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  1. I recall one of the devs talking about implementation of range to use with SOM (secondary operations manager) enabling the mission maker to specify the minimum and maximum distance for objectives. Has this been implemented and if so how does one configure the module?
  2. eVo

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    I don't think it's been mentioned here yet but can the author of the mission please remove the ability to stack items, namely the footbridge. It's being exploited constantly in public servers to create giant towers of death, covering up to five towns if placed on top of Devil's Castle. It is ruining the immersion and playability of this good mission. :mad:
  3. eVo

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    That's a bit harsh to say when there are a good verity of games available for the system (MGS4, KZ2, LBP, infamous, GT5, Uncharted, Heavenly sword, etc...) Clearly the system is not impossible for some developers but I do agree that for a very independent developer such as BI, the time and expenses required could/would be counter-productive. As for Gabe's comments... Valve are up there with some of the best in regard to PC game development but Valve have never developed outside of a PC centric platform before. (Gearbox did the ports for PS2, Dreamcast, Mac and EA for PS3) So I find his comments rather one sided. As for the wii... let's just not go there. :confused:
  4. I'm getting the same issue. I've tried re-downloading the patch, re-installing the game (which takes awhile) and nothing so far has worked. The pbo which the error throws up changes too, sometimes air2.pbo, animals2.pbo, anims.pbo, etc... Any suggestions? :confused:
  5. eVo

    Latest screenshots available

    They did now. Here's hoping there's another video. Does anybody know if there's an event like E3 or it's European equivalent coming along soon? E3 May 10-12. I hope those animations are done by then!
  6. Apparently the addon has already been sent to Cervo of OFP.Info. So it shouldn’t be long now before we can test these beautiful effects.
  7. Apparently the addon has already been sent to Cervo of OFP.Info. So it shouldn’t be long now before we can test these beautiful effects.
  8. eVo

    Polish GROM Update

    Shame to hear that this’ll probably be your last project but as you said, it’ll leave more time to actually play the game. I like the camelbag introduction to the model. Will all these changes make it over to the jungle variety too?
  9. eVo

    Star Wars mod

    VERY impressive trailer! Now I’m not the most avid Starwars fan, loved the originals, hate the latest three but I can’t wait for this modification! Also the music you used was perfect, very fitting and well mixed. I don’t suppose you could list which pieces you used? I recognized the parts from Batman Begins, Troy and obviously Starwars.
  10. eVo

    Polish GROM Update

    They look fabulous! Nice work. I’m going to have to disagree there, as much as Jackal’s weapon pack covers practically every aspect of a group, I find that the OFPL weapons coincide more so with quality of the GROM units.
  11. Polish GROM units, OFPL Spec-Ops weapons, uwar grass, retextured Malden, ExtracTioN's SeaHawks, SJB weapons, LSR weapons, DXDLL, Wilco's animations, LlauMax's sky and faces.
  12. Good pics all! Offtime's GROM SF, Llauma's head and sky, RHS Spetsnaz, Our Weapons's Mi-8, Michelle Island, DXDLL.
  13. eVo

    Polish GROM Update

    Awesome, just awesome.
  14. eVo

    Polish GROM operators

    Exceptionally nice work Offtime! by far the greatest units released for ofp to this date. And the weapon pack by Agent Smith and Marcin_BM is a fantastic complement for these units. Many thanks to all involved.
  15. eVo

    International SF Pack

    It’s looking extremely promising, very nice work! Heh, with these and Offtime’s units, we’re going to be spoilt for choice.