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  1. datakill

    Project RACS

    thx! I've been "forced" to come back here to reply a PM and then asked myself how things are going with you. I can't even recall my MSN login and pass, I think I'll create another one and then I'll PM you. Take care
  2. datakill

    Project RACS

    Same for me, 3 years now. Just a few words to the team to say that I'm happy to see they are still working on the project.
  3. datakill

    OMON Units

    I'm back bud :) Soon you'll have some infos about addons. @ Binkowsky: nice to see that CWM inspired you to make this great addon. Just a suggestion though : mixing some models with the "Tiger" urban camo would be great for an upcoming update ;)
  4. datakill


    I7 920 @ 3.9ghz (watercooled) 3GB RAM DD3 OCZ Rampage II GTX280 OC (693/1323/1512) 1680X1050 WIN XP Game settings : 3D_Performance=93750; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1680; Resolution_H=1050; refresh=60; Render_W=2100; Render_H=1312; FSAA=2; postFX=2; HDRPrecision=8; 4998
  5. Sure mate, if you send me some examples showing what is to be corrected :) ps: sorry for the long time to answer, I was off for some days
  6. datakill

    BTR-80 and Crew Beta 1

    I thought about adding one on top as there is enough space for one more, maybe some others inside when the interior will be done, but a squad seems a bit too much
  7. datakill

    BTR-80 and Crew Beta 1

    Not only my work as it is a collaborative work Thanks to all for the nice comments.
  8. Here is the first version (beta) of the BTR-80 including its crew. The BTR 80 comes in 2 models (Camo and green) with 3 crew members. Features: -Animated glass protections (2 ways) -Animated drivewheel and seat when the driver turns out -All the cargo on top except the co-driver (7 cargo) Authors: Models and textures: Lodu Vehicle animations and config: Datakill Cargo animations: Yyrs Credits: The beta testers: Mamut Killer and GriffonThe Studio Alpha community for their support and suggestions. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Required Addons : none. All included Not signed : Beta test DOWNLOAD LINK Mirror @ Armaholic Mirror @ Armesassault.info Note: this is a beta test release, if you wish to report a bug, read the "read me" file included to check which ones are known.
  9. datakill

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Mods : GRU-Spetsnaz (WIP), BTR-80 (WIP), RHS weapons pack, Senchi sky.
  10. Thanks bud, fortunately I'm not alone in this work or I would turn crazy, the team is doing a great job, especialy Lodu for the models and textures on this addon.
  11. Many times, officers visiting the troops on fronts are wearing a beret, also, those in the QG won't wear a helmet, they are wearing a beret and that's why we included this model that have been asked many times. The GRU are progessing slowly as most of us are now focused on different things to be finished.IE: I'm currently trying to finish the functions of the BTR-80 that Lodu made. The project on making the Alfa units is defenatly in our minds now, but we need time. The work will start on it as soon as the GRU will be done, but don't expect it for tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for the comments and report. I'll give a look to that and will fix it if needed for the next version. Cheers
  13. The Tigr is armored as said in the description.
  14. Still working on it among tons of other things. Currently fixing some bugs, adding the mounted Pecheneg, etc.
  15. @Uziyahu--IDF I don't know if you've seen it, but in the editor, this chick is called "medic" and she's wearing a pack with a red cross. As for the second question, I first thought somebody played you a trick like in the movie "Good bye Lenin", if not, the answer is : hell no ! USSR is down since 1989, so why that now ?