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    Will resistance have new weapons sounds?

    the jingles was what i had in mind with the 4 bars. if you listen to radio commercials for example you ll see that many of them resemble big hits. but then again they just resemble them. anyways. as a game developer they just be able to record and implement their own (better) sounds anyways. i dont want to diminish satchels work though , his soundpack is fantastic.
  2. eskimo jackson

    Will resistance have new weapons sounds?

    not necessarily. with music you can use up to 4 bars (if i remember correctly) without any fees or permit. drums are not protected at all. so i doubt a gun shot , a fraction of a second long would be protected. in addition, how would a producer know that his gun sound was used ? guns appear in so many movies, how to tell whether it was taken from rambo, a schwarzenegger flic or from somewhere else.
  3. eskimo jackson

    Gfx707's bunker pack 1 released!

    there is a problem though with the pillbox. i happen to find myself outside all of a sudden when i kneel close to the front window. in some case you can also run straight through the walls ... weird .. apart from that , great job
  4. eskimo jackson

    Bis: age-old tank glitches everyone hates

    i dont know if it was mentioned before , if so nevermind. when you are the driver you will find that driving on a slope you simply cant stop the tank propperly to change to the gunners or commanders position. i find it hard to believe that you cant stop a tank on the spot even on a very slight slope while the AI driver can do exactly that just fine. furthermore the tanks and infact all other vehicles tend to gain so much speed downhill that they become virtually impossible to handle. it wouldnt be a problem if the brakes would function propperly while driving downhill. sometimes you stand on the brake all the way downhill and nothing happens ... again , i find it hard to believe that a tank would take off a ramp like a stuntcar , flying tens of meters high through the air. this is a general problem which really needs to be adressed
  5. eskimo jackson

    Opf on xbox

    quite frankly , i dont think xbox will attract l33t nuts in anyway. most people will NOT use the xbox to play online. infact i see the xbox more like a new age board game. while pc gaming often is something you do alone , the console brings daddy (or the kids) back to the living room. console gaming has a social component as you often do it with friends , passing the controller around while the rest chats and has a beer. at least that is my experience. i just love to have ofp for my xbox because i acctually prefer sitting in my comfy beanback playing a game than sitting upstairs , on my own , in the computer room. both have their place , i love my xbox as much as my pc ... so there you have it i know i know , i m xboxs advocate here
  6. eskimo jackson

    Bis: age-old tank glitches everyone hates

    if only the driver would respond to my commands *sigh* i could live with the targeting issues if only he would go right when i order right .. *sigh*
  7. eskimo jackson

    Preview mode on winter konguljev

    oy , nevermind i think i had 13 people in one group , of course it wouldnt work that way preview works now ... piu
  8. eskimo jackson

    Invasion 1944 got oxygen

    hm , where did you find the ingame screens ? in the screenshot section ? but werent those all screens that have been there before the new site was launched ? i mean , are they really ingame or are they just backgrounds to give us an idea what it will look like ? ps: dawdler , if you read this , fix your new forum the forum mailer doesnt seem to send the activation emails for new accounts. but i guess you know that already
  9. is it not working ? the preview button is missing somehow. is there a trick how to do it ? when i save as single player mission it wont load it. guess i m missing an end trigger or something. can anyone help. excuse me , i m a bloody newbie in mission creation
  10. eskimo jackson

    Ofp in window?

  11. eskimo jackson

    Ofp in window?

    yes you can , go to properties of the shortcut you use to open ofp and add -window at the end ... something like this : "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\OperationFlashpoint.exe" -nosplash -window
  12. eskimo jackson

    Opf on xbox

    can someone who has knowledge please explain if those specs are any good ? xbox Key Performance Measures: 6.4GB/sec Memory Bandwidth 150 million micropolygons/particles per second 150 million transformed and lit polygons per second 100 million polygons per second sustained performance (shading, texturing) Pixel Fill Rate 4.0 GB/sec 4 simultaneous textures Compressed textures available at 6:1 compression Full-scene anti-aliasing DVD movie playback * see above 1920x1080 maximum resolution Maximum resolution (2 x 32bpp frame buffers + Z) 1920 x 1080 HDTV support (games and movie playback)
  13. eskimo jackson

    Gold upgrade

    there is really something wrong with this mission. my problem was a little different. everytime i landed the cutscene came up i got the command to attack the tank convoy , cutscene was over and the very second i gain control again i am shot. happened about 15 times , i flew around, avoiding the repair truck but the convoy was nowhere to be seen. dont know what happened the 16th odd time , without doing anything differently i for once wasnt shot down and could complete the mission. btw , i must have been shot down as i always was in mid air , not even close to the ground and there was an explosion ...
  14. eskimo jackson

    Flashpoint on xbox

    i expect xbox to become the more adult console. nintendo to me always has been and always will be bubble gum colors and childrens games. btw , the xbox price has just dropped to $215 US. (in europe and australia) it is goona be interesting to see how the gamecube can compete with same prices for both systems
  15. eskimo jackson

    Bis: age-old tank glitches everyone hates

    word i have nothing to add ! please fix it gimbal summed it up just fine