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    New Island from USEC

    I think it be really cool if you can make the "Golden Eye" radar dish complex to put in for mission makers. As in Greenland during the cold war a place like that exsisted in the middle of no ware land. Also be nice to remake the good old Golden Eye missions for that Nintendo 64 hit
  2. eyeless1990

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    Okay found something that is really, really stupid The KA-50 now comes with 12 Air to Air and Air to Surface missiles not sure if this was intensional but its a bit gay haveing an AI kill you all the time in a KA v Cobra dogfight or fly past a KA in an A-10 just to have one of the VIKRS-12s slam up your arse. I tested this out as me the pilot of a KA-50 and i could kill get a lock on both air and ground targets with the VIKRS-12s and kill them. P.S. only seems to be in the beta 1.12 patch
  3. eyeless1990


    I have the same issue with my Arma my flush fest beggins. This didn't happen untill a 2 months ago I try this werid way to fix it to see if it works. Edit : Chucked my textures up to normal and no missing texture issues Cheers it fixed it. What a werid issue its like Arma crying "give me better textures"
  4. eyeless1990

    New guns! downloadable

    yeap beta test comes back as working well. sorry bout the poor quailty lighting in the scean shots as my comp a old one (real old still has a 32bit CPU) and i was doing it fast so Mr hotshotmike1001 could see what there like.
  5. eyeless1990

    ArmA Addon request thread

    what about a proper snow modd with new models for the infantry. like with parkers and hodds instead of retexturing them. maybe a snow gille suit to with a new map for it. found out what the spaika 12k was its an russain auto 12 guage shotgun that uses the ak system. those guns probly be released in Arma 2 anyways.
  6. eyeless1990

    ArmA Addon request thread

    since im here a MGS modd will be cool to love to play as snake taking out metal gears maybe a army of metal gear rays fighting each other?
  7. eyeless1990

    ArmA Addon request thread

    after "investergating" the BIS weapons, weapons3 and wheeled .pbo's i found that there was .p3d and textures .paa files for both the ammo and satic placement of an spg9 recoiless rifle (pg9 is the ammo class). it would be nice if someone could finish the recoiless gun off (i think missing sounds,config and rtm files). i also found a BIS desert skin for the M24 and a UAZ police car with textures and .p3d files. i think it needs a config to get it working. there was icons for M1014, M8 and vairents, M1911, bizon, AKM and some nock off AK look alike called the saiga 12k?? it like bis was gonna release them but didn't in the 1.08 patch, hopefully there in the 1.09 patch(not really counting on it).
  8. eyeless1990

    Chammys Sound Mod

    um i downloaded your great sound modd, a few changes needed; like the SPR should sound different from the rest of the M4 family and i also noticed that the M16A4 ACG GL you cannot use the M203 on it! I made a change in the config to get the M203 working which i am the sole user of. if you want i will be gladly give the config to you, just contact me by email at eyeless1990@hotmail.com for any questions