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  1. ezechiel

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    Very nice. But i m wondering, what is the name of this desert map ? thx
  2. ezechiel

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    Icones of the unit/building at his REAL SIZE in the map editor, for a better placement. (you know the 'ok i have two fences here and here, separated by one meter > go ingame > oh boyys...)
  3. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    No, i dont have doors for now. Maybe later, when i will have 3 4 model converted... step by step :D Whats wrong with the config? I just dont understand what i need to do. What part of he Config i should remove or keep, ect...
  4. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    Any help for the Config.cpp ?
  5. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    yes sorry that's what i did ; ctrl a (all selction) and u (sharp edge). But its doesnt work :/ Thanks gnat i founded the samples, but i m much more interrested by a 'full version' of a finished product, including config, textures, and all the stuff needed. I searched on the bi samples and all i v got is the p3d ? But its very interesting for the next of my test (path and stuff). cheer
  6. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    Hmm, ctrl a + U doesnt work, i still have the problem. On the lod 3, the viewport seems ok (but i cant make a buldozer preview of this lod). see the differences, its matter or not ? Maybe its just my front side who are not planed anymore Do you now if there is a sample of building model (and more; if there a sample of the same type of my model - without door or animated stuff). I tryed to depbo some addons, but there all binarized (prevent stealing ?) Thx for your help
  7. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    yeehaa thank you ! I know, its not fancy, but i make progress :D Now i dont know why i v got this wireframe on top of my texture ? In max or on the .paa they dont appears... I also create the .bisurf file Density = 2000; rough = 0.100000; dust = 0; bulletPenetrability = 20; soundEnviron = "concrete_ext"; isWater = "false"; friction = 0.900000; restitution = 0; impact = "Hit_Concrete"; soundHit = "concrete"; I just copy the one here , but i need some explanation; obviously, this tutorial are primarily made for ofp, does ArmA2 have the same 'class' sound ? Does my "hit_concrete" will actually work ? How do i know the name of other impact/soundhit/ect... ? This bisurf are obviously made for only one material, if my texture are some concrete and metal part, how to link more sounds ? Thanx for you help. In the meantime i will try to continue the mondkalb tutorial, and totaly finish the import. But i m looking for more tutorial on the same subject (for comparison), and for making glass/door/others usefull stuff... I saw a "glass" in the shader section of your armatool soul assassin, do you have a tutorial about it ? or some tips ? Also, i can't find some condition on making addons. How many polygon an average model can have ? blabla_as.paa texture are 512*512 max allowed, but what about other files ? i actually work on 1024*1024 ---------- Post added at 09:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:58 PM ---------- Well, here i really need help, i dont understand a single lign :eek: hahaha I need help with name/class name, and stuff ? I started to remplace some lign, but dont really know what should i keep or not.. My folder (for name and stuff... // data and 3dsmax will be deleted of course) stringtable.csv model.cfg Config.cpp
  8. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    Ok thank for reply; I corrected the path and the rvmat file. But i still have the same .paa problem. This is very strange :butbut:
  9. ezechiel

    Building tips. A to Z

    Haha ok total fail :p But now, i v got another problems ; The .paa generated by 02 of my diffuse texture look weird; so i got this in buldozer. I tryed to generate a .paa files with texview but the same shit happens... what i am doing wrong ? other generated.paa (smdi, hq, dt) looks fines. edit : same for paa photoshop plugin...>< I also create a rvmat based on the moonkalb building addons tutorial. surfaceInfo="a_garage2\garage2"; ambient[]={1,1,1,1}; diffuse[]={1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,1}; specular[]={0.53660399,0.60000002,0.47999999,1}; specularPower=850; PixelShaderID="NormalMapDetailSpecularDIMap"; VertexShaderID="NormalMap"; class Stage1 { texture="C:\Users\Adrien\Desktop\a_garage2\garage2tex_nohq.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="C:\Users\Adrien\Desktop\a_garage2\garage2tex_dt.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage3 { texture="C:\Users\Adrien\Desktop\a_garage2\garage2tex_smdi.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={1,0,0}; up[]={0,1,0}; dir[]={0,0,0}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; thx for helping !
  10. Hi there Trying to import a simple building model for learning, i got somes issues; using Soul_assasin armatoolsbox On 3dsmax 2010, i got no problem; i follow the Soul_assasin tutorial; with the directXshader, i have my tex file and my _smdi, ect... i created _as with the tool, work perfectly. i see my lod; 2 resolutions (one 0 and one 3), one shadowvolum and one memory; first question; i m making a building model, without door or other stuff, so memory lod is useless no ? i just left blank this one on max, i am right ? :confused: this is my folders on desk: all texture files are 1024*1024 tga at 32compression, exept for the _as (512*512) model cfg are generated by S_A tools; i just left blank the 'animation' subfodel in the generator. here, that going to be tricky ; first of all, if i just export that, i got an max' error 'mesh operation on non mesh target'. Well, i just by pass that by select 'export selected objets only and ... of course, select my model + save textures and save materials. in O2 So, now, i got my model in 02, without any lod i created before. Ok, no problem, i duplique my lod_0 in 02, rename, change the resolution and delete the handoor on front of my model: i got my lod_3. For both of them i create a property "lodnoshadow on 1" (img bellow say 0 but i fixed) I duplique again my lod_0 for creating my shadowvolume lod. and do the stuff on the img bellow (recalculate normal for all, + triangulate and inverse normale for shadowvolume). Well, i lunch my buldozer and i got this question 2: Perfect shadow, model is fine, but... wait, where is my textures ? :( question 3: If you can fix this texture problems (the 'only' real problem i v got), what should i do next ? i mean for import ? i bet collision lod & stuff ? The only real tutorial for the next i ve got is the moodkalb' and... wow... I'm so lost.. If someone could show me the way OR take my model and import ingame, it will be perfect. I got hundred of building model of my own on max and i just need to learn how to import them... thx for all, specialy Soul assasin for his tool.
  11. look very good ! On question; where is the aircraft shelter in the editor ? Are they available ? I can find a radio tower, a wind turbine an helo, but nothing like the big shelter & others stuff. And i m saaaad :) Again, great job !!
  12. Hi, I just cant find a way to lunch I44. I have ArmA2 patched 1.08; i installed the 2.0 (this create a I44 folders with /addons inside), i manually copy paste on this /addons the 2.1,2.2, and DAC update. I lunch ArmA2 with -mod=@I44, i go to mission pannel, i can see the mission and they pictures, but when i lunch "blablabla cant find omaha beach...". I go to editor, lunch UTES, and not a single I44 unit is available. Where is my problem ? Thx
  13. ezechiel

    Town generator

    This is a wtf thread hahaha
  14. two hour for that ? First addons ? God i need to work with you, i m totally sux at O²/config. Texture seems a little bugged near the front door. all lods are correct ? good work
  15. ezechiel

    US buildings project

    Yep mall will be enterable, like radio station and fast food. Making this building for being an objectiv to mission (rescue the civilian from mall, lunch a destress signal from radio tower, ect...)