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  1. eagleusa

    British forces mod

    Too many UK mods Why don't you unite to creat a full one like OFRP or BW?
  2. eagleusa

    PLA MOD in progress

  3. eagleusa

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    GREAT! British in which side? Blufor or Opor
  4. eagleusa

    Brazilian Army Mod

    yes, we of the brazilian project go to search to take units, vehicles and aircraft not yet represented in ArmA of the Chilean Armed Forces and other latin countries. A thing also is the participation of Chile in the operation of the UN the MINUSTAH in which Brazil and diverse other Latin countries participate, it is a real and current situation that goes to be excellent to represent this in ArmA. below some images of the venezuelan troops who i am editing: [ig]http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/9596/arma2008112419581185mm0tf4.jpg[/img] [ig]http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/2685/arma2008112419583137gj7ys9.jpg[/img] [ig]http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/6892/arma2008112420020709te9nk7.jpg[/img] [ig]http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/9395/arma2008112912315112sb5li7.jpg[/img] model of the rucksack of the TUCommandos and weapons of the Vilas. These troops are part of the project Amazon Crisis I remembered Veneruila soldiers do not wear camo uniform since Chavis became the president
  5. eagleusa

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    There is no soldiers NATO have a lot But Taliban or Pakistan soldiers... Where can I find one?
  6. eagleusa

    Brazilian Army Mod

    There is already Chile force in ARMA
  7. eagleusa

    Mercs and Civilians

    I hope Chechen insurance Like Russian movie <storm gate>
  8. eagleusa

    Silent War mod

    I only want to play the Beralus troop
  9. eagleusa

    Does anyone...

    I want DDR soldiers too....
  10. eagleusa

    Flashpoint Germany

    other photos http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=59101&page=2 warsaw part photos ,also have some http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....&page=2 cold war BW http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=75882
  11. eagleusa

    Flashpoint Germany

    I remembered RHS made good  T-55 And I downloaded British Challenger 1 before SOME PICTURES FROM MF
  12. eagleusa

    Operation Northstar WIP

    Maybe ...the Dignal-camo of Canada don't like this...
  13. eagleusa

    PLA MOD in progress

    Great!!I think da xu should it's a huge progress for two men
  14. eagleusa

    Grenada (OUF)

    Don't post copyrighted materials. Don't go against a mod's decision
  15. eagleusa

    Grenada (OUF)

    As I know,Seals rescued the British Goverment leader,but were surrounded by Grenada soldiers... Then marines came
  16. eagleusa

    (CWM) Chechnya War Mod

    we are working on  I watched victory parade in Moscow  on TV  yesterday Russian troops are strong  What troop is the  one  wearing  green beret ? KGB  border guard? Border guards yes, but not from KGB....as the KGB doesn't exist anymore. It's FSB now. Emmm One of my grandfather fought against CCCP Border guard in Northwest Of China But It's the history
  17. eagleusa

    (CWM) Chechnya War Mod

    we are working on  I watched victory parade in Moscow  on TV  yesterday Russian troops are strong  What troop is the one wearing green beret ? KGB border guard?
  18. eagleusa

    (CWM) Chechnya War Mod

    Wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!] Wait for it for so long time .... But who do our Russian warriors fight against?there are no Chechen insurents?? I think it's a great work
  19. eagleusa

    Grenada (OUF)

    Well.... Will you make Grenada and Cuban soldiers?? Seals ,USMC,ranger and 82th Airborne at that time?? And other heavy weapons?? I think it is a huge progress
  20. eagleusa

    Red Hammer Studios Addons

    Use the search button and search RHS. You should find some links. @Eagleusa: Yes, but that isn't what the OP asked, was it? Let me realise.... RHS made modern FSB special force(Alfa) Vityas OMON SOBR VDV Naval infantry GRU Federal infantry cold war VDV T-55 T-62 T-64 T-72 T-80 Btr-152 zsu MI24 I think that's all
  21. eagleusa

    Red Hammer Studios Addons

    RHS has move to ARMA
  22. eagleusa

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    Does it contain Spanish marines and AAV7 as the second release?
  23. eagleusa


    US music:Mistriol boy