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  1. after an hour of tweeking ive got 2 mp versions running (ace and non) the mission name is operation: CQC overthrow. and atm its 4 player coop (with respawn!) http://www.gamefront.com/files/20562800/city_fight_by_dhellfox.rar and for those who want to modify it ive left the souce files in the folder.
  2. thanks. atm im working on 'populating' the map with things Wict can use (they seem to spawn on and mount empty statics like MG encampments). and i need to find out if there is a way to have varible spawn distances for tanks and infanty like what air units have. Anyone who left or fought their way out the city knows that the units switch to vehicles. 150m spawn is cool for infantry in the city (or flying overhead of the tank battle) but far too close for open armored warfare. unfortunately respawning is outside my skill limits atm. i been trying to figure out how.
  3. heres a non ace version just as a warning i havent done a thorrough playtest of it. (and it might need CBAmod to play) http://www.gamefront.com/files/20557666/NonACE_cityfight_arma2_wic_demo.rar ---------- Post added at 01:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:03 AM ---------- i dont know how it works but it removes bodies after roughly 2-5 mins after death. its a pain in the ass when you looking for a luncher and the body your about to loot sinks into the ground and vanishes :P live units and vehicles are removed instantly once they reach the maximum distance from you defined in the wic tool
  4. i have to build another from the ground up. give me a few days, ill make another when i get some spare time.
  5. http://www.gamefront.com/files/20549790/street_battle_wict_demos_rar just follow the readme minimum requirments: The complete Arma2 collection (arma2,oa,baf,pmc) all ACE mods (core and expansions). ASR ai (optional but highly recomended for maximum enjoyment) edit: just a reminder these are just editor files not finished products. and i highly recomend the RUS vs USA one (ive spent 5x more effort on that one). and feel free to chose what you play as :) last thing for the lols play it in 3rd person
  6. Hey armaIIholic i was made a (test) mission in zargabad to see how well it could handel cityfights. With some minor tinkering of you latest version it has turned out into an epic fast paced free roam gun battle. For the simplicity of the mission design too much fun as a 'quick play' mission to keep to myself. have you got somewhere i could send it to you to check out for youself?
  7. *kicks myself in the nuts* nvm i saw what i did wrong lol Edit: after having to relearn how to use it its 20000% easier than verson 3
  8. hey ArmAIIholic its been a looooooooooonnnnnnnnng time. ive just recently updadeed from my v4 wic tools to the latest version and im completely lost. ive followed the 1-2-3 setup page and all it seems to do is drop cargo and leave me alone. do you still have to write up bases. (im still confused about that in this version) or is there a feature yet that just spawns randomly around you without the need for bases?
  9. no problem i was having a really bad day, having to search for errors in 270 pages of text is not fun :D i just did the basic copy and rename from the sample mission other than my spawn list its identical.
  10. i was jut wondering in it was possible inside wict lol its kind of hard when you spare time outside of my IT assignments consists of designing mods, maps, and tweaking for other game as well along with doing some final editing on my novels too late i scraped everything from the previous version and started again though base spawning keeps breaking on meedit: any reason why the bot ignore me in this version? and what do use to edit text values
  11. after searching for a class list for vilas p85 vehicles and coming up short (im not really in the mood do search for a class identifier mission that works outside of ace and manual copy down 50 vehicles) but still a irregular list full of the units from A2 and OA {that aren't currently used in the wict list} would still be good. Edit just DLed the new version and it sort of broke my my mission. (v2->v3.5) oh well ill rebuild it better. once i get it working again do you want me to send it you you (somehow) so you can have a play?
  12. vehicles from Operation Arrowhead, Project 85 addon (around 50 vehicles), BMDs addon (8 vehicles), ka 50s addon (3) there too many vehicles to fit in WICT spawn list thats why i was wondering if it was possible to implement the armory's spawn code for an irregular squad.
  13. what i mean by 'irregulars' is a squad that selects a number units/ vehicles outside the wict spawn list at random. i have countless vehicles (i'm not particularly interested in the thousands of soldiers) just collecting dust. when you play the armory it randomly generates the npcs for the scenarios which mixes vanilla with mods.
  14. hey i'm back again. and still playing the mod i was wondering if you could add a light tank class or is it possible to create a random squad generator that spawns in mod units/ squads with vanillas like how it generates opponents the armory. i like my WIC spawn list the way it is but like a chance of unpredictability with 'irregular forces' shakes it up a bit without having to go into the mission and tweaking the files more (theirs like about 30 project 85 vehicles i want to randomly spawn lol)
  15. true but different armies use different paint schemes to distinguish who it belongs to. (on top of that A2/ OA FFID is still temperamental i can have an blufor team approaching in that veheicle but it still comes up as opfor)
  16. thanks altering the files now edit its works fully and i expanded the search distance by an extra 10 km (now 25kms). now immediately depending on the rolls it escalates realy fast. now i just got to configure units (t35s have the biggest case of FF from me since both sides have it and they're identical). im editing them now
  17. i got that bit but when i set every base and spawn 7.6 (for every unit) nothing seems to spawn in so i use the default Utes values. though on the fun side (as usual) I've got my Bradly m2 era as a mobile comm station for an AI controlled uav/AC130 module, in some of the areas it will run out of ammo before its timer expires hehehehe
  18. thanks for helping (i realized i broke a line that was stopping them from units spawning) and yeah you right how easy it is to play and modify once you understand what things do edit i still cant get the spawning right, and on that subject how do you implement the excel way of the spawn list the manual doesn't exactly cover that
  19. new problem i've added some more flags/spawn locations around chernarus what would be the decent spawn distance to keep it chaotic like utes
  20. just woke up and did what you told me. that was a lot simpler than what was written in the manual. thanks very much you you should see me there are tears running down my face due to how epic the test was. well time to go back to the manual and see what else i can do. side note: reinstalled the RTS wic on my comp. there's nothing that can describe how beautifully a nuke is when you and you friends drop 18 of them in one match hehehehe
  21. thanks ill try that when i wake up tomorrow (its midnight here) but when i last ran it by merging it with chenerus i got the start error chaotic as in great epicness!!! i roll in with my lav to take the airport and just by random dice roll blufor rolled cobras which flew overhead on strafing runs countering the opfor reinforcements as 2 CDF bmp2 raced past laying waste to everything in their path (i had no idea where they were going) i'm kinda tired so sorry if it doesn't make too much sense
  22. you have to dl the full to get the demo mission. anyway i examined the demo and i though it was awesome and chaotic. unfortunately after spending 5 hours studying the manual i had no successful understanding of it. (please note I'm only capable of basic things with modules, units. i just make sandbox specops which keep me amused for hours though its quite dull even with combat ambiance module set to max). is it possible for you or someone kind enough to make missions for the two core maps? edit: they don't have to be too advanced just enough to have forces fighting it out and something to do around the specops module
  23. i just finished doing the night fighting tutorial explaining new features like the flashlight and secondary sights on weapons i went into editor and noticed that all the original weapons don't have that features despite the attachments clearly visible on the weapon (and some scopes you can still see through with nvg active). wasn't one of the boasts about the expansion pack is that it will fully integrates with the original to bring the unmatched simulation? and can they finally fix the periscopes on the btr 90 and bmp3 interior models like the Bradly variants and other m111 (or whatever designation) apc? there's my suggestions. have fun.
  24. sorry if this has been posted before but there's too many pages to sift through. dogs of war: siding with independent and now allied with the CDF your AI buddies do nothing even when you order them. though this seems to happen a lot in this game at key point in the campaign.