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    Ok Ive got the stupid bug with flashpoint to where when the shilka shoots I get a BSOD right after losing sound. Ive seen some threads that state reseting back to DX8 helped and got rid of the problem, is there a safe way of reseting back to DX8? Thx, I really hope this will work because flashpoint is still my favirote game. Lata
  2. erfworm

    Turret locked?

    yup if the turret moved while the drivers head was out in real life the driver would have no head in a matter of seconds. lol My dad worked on the Abrams project and I got to see it first hand . It woould roll down the street shoot a blank turn around and do it again. So sweet....
  3. erfworm

    Turret locked?

    are you sure noone is turned out? If one person is turned out the turret becomes "locked"
  4. erfworm

    Loss of sound and hard crash

    Hey guys I to have the same problem and pretty much the same set-up. Win XP Pro AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 512MB DDR Via MB GF4 Ti 4400 SB Live! 5.1 DX9 40GB HD RES V1.91 All of them have the latest drivers...the weird thing is I used to run FAT32 reformatted my HD to run NTFS thats when the problems began to occur.
  5. erfworm

    Auto-rotation is possible

    Thats sweet! Although I could only do it once while moving and whenever I wantes while hovering, Im sure Ill get the hang of it. Lata
  6. erfworm

    Resistance sniper

    Good point Pins I was thinking about that too...but the standard res grunt engages before the sniper does.
  7. erfworm

    Crashes in res

    So I take it I should just send them an email without the files? Thanks for the help. Ill post anything else if anything else happens to stop by on the way. Lata
  8. erfworm

    Resistance sniper

    hmmm....I cant get him to shoot until he is 140 meters or closer, even on the desert island. Any others having the same problem as me? Thanks for your post Milkman. Lata
  9. erfworm

    Resistance sniper

    I dont know if many have noticed this although Ive been having OFP problems, does anyone here think the engagement ranges for the resistance sniper is to close? The res sniper gets nowhere near the ranges of the regular snipers, and has to get extremly close to fire. If this truly is happing to everyone else is it possible BIS you could tweak his CPP file to make the ranges farther? Thanks Just did a test and the sniper engages at 140 Meters from the target, if you ask me thats a little to close for any sniper. Lata
  10. erfworm

    Crashes in res

    lol thanks Avon just the problem is OFP isnt making the files after it crashes...lol
  11. erfworm

    Crashes in res

    Hey Suma thanks for the resources I was going to send in an email and all included files only to realise I cant find either file in my Flashpoint folder. I also did a file search on my computer for Flashpoint.rpt and Context.bin files and came up with nothing. Is it a possibility you could lead me to finding or creating the files needed. Thanks.
  12. erfworm

    Crashes in res

    I did install SP1 and the most recent fixes and Im sure its not a heat issue, Ive started flashpoint up after my computer has been off for the night and 1 minute into the game it looses sound then a while after that maybe about 2-5 minutes it restarts. And I forgot to mention my processor which is an AMD Athlon 1.7+. So Im guessing it has to be a driver of some sort, although OFP is the only game that does this....very strange.
  13. erfworm

    Crashes in res

    Ok after I reformatted my computer I reinstalled resistance, and keep getting random crashes. Please take note res worked fine before, and its 100% legit. Any ideas on what I should do? Symptoms are sudden loss of sound, then a complete system restart. This is also the only game that does this. Is it a possibility it activated Fade? No cracks or warez OFP is on my computer. Here are my specs... Win XP Pro 512 DDR Ram GeForce 4 4400 128 MB 40 GB HD Soundblaster Live! SC 5.1 Speakers Thanks
  14. erfworm

    5.1 speakers

    Hey whats up? This isnt just an OFP problem and just occured today. I started up flashpoint and noticed I had no sound coming from my front and center speakers (they hiss though) Ive tried speaker tests through Audio HQ and get no response. Ive checked all connections and swapped speakers with rear and they all still work. Ive also checked my drivers. My set-up is Soundblaster Live! card w/ Creative 5.1 speakers. They were working just fine right before I started OFP up again. I checked all my other games as well and didnt get any output. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. erfworm

    Force feedback

    I just installed my Sidewinder FF(Force Feedback) 2 today and went to fly in Res and noticed there was no return to center force...it works in all other games including the forces tab. I went to MS troubleshooting and they said that real planes sticks dont automatically return to center; its all done manually by the pilot. Well I was wondering (and I know this has been discussed before) if there could be an option to add return to center as well as different levels of FF High, Medium, and Low. Is it possible to implent(I dont want BIS to break their backs just to make me happy). Thanks BIS and all.