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  1. I lolled. I haven't played release version yet, but I have no doubt that his points are true. I prefer this type of funny complaint thread over the angry, cuss word riddled, butt hurt rants.
  2. Montanaro

    Stealth ATV's

    I was just wondering what ya'lls thoughts on Stealth ATV's are? Special Ops have been using them for over a decade now. Would they be too overpowered to add into the game? Surely, if you had stealth ATV's, you'd have to keep standard ATVs as well. The book Not a Good Day to Die references there use and the ability for a small team to drive through a small town at night and only stirring a dog. I know it's something small and probably mod worthy, but I thought I'd bring it up.
  3. Montanaro

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    I don't care about walking around on cargo planes or ships (it would be nice, yes) but shooting while on a helicopter or truck is both realistic and fairly common.
  4. If you are walking any long distances in game, then you obviously chose a mission that was designed to take a long time. Otherwise, there should be transport for you. I don't buy the complaint
  5. Montanaro

    elaboration about how to improve effects

    that dude had god mode on! Glad to see that my difficulties of gunning down a lone man in ARMA via chopper is similar to real life.
  6. I'm not sure why you expect a non functioning helicopter (aka a pile of metal) to explode when hitting the ground regardless of height. Maybe if it had explosives on board. But the fuel isn't going to explode on impact.
  7. Thank you BIS! Always hated the certain death for everyone involved in a helicopter crash. Would make the game much more interesting when there is a chance to survive.
  8. Montanaro

    sit prone posture

    This stance reminds me of Rogue Spear
  9. Montanaro

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    FYI, there is your problem...it's not a demo!
  10. I'm not really interested in joining a squad at the moment, but I am looking for a good community to join. I like playing tactical/realism and I like playing coop mostly. So many servers running wasteland now that it's hard to find a good server with cooperative players.
  11. Hey guys, use free look binded to a mouse button (preferably thumb button) When you need precise control, go free look. If you need to turn, let go of button for a second. It would be nice if they had a toggle freelook (im sure they will) and the ability to bind a key to rotate your player (x,c or something) that way you can have more control over your path while freelooking.
  12. "Movement still feels like Operation Flashpoint" Excellent, then BIS is doing something right then. Or you could prefer that BIS go down the path of WW2OL, PlanetSide2, Red Orchestra 2 and largely scrap the winning formula in the name of "progress".
  13. Montanaro

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Not a fan of the opfor gloves. What's the purpose? They look stiff and hot.
  14. add in TOH flight model and this game will be as legendary as OFP. Shoot em up kiddies like to pretend that games like these aren't possible/popular, but the reality is there is a huge market for them that is always untouched (because it's so difficult to make these games).