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  1. Does anyone know how to find (public) servers which have RotorLib enforced? Are there any at all?
  2. IMHO it should be possible to vote yourself admin (see Multiplayer Commands) and then select whatever mission you want. However, this only works as long as the server admin has not disabled voting in some way or another.
  3. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Just a heads up for those that haven't read the SITREP #00056:
  4. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Well, provided the RotorLib API is fully supported and the configuration is modifiable the worst case would be that we would have to tweak the FDM ourselves.
  5. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Taken from the latest Dev-Blog about the 2014/15 roadmap: Finally, there is hope :)
  6. daikan


    The problem with "non-directional sonic cracks" has been part of the armaverse since day one and discussed extensively as far back as 2007: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?53819-Strange-sound-issue/
  7. Any updates or further plans regarding the development of this great add-on?
  8. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Not at all, go ahead :)
  9. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Duh. I guess part of the problem is having two different Bug trackers... I admit I haven't been around here in years and I don't even own A3 (due to the lacking FM among other things) so I wasn't aware of the "official" bug tracker. The CIT is how this was done in the past I guess... Anyway, there I found this feature request http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=6026 which seems partly related. But I think it would be a good idea to create a new one that's perhaps more explicit.
  10. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    Klick on "Update".
  11. daikan

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    It seems odd that so far there was no feature request for a more advanced flight dynamics model on the A3 Community Issue Tracker. Therefore I went ahead and created one just now. Feel free to vote and comment. Maybe this will help to keep it on the DEV's radar.
  12. daikan

    Where is everyone?

    If A3 is going to be as open as the previous titles it could be anything and ultimately open to the community of mission builders. That's the beauty of it. As for the built-in multiplayer missions, I don't know and - frankly and personally - I don't really care that much as I'm not interested in the pure war simulation/game aspect anymore. I expect the really exciting stuff to happen once the game has matured, maybe a year after initial release, as with all the BIS products. This is especially true for any multiplayer related game modes as they usually take a lot more effort in terms of design and debugging. For mission and addon designers it will be quite decisive to see how much of the already existing concepts and content (missions, addons, scripting language, utilities) can be re-used in A3 without having to start over from scratch.
  13. daikan

    Where is everyone?

    I kinda gave up with the game as well, mainly because of lack of serious multiplayer action and the usual mod dependency chaos, but also because I wasn't too happy with the flight models, especially the medium one. Switched over to X-Plane 10, having my flight model and multiplayer fix there :-) Also, I've been closely following the Outerra/Anteworld development whose potential is simply breathtaking even in it's early alpha/demo stage... Haven't tried A3 yet, maybe I will once the TOH flightmodels are in there as well, but I admit I'm kinda sick of the usual wargame thing... I had really high hopes for TOH becoming a unique flightsim-multiplayer-sandbox game, but sadly it looks pretty much abandoned/neglected by the addon/mission scripting community nowadays...
  14. Most probably some missing Addon or DLC dependency on the server. Check your server log for messages like "You cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted XXXXXXX"
  15. This definitely sounds like fun! I really appreciate the time and effort you consider putting into this. I'm glad to help with testing, too, if needed. Maybe add some firefighting and logging operations to the task list? It would be really awesome if this could be made into a multiplayer sandbox game by providing the building blocks for an open economy of basic supply & demand. Things like building, maintaining & selling facilities, trading parts/goods or work as a contractor for others (i.e. competing for tasks on a job board) would help contributing to a long term fun factor by adding some sense of purpose and achievement... although I admit hardly a trivial task to do for any game designer ;)