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  1. Thats a shame :( I remember seeing so many WIP shots even some ingame shots but they never seemed to make to the finished MOD's Wish I had the patence and skill to Model and I'd give it a go myself, but I'm lucky enough to remember to breath first thing in the morning, never mind remembering anything else :) There was a nice feature I remember from one addon and that was with containers and paratroopers where the chutes would lay on the ground for about 20 sec's it just made the scene more real, anything like that implimented in this mod?
  2. Anyone working on a Horsa for this mod? I seem to remeber back in OFP there was one being worked on, but not sure what WW2 mod it was?
  3. fubarno1

    Final 1.12 in mid May? Read it here.

    It didn't stop them from releasing a pile of crap at the start did it, they wernt too concerned about their reputation and product when they released what was supposed to be a working package many moons ago, its a two way street in my book. I know that I wont be buying into Arma 2 until much later into the game (unless there is good user reports). when they released OFP they could be forgiven for their short commings as they were a new developer with a surprisingly new product for that time but there was no excuss for the poor standard of release for Arma, they may have needed funds but to get that they certainly tarnished their reputation by releasing before it was ready.
  4. Nope when I checked it wasn't in the Beta folder only main Arma folder, copied the dll direct off the CD into both folders Arma & Beta did a power down reset still no joy, removed dll from Beta folder did a power down reset still no joy, swore at the computer and launched Lock-On instead flew around for a few hours turned off computer and went out, come back home turned computer back on thought I'd give it another bash to get the Beta to load............"Lo & Behold" the damn thing loaded with the first click, absolutly nothing different from the last failed attempt, Dll file only in the main Arma folder ruddy strange error this? Appriciate you help though FritzDaKat
  5. Installed patch last night gave it a good test run everything seemed fine, tried starting it again this morning I'm now getting the "Can't find IFC22.dll error" Yes I'm starting it from the beta shortcut as I did last night, starting Arma normally is fine, its only when trying to start with the Beta version I get this error. Why is the beta version having a problem with the DLL yet the main version aint, why should it now have a problem when it was working fine last night, whats changed since the system was powered down?
  6. fubarno1

    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    Packed lunch Sir....... Canon 400D Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro TV 1/100 AV 5.6 ISO 400
  7. fubarno1

    107 HotFix issues

    I'd check again if i was you, because that error has only been reported when 3rd party addons have been loaded, go through your addons folder to double check that there are only official pbo's in there.
  8. fubarno1

    Hard drive performance questions

    you could always go for the hyperdrive a little faster than a raptor
  9. fubarno1

    Cant install 1.07

    are you selecting the Cezch option from the patch install procedure? also do you have ArmA installed in the default location or on another partion or drive?
  10. fubarno1

    Patch problem 1.00 -> 1.05 ->1.07b

    Depends, What time did you download the file. You posted May 11 2007 17:12 Your file was created May 11 2007 17:01 So maybe your created date and time is actually your download date and time (after all it was first created on your computer at that time)
  11. fubarno1

    1.7 beta impressions

    Please remember that this is a beta patch and the only way to test the patch is without any user addons being loaded too, then any issues that do show up can only be from either the Patch/Game/Hardware and not related to an incompatible user addon. Lets help ourselves here and at least test the damn thing correctly without slamming the patch because of issues caused from 3rd party addons.
  12. In all honesty unless BIS manage to pull a show stopper out of their magic hat that helps rescue ArmA I'm afraid it is already dead in the water its just sinking slowly. The best thing they could do today is release the tools to the moding community let them add the extra content that this game is crying out for, that would leave them to work on the engine and improve other aspects of the game. The extra content is what made OFP such a success, the more content there is the better, the players can build interesting missions that keeps other players interested in the game other than playing with the same units time. and time, and time, and time again with only slight differences in the mission make-ups, that is what is killing this game everyone see's ArmA as OFP/Res 1.5 so were expecting the same game type but on an improved engine with added visual improvements what they have is basically the same game that has improvements but actually offers a lot less that OFP/Res does. I see the same recommendations from ArmA owners to OFP owners to stick with OFP for the time being, this is not what BIS should be seeing or had planed for, they need to turn this around where players are encouraged to change to ArmA then that will keep the cash cow fed which feeds the continued development costs of both ArmA and Game 2, either that or they can go cap in hand to a big name and bow down to their demands for funding of Game2.
  13. fubarno1

    1.07 - Content, not when

    Sorry Boot I think I edited out the wrong quote
  14. fubarno1

    1.07 - Content, not when

    You seriously need to get off that "cloud 9" you seem to be floating on. Facts are: The early takers of this game paid more for less content. The early takers of this game were (are) being used as beta testers for a unfinished product. BIS have made such a shamble in how they have marketed and released this game that they have more than likely caused more damage than good to the community as a whole. ArmA will never capture the same large audience as OFP/RES did. back in 2001 OFP offered something that no-other game did, there were bugs but back then I think everyone knew that this was something to be expected with something so new so were more patent and understanding, and they had a damn good campaign they could play through while waiting for updates. ArmA is OFP in a new skin with an absolutely dismal campaign that no-one wants to play or can enjoy so all they are left with is a virgin ArmA with the hope that patches do get released to fix the bugs so that may be why most people seem to be crying out for the patches, they can see the potential in ArmA but because of the amateurish way BIS are addressing this game people are getting frustrated. BIS had probably hoped to make a lot of money from ArmA (based on the sales of OFP/RES) but because they tried to go it alone without the backing of a big name I would be very surprised if ArmA even makes 30% of the sales that OFP did in its initial release, add that to the discount sweeteners they have got to have offered those companies that agreed to take on board ArmA I would be surprised if BIS even manage to break even, which then could even affect the future development of ArmA. I have never expected ArmA to have too many new features especially with "Game 2" in the planning but what I did expect was a workable and usable game from the box with minor bugs that needed addressing, not something that required you to be a scripting expert (or rely on a scripting expert) to give solutions to problems that should not even be in the game, 6 months since release and only now it looks like they may have addressed the problem of AI aircraft reliably engaging ground targets, and what Muppet thought they could release a harrier with no STOL/VTOL and not expect the community to moan about it to me simply displays that BIS may be good on the idea front but without someone (like Codemasters) pointing them in the right direction as to what is acceptable and whats not, what will work and what wont, then they really don't have a clue and unless they can sort themselves out the respect and following BIS had earned over the years will dwindle to nothing and they end up as a game developer that once released a game that took the market by storm but could never follow it up with anything just as good. I know I'm not alone in this thinking but once "game 2" gets released (if it does) I wont be jumping on the band wagon of early adopters again I can bide my time until I think its ready not when they think its ready this may result in picking the game up from the bargain bucket for 9.99 rather than the suggested price of 39.99 which unfortunately means BIS don't make the type of money they would like to but they are the ones that shot themselves in the foot by proving they couldn't manage a piss-up in a brewery never mind develop a game and organize a suitable release plan that does not disrupt the already dwindling community.
  15. fubarno1

    US Demo Crashes before startup..

    I dont have an answer for you as I also tried the updated driver route and reinstalling a drive image of a clean XP install and neither worked for me. I was also building another computer at the time and reinstalled XP from scratch again on another HD and that worked, so I dont know what was wrong with the XP image I was using as I am sure it was only XP SP2 with most of the updates so that should not have caused a problem. my recommendation is to format your HD reinstall XP, update it, install up to date drivers for your chipset and audio then install ArmA again.