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  1. dingbat91

    Spyder Addons

    Hey Spyder! first thank you for these tools, makes it so much easier to add some basic things I enjoy to missions I want to play! Secondly I was wondering if you (or anyone really) could help me with getting UAV Spawning to work. as to my knowledge it doesn't crew them, effectively making them null and void. I've believe I've managed to get it so I can use unitIsUAV to check the summoned vehicle is actually a UAV, but attempting to use createVehicleCrew seems to throw an exception and I've no idea where to go from there...
  2. dingbat91

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Hey there NorX this is an awesome mod! something that seemed like it should have been with the Taru since the word go! is there any possibility of allowing us to order AI to raise/lower the pod via the action menu? would be a nice addition. :D once again thanks, my friend and I are getting a LOT more use out of that helo now :D
  3. dingbat91

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    Hey there Giallustio! loving the mission so far thanks for your awesome work! would it be possible to add some form of AI recruit to the mission (triggerable by params) I play with a small group of friends and sometimes the AI are just useful in bringing up the numbers to use for vehicles and just to up the intensity of firefights.
  4. dingbat91


    Hey there! thanks for an awesome mission! I was wondering if it would be possible to put the AI Recruitment onto the Altis map? being able to use AI to fill crew slots on low pop servers is really useful :)
  5. dingbat91

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    Hey there! would it be possible to add AI recruitment as an optional parameter? me and my friends want to just grab a ton of soldiers and start a full blown battle!
  6. Heya again Sa0k probably already seen it, but I thought the urban patrol script might be useful to you http://kronzky.info/ups/ just passing along the info!
  7. would it be possible for some sort of vehicle request feature. sometimes it'd be useful to be able to bear down with some heavier firepower? just curious as I'm really enjoying this mission! thanks for your effort and producing such a decent mission so quickly :)
  8. dingbat91

    Download size of Beta?

    Hey Dram! quick B3 question myself: are we still under the restrictions from B1/B2 game play wise (limited island amount, no hammerhead/UAV usage) I can guess and understand the story mode most likely isn't in (for spoiler reasons)
  9. also the varying scales of the game would easily cause design difficulties. for example what would happen if one player was attacking an island and the other wanted to sail to another island. in SP that problem is solved with Timewarp, but in MP that isn't a possibility, so does the second player just have to watch his ship sail for 15 minutes? does the other player have to "wait" while his travel occurs? also the fact the carriers ever meeting is a rare occurance,and would most likely end the game after such a meeting, as it would take rare circumstances for pursuit of a damaged carrier to not be a top priority for a player, so whoever came top of the initial clash would have a grand advantage. and would you consider it a "fun" MP experience if you fought your friend for a measly few moments, seeing nothing else of his presence but islands changing colour from blue->red Co-op negates a lot of issues, as the enemy carrier is still AI, but how do you balance the enemy carrier with that? do you let it cheat? do you limit the players in some capacity? a lot of big questions need to be answered, and a lot of the core mechanics that Carrier command runs on would require a drastic rethink to make a viable MP system. so I can quite understand how they might want to do it post release, and after they know the game has backing, because it's not cheap to do drastic rethinks of game concepts, especially in later development lifecycles, any company will want to make sure it's worth the cost.
  10. That's fantastic, not only because we get to play with updated mechanics, but also it seems like a good idea to at least bring out one final beta to catch any big issues now, rather than at the release date, it feels to me that anything we mention it beta 2 is old hat now. being so far behind in the pipeline.
  11. dingbat91

    AI Improvement

    I'd personally love AI wise is the ability to ask them to deploy and crew based weapons via actions (Select both units-> actions->deploy crew weapon) would make mortar deployment so much easier. oh and for the ability to order helocopters to land at a location without disembarking (possibly require smoke to designate the LZ?)
  12. actually there is a stop keybind which works with the carrier, but not much else... (i've set it to my R key)
  13. I saw someone mention this in another post. I believe it's straight victory if you sink the enemy carrier ATM
  14. 1. in slot order Gun/Launcher-(Rockets/Missiles)/Utility-(scanner/ammo/hook)/Armour just so you know :D
  15. To use the sling equip it to a manta (obviously) then manually fly it over a Walrus get it quite close and a hook icon should appear, press use key (default: F) and you'll hook onto the Walrus. to let it go simply press the use key again. I suggest at a low height. word of warning: do NOT use afterburner with a hooked walrus in tow. you'll lose your Manta (not the walrus...that gets lucky ¬.¬)