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  1. arma2OA.exe throws a launch via steam or command line arma20a_BE.exe. I have the BE.EXE in a common. I added BE to end of the short cut. what am I doing wronghere? Novice Dad helping son live dads old OFP dayz...#fail. win 7 64 bit etc.http://bigboardgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/be_arma_error.jpg (229 kB)
  2. dbllcap

    Mission requests and ideas

    Thanks sooo much. I think most of these will work mod free. I have OFP Gold and Resistance. Thanks again.
  3. dbllcap

    Mission requests and ideas

    This may be a long shot. However I was looking for somewhere to d.load some of the older CTF maps for OFP and OFP:R. I just found my old discs and was explaining to my kids how cool Lil Kug, drop zone etc was....sad.... I wanted to show them some of the awesome old community mods/missions. Best Kevin AKA HipsHot /dbllcap
  4. cool thx for the tip. so I can activate the mods in game and ignore the command edit, but still deal with the splashes. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 05:01 ---------- Previous post was at 04:40 ---------- hmm ok I have this error now https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/391301_323123494446892_2024238129_n.jpg ard.hpp fails. I assume I have over written my userconfig. Can I just swap my back up in? Which mod impacts that? ACE CBA CBA_A2\CBA_0A COWwarMod dayz JSRS1.4 If I remove one mod at a time will that allow me to resolve?
  5. I hate to be that guy... I get an error attempting to adjust the properties see image https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/532494_323043647788210_1763297915_n.jpg it wont let me add -nosplash nor the mod string. I recall from OFP days there was a simple fix for this...sigh. I reinstalled, and am putting the 1.6 patch on. Once I can add -nosplash I will add the other mods. I assume that mods dont 'clash'
  6. Thanks yes. Great help. I picked up ARMAII and OA. Hoping to sort some dollars for the other 2 primary extensions . I' ll drill thru your list drag out my old gaming keyboard get on it! thx again.
  7. As you can see by the post count NOOOOOB!!!, but I'm 48 so be gentle. After reading a few getting started threads it appears technology has improved a lot since the days of mod installs for OFP! However I am at a loss with 'tools'. It appears for most I need to have a server id to 'add' then list mods to use. How do I know what servers have which mods - I cant seem to connect to many/any. I have gone back and patched ARMAII and OA up to current levels. Which mod manager is reccomended i.e. Yoma? Are their core mods required suggested? I find limiting mods in the past helped performance. I run an older quad cpu and 2x 4850s (ATI), I'll be the old twitchy guy with VOD set at 500. If any one can please show me a quick couple of links to the MP essentials I shall be on my way and working it out. I must say I really like the ARMAII, I was soooo desperate for a OFP fix when ARMA came out I was in Germany at the time and I bought the German version back with me. Suffice to say I had not touched it since. Everything looks and feels very good! Finally Is there a central repository of user generated mission content ?