile, thinking it would speed up my pc, yet it caused a great loss in fps. So I lowered it to 768 and my performance was great. Thats all I can think of right now.