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    Multi-Session Operations v4.1 released

    Question for anyone that may be running the Takistan(USA/British vs Everyone else) on a dedicated server. I have been trying to run this on multiple boxes as a dedi server at my house and am running into crashes after a couple of hours. I am trying to nail down if it's on the mission or something to do with the boxes themselves. I have been running it using the suggested settings on page one of this thread but am still having issues. I have been through all the settings, tried beta patches, yad yada. As anyone else seeing this or is it only an issue on my end? Just wondering if it's a common issue before I really start diggin deep into this. Thanks
  2. After about 12 hours of tinkering, I finally have a working UAV in multiplayer on a dedicated server. It, for some reason, spawns two UAV's at a time. Not sure why, but it's not my biggest issue. I guess it's a good decoy anyway right? The issue that I am trying to solve is the laser. If I host it on my own box, it's fine. I can take control, pan around, and fire the laser. When I move it over to the dedicated box, I get an issue. I can fire the laser initially, but it won't stay firing. Sometimes it fires for 2 seconds, sometimes for 5. It just randomly shuts itself off. I can fire it again right after that, but it does the same thing. Works fine as a surveillance aircraft to spot targets, I just can't mark anything for airstrikes. I noticed at night, my screen would also flicker to a green strobe when I was in DTV at the same time the laser turned off. In the daytime, I didn't see this. Either way, I am pretty lost at this point. The UAV script is running on the dedicated server, it does not run locally. Would it fix this if I could do it that way? Could that really be a factor? UAV is a predator if it helps anyone at all.
  3. daredbarn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    That's an issue with the x_createdrop script inside the server folder of the DOM mission file. It's an easy fix if you know how to unpack the .pbo file. Open the x_createdrop.SQF file in the x_server folder and look for the ammo box handlers, you will find that the USbasicammunitionbox_EP1 is not in there. If you add it, it will work fine. The bug has already been reported over on the dev heaven site. You can fix it yourself if you have some editing knowledge, of wait to see if Xeno starts tinkering with DOM again and wait for an official fix.
  4. Our intention was to basically only enable the smaller things like paratroopers and the FOB, things like that. We were definetly not planning on giving anyone the keys to the nukes. :D I will see what the alpha commander scripts is all about though, thanks. And thanks for the work you have put out there so far, before I forget to mention it. :)
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the script pack by Lucilk? A couple of us are trying to modify it a little bit. Currently it works by using it as a Commander, but we are trying to make is for use available to everyone on the server. I have been able to make the scripts run on everyone by changing all the "lkcom" call functions over to "player". The issue I am running into is that the scripts seem to tie all players togeather. Meaning if one client creates an FOB, not only is the add actions menu added to the person creating the FOB, but all other clients on the server. This is somewhat okay, but another player creating a second FOB on the server screws up the first one. My scripting skills are really elementry, but I am assuming that the server cannot differentiate between different players so it's trying the scripts to all the cleints on the server as a whole instead of allowing each client to activate the scripts independently of the other clients. I am betting that I am doing something incorrectly, I just don't know how to fix it. Right now the init mission file defines everyone in server that is "player" and runs the LK com script on them. Is there any was of insuring that the script is run independently by clients and they do not clash with one another. Is me using the "player" command screwing things up? Do I need to use eventhandlers? I am lost. I am also runnign into issues of certain features not showing back up after respawn like they should, but I figure one problem at a time at this point. Here is the init file I am currently working with. if ( (!isServer) && (player != player) ) then { waitUntil {player == player}; waitUntil {time > 10}; }; if !(isnull player) then { if (playerSide == west) then {nul = [] execVM "lk\var\lkcom_init.sqf"; nul = [] execVM "lk\var\server_init.sqf"}; and here is the lk com init nul = player execVM "lk\menu\close_menu.sqf"; player addeventhandler ["Killed", {_this execVM "lk\var\lkcom_respawn.sqf"}] and LK server init createcenter sidelogic; _grp = creategroup sidelogic; coin = _grp createunit ["ConstructionManager", [0,0,1],[], 0,"none"]; nul = [coin] execVM "lk\fob\coin.sqf"; UAVmod = _grp createunit ["UAVManager", [0,0,1],[], 0,"none"]; UAVmod setvariable ["name","RQ-1 Predator"]; UAVmod setvariable ["rules",[West]]; SOM = _grp createunit ["SecOpManager", [0,0,1],[], 0,"none"]; SOM synchronizeObjectsAdd [west]; SOM setvariable ["rules",[west]]; SOM setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]]; execVM "lk\oth\somsettings.sqf"; HC = _grp createunit ["HighCommand",position west,[],0,"none"]; HCs = _grp createunit ["HighCommandSubordinate",position west,[],0,"none"]; HCs synchronizeObjectsAdd [HC]; HC synchronizeObjectsAdd [West]; if (player == West) then {hint "LK Script Pack v0.8"}; fob = false; setPitchBank = compile preprocessfile "lk\oth\setPitchBank.sqf";
  6. Thanks for the reply... I did a little digging, and saw that all the variables were predefined as true or false in the init file. So yeah, the variable check would have to be done to verify conditions. Big issue, I have no idea how to do all that. :D I'm scripting stupid when it comes to eventhandlers as well. :D But that's okay, was fun trying.
  7. daredbarn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Same here... Got really tired of not remembering what and where I changed something around at when I go to build up a new version. I now just put the changes in notepad as well as what files I had to change to do something. Also, I have started adding comments into the script files to help me out so I can just copy and paste.
  8. daredbarn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Question for Xeno or anyone else who may have a right answer.... Does anyone know if Xeno posts a changelog or any info as to what the changes are with then Domination missions that are kicked out with the ACE updates every couple days? I've searched but found nothing. We do a few modded touches here and there for our server, just be nice to know what was changed so we could know whether it was worth upgrading to a newer version or not. He pumps them out every couple days so it's kind of hard to keep up at times.
  9. daredbarn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Ah, thanks...appreciate the help on that one. I tried the search...and got lost. :D That's where I found the part to define the chopper types. That was of course in the i_client2 file. Again, appreciate this.... Another quick question if you don't mind. This being for anyone that understands what I am asking for. I am using the respawn script that Xeno talked about earlier in this thread using the current domination script to respawn helicopters and tie in the markers to the aircraft. All is working well I just wondered if there was any way to adjust the respawn timer on them. From what I can understand, they are tied to the X_helirespawn script. Here is what I want to make happen. I am wordering if there is a way to delay respawn to give players the option of either fixing it(lift chopper, engineer, etc) or waiting say like 30 minutes and it will respawn on it's own. Kind of the same way the bonus vehicles are treated except that they will eventually respawn if left there. Will anything like this work in theory? Or are we talking rewriting the scripts? Don't be afraid to tell me I am an idiot. :) I am extremely green when it comes to understanding what may/may not cause issues.
  10. daredbarn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Anyone know of an easy way to add the capability of the MH-6 to carry an ammo box? I know you can change the capabilities to make it a transport...but I don't want to do that, I only want the ability for it to ferry ammoboxes. Thanks!
  11. I've got two questions.... Both are concerning stamina...but possible bug...not complaint. Is anyone else experiencing the stamina kicking in at random times when it probably shouldn't? Like getting out of a vehicle or ATV and suddenly being winded when you haven't been running anywhere. I had it happen(so I think) to me twice yesterday, once on ATV and once after teleporting. I thought of adding a note over on the bug tracker but I am not sure if it is a common problem as it seems like it occurs to me at random times. I just want to see if anyone else is having issues besides me before I persue it any further. Second... I has seen that there is a module in the editor to turn off the stamina. How do I go about using this? Do I need to sync it to the players on the map or do anything else to besides just adding it to the editor? I tried just placing it in there the other night into Domination. It seemed to work up until the player respawns, and then goes back to the normal way. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I have found the "no stamina module" as well. It seemd to work initially at mission start but after respawn, it went back to the same old way. Bug? Doing something wrong? All I initially did was to drop the module onto the map in the editor. Do I need to syncronize, add commands, or anything?
  13. Someone with the right skills(Not I :D) could probably make something like that. You have to ba able to incorperate being able to target and indiviual spot on the map(like being GPS guided) or be able to lock onto a laser spot all with the same weapon. I don't know what kind of work-around would have to be used as you wouldn't be able to target vehicles, rather only a stationary point on the map. But, I will leave it at that since we are getting way off topic of the purpose of this thread.
  14. Nose and tail kits signify an LGB type weapon that is laser guided. These, as you say were developed around the Gulf War era. A JDAM is comprised of only a tail kit for the most part as the GPS antenna and inertial guidance unit is all compiled into one section. The lock feature would be more suited if someone were to create a JDAM bomb model. Still, although very simplistic in use, you can more or less independently target a certain point(non-moving target) with much in the way of the same capability. I can agree with you that some sort of HUD symbology to give you a correct point of impact would be nice. I messed around with Mondo's addon and that was one of the things I really like about it. You didn't have to guess so much where a bomb was going to land. Maybe that is already in the plans for the future? Maybe they can incorperate something of their own or even get Mondo's scripts in there? I don't follow the ARMA developer stuff so I don't know the situation. I know there are mixed feeling between some groups and what not, I just don't pay attention to whom and for why. I don't really agree with the old way either so I am on either side of the fence about it not being there.
  15. I think there are complaints about the freefall bombs that are loaded on the Harrier. The Harrier has two versions normally, one with 4 GBU-12's and one with 6 freefall Mk-82's. For whatever reason, there are complaints that there is no way to "guide" the freefall bombs to a specific target, which is true, and realistic as they are freefall "unguided" munitions. The issue should not be with the ACE folks but with the initial coding that left out a correct targeting method for using these bombs. I haven't checked, but I would say that the model with the GBU loaded is still in ARMA even with ACE loaded? Yes? NO? Maybe it just needs put into whatever mission they are playing? I digress....
  16. Are we talking ARMA versus real life here? If so, the post you made is kinda true but more untrue. AV-8's are equiped with a targeting pod yes. But no, freefall or "unguided" bombs are still unguided after release. You cannot "lock" an unguided munition onto anything. The targeting pod on an aircraft when used with unguided bombs is mearly used by the aircrafts computer to assist in calculating a release point for the bomb to make a projected guess as where the point of impact will be. The guidance functions for aircraft within ARMA is extremely simplistic. If you want any kind of somewhat realistic feature, try using Mondo's scripts. The new stuff incorperates a CCIP function on the HUD "somewhat" like the real thing does to give a reference point to where the point of impact will be. I say "somewhat" because it is still very simplistic but it is definetly better. And those "unguided" bombs with nose and fin kits that you are referring to that the Marines are using makes them technically a "precision" or "guided" munition. Those are either GBU's(laser guided as on the A-10) or JDAMS(GPS guided weapons). The target pod(some versions) are capable of using laser and slant ranging to generate GPS coordinated that can be passed onto a bombs guidance system. But exactly as I said before, these are no longer "unguided" munitions any more. All the bomb bodies of these weapons start out using the same body, it's the nose(if added) and tail kits added to them that either make them "guided" or "unguided" munitions. By them removing the "lock" function, they have not made anything any less realistic. The folks that built ARMA in the first place just did not incorperate the correct HUD symbology and systems to make them resemble how they are employed in the real thing.
  17. Not sure exactly where to post bugs or if this one has been mentioned before. I used tried using parachute in domination...and using forward speed while on freefall and in the chute caused my guy to become extremely exhausted and breathing hard even while still in the air. On gound, still breathing hard and screen blacking in and out for what seemed like forever.
  18. Can you shed any light on how you did this? Thanks That is all I have ever seen using Daddy's script. I know on some of the others, you get the box set but I have never gotten all of them using this script. I am the same as you, have only one. Haven't seen this issue at all. The FLIR always have to be adjusted because it's always too bright at start, but never have seen the NVG issue happen.
  19. I run a dedicated server using the dedi server .exe. Just wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether or not you can create a save point so when the server is shut down, you can return to finish the mission at a later time. I don't run the server 24/7. I do run a persistent battlefiend when it's up but would like to be able to manually save missions in progress like domination and Evo to be able to return later to finish them all the way through.
  20. Exactly what I was inquiring about... ;) I would like to be able to run the server as required when we have people to play. I wanted, otherwise, to be able to save the current progress and be able to load the mission at a later time and have it continue at the point we left off.
  21. That's what issue I was having before. I actually used some of your old stuff to make it work at first I as had absolutely no luck with the code in your last two posts. Then you posted that mission, so I pulled it from there and installed it into domination that way. When I host multiplayer on my own box, it works like a champ, when I try to go in as a client on the dedicated server I have sitting beside me, I can launch it just fine but it doesn't want to sync to me for some reason because I don't get the UAV option. It's not even like before where I get the "UAV destroyed" message, I just don't have the option to select it in the first place. The UAV just does it's own thing and flies around the map for a while.
  22. Worked for me as well. One issue, it doesn't seem to work on a dedicated server. I does work fine for me in a user created MP game if I host, but not from a dedicated box with clients connecting. I tried messing around a little with it, but it won't seem to sync up with the player. Launches fine..then does it's own thing until it runs out of gas or gets shot down.
  23. Okay, I used a previous version of the script and got the UAV to spawn correctly. Now for a question. Has anyone managed to get the UAV to take the disableai commands that follow. My pilot still wants to go Top Gun on everything and I can't get it to stay in an orbit. He still calls out targets and then puts his nose to the ground and starts doing fly-by's. Tried several different ways and haven't been able to the UAV to take them.
  24. daredbarn

    BAS f

    Thank you much sir for the info..... After your confirmation it wasn't in the BAS-f stuff, I got to looking in a little deeper. I was using the DAC, and that's what was generating the arrays.... Thanks a ton....