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  1. derrickkolba

    How will body armour be implemented in ArmA III?

    yes there needs to be some kind of body armor system in arma 3 is just hast to have one.
  2. simple, everything Russia has!
  3. derrickkolba

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    please, all i want is the computer AI to not see like terminators and spot me past a realistic distance without a scope or binoculars when i snipe or shoot from far distances. how about making camo as a factor in not being seen.
  4. derrickkolba

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    love the addon, but there are some problems like the shell eject sound is far too late after firing. there is a config problem with sniper class related to pistol. there is no pre-made groups. please dont take this as negative but positive feedback.
  5. derrickkolba

    Mig-15 Converted to ArmA 2

    your addon makes my computer hang and go black for like 3 sec while playing in game at first start while flying. i think this may be due to the caw because if i turn it on and off it does it, but not confirmed of course. you should also limit it to just opfor and independents because it clutters bluefor menus and they would not use mig. nice addon by the way cant wait for su25.
  6. hey if you guys want to sell a product you might want it to be available to people who wish to buy it, and right now i cant buy it from steam!:mad: get off your butts and get steam off theirs and lets get this thing rolling!
  7. derrickkolba

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Ability for players to effectively operate and command artillery and mortar units. could someone from bis please tell us in detail what this is and how it will work. please
  8. bis please make the spec ops have scar but make army have m4.
  9. :confused:i need that information too please.
  10. they need to go back and have the sound from arma because that sound worked just fine.
  11. im using head phones, i can hear sound directions correctly , but i get poping and crackling, and loss of audio.
  12. yes cmss-3d and svm is off, in game audio is reset, drivers are up to date i used the auto update so its all up to date, and i still get snap,crackle and pop with out the milk! i think the audio needs to be addressed long before any other fixes in the next patch. i also get a sounds that are at one time loud then softer then loud again very weird stuff going on .
  13. found it was the x-fi crystalizer but now im getting a lot of distortion and crackling and popping.
  14. derrickkolba

    Aircraft rudder has a mind of its own?

    come on bis get it together and fix the floppy rudder!
  15. yeah the ai is terrible. i snipe in ghillie suit from over 500 yards or more away and the ai instantly know where im at when im not even moving.