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  1. frag

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    Wow! It is a seriously good mod. Just make it configurable and we have a winner here. It always get on my nerve in arma that a huge explosion just cause the soldiers to just drop to the ground.
  2. frag

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Yes I actually ALWAYS love in game when they add a little wear and tear to vehicles and weapons. It immediately adds a lot of authenticity an emotion to those ... difficult to explain. I will always remember in Falcon 4 when someone came out with a custom skin where the cockpit was wear out ... damn it was beautiful and felt so authentic.
  3. frag

    Speed Of Sound

    I installed Speed of Sound yesterday night and I have to say that I am quite surprised. This is quite a good chunk of work you have put in there. It shows. Very good work! It just became a serious mod in my book. I am wondering if you and LordJarhead shoul work together to deliver the ultimate sound package. The result would me AMAZING and you would both get great experience from it.
  4. frag

    Blastcore A3

    Guys, we are going a little bit off topic ... Back in: So Opticalsnare, I lost track a little bit since the thread became quite huge. But do you plan putting a random cook-off effect on vehicles containing ammos in Blastcore? Don't get me wrong, I love your work and will never bitch on something I would like to have. I just wonder if you tought about it...
  5. You guys are my angels ... everything works! THANKS FOR THE HELP! This forum is a bless.
  6. Hi F2kSel... good idea. I understand what you are trying to do here. But ... what the ((_this select 1)==1 does exactly? What does the _this select 1 represent?
  7. Hi guys, Let’s say I would like to see a hint “Looking thru range finder†as soon as a player uses the range finder (when he right click to look into it). How I could do that? I would really like to catch that command that would let me know when the player starts looking thru the range finder.
  8. Ok it works! Actually, it does not work if I enter that line in the init.sqf. But I tried setting it up in a trigger (Alpha Radio) and the command works after. Even the one I was using OnMouseButtonClick works, as well as MouseButton down as recommended by Mattar_Tharkari. Thanks for your help Mattar ! One last thing. Someone would know how I could have that hint appearing when the mouse is clicked ... but only if you are currently looking thru the range finder. Reason is simple, I want to implement a script that will work when you click on the mouse, but only while you are looking thru the range finder.
  9. This is what I wanted to bring. Why aren't you taking the OPFOR units and dress them as civilian?
  10. I played around a little bit with it. Let's say I would like to see the hint "Mouse Clicked" ...everytime I click on the left mouse button while playing. How would I call that? I tried: mousedown = (finddisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["onMouseButtonClick",{hint "Mouse Clicked"}]; But it seem that event handler is reserved for the dialogs only. Briefly what I want to achieve is the following. When using the RangeFinder, I would like to see the hint "Mouse Clicked", everytime I click the left mouse button.
  11. Jsut playing around with the editor...
  12. frag

    Lip Movement

    Are you using OGG or Wav file? What is your file setup ...mono/stereo/kbits....
  13. Anyone found a workaround on this ... I would really like to add trees to my new town...
  14. WOW!!!! That thing is AMAZING. I just trippled my editing speed!!! Thanks guys!!!
  15. Hi guys, I am not sure if my title is misleading but well... I am able to write missions, scripts and place new objects on map but I wonder ... Any of you guys have tools or missions that I could use to add objects on maps. I find it really annoying to place all my objects in the 2D maps ...click preview ...and look for the result. Anyone created some kind of mission, where you pop new objects and place them dynamically ...then export the code to be able to use inside a script. I find it really annoying to work in 2D to watch the result in 3D when I create large scenes/bases/town. Any recommendations?