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  1. Hi, does anyone know if arma will get compatible with vista in the future by a patch or something? It would seriously be needed for all the vista users who experience bad performance with arma. And does anyone know if the expansion will improve arma performance-wise?
  2. Hi I would love too have a enemy counter in my missions so that i know how many enemies there are left, would someone please help me with this one?
  3. dragunov90

    enemy counter

    I understand but, I have managed to locate the file now, but now there is a new problem, when i enter the game there is some kind of black console showing the code: _triggerList = _this; while{true} do{ hint format ["%1 enemie(s) left!",count _triggerList]; sleep 3; }; It says error and something in line 6 ? help please I'am almost there
  4. dragunov90

    enemy counter

    Should I name the script file "mySpamCounter" and In that file put this: _triggerList = _this; while{true} do{ Â hint format ["%1 enemie(s) left!",count _triggerList]; Â sleep 3; }; And I Know that It should be in my mp mission folder ;P Is this correct?
  5. dragunov90

    enemy counter

    The more performance wise method This goes in the trigger: Side: OPFOR, once Cond: this OnAct:nil = thisList execVM "mySpamCounter.sqf"; this goes in a scriptfile: mySpamCounter.sqf _triggerList = _this; while{true} do{ hint format ["%1 enemie(s) left!",count _triggerList]; sleep 3; }; And this in the init: CounterSpam = true; Am I doing the right thing, cause I had some problems with script couldn't be found once i started the mission Please help:P
  6. My rig: Intel pentium 4 3.2 ghz rated at 4.8 2 gig ddr ram diamond radeon x1950pro (512 gddr3) When i run arma(1.08) even on the lowest settings I get this slow performance, FPS is like maximum 15 This is so annoying because i play Rainbow six Vegas on high settings with no performance problems my FPS is like 30 on almost highest settings. I know other people who play with older cards like nvidias 6800 ang get better performance than me. And I have installed the newest driver which is 7.6 right? Can somebody who plays with an ati graphic card please tell me how it's going or could sombody just tell me what's wrong!!!!!
  7. Would someone please post me a script that creates sveveral objects by using radio and then push anywhere on the map so that a marker appears and in that marker my objects for example "tents". Then I could configure that script by replacing tents for abrams for example. I'm dying for a sample, thank you
  8. anytime Let us hope for a new patch
  9. well good for you asshole
  10. dragunov90

    onmapclick placing objects

    please help anyine?
  11. Well well I will still have to hope for a new patch, because if vista was a drag, then how do you explain games like company of heroes and rainbow six vegas for example that runs perfect on vista with high settings on, those games came out before vista. So they better release a new patch before losing people, because I don't think everybody going to stick to old xp just for one game!!!
  12. I had played OFP for almost 4 years. It was my favorite pc game because you could do so many things. And I'am a big military fan so this game was perfect for me. When bis announced arma I became very happy because I had also experienced those not enough memory errors which someone called crappy software which was quite fun hehe:P However when they said that there would be a new game which was arma, I became so happy because OFP came out in 2001, and now arma wow think about all the improvements and all the new features. I simply couldn't stop dreaming. But when I got arma the first thing i saw was old bugs that existed in ofp. And later came the boring period where you waited month after month for a new patch that would solve all this issues. And later I became aware of the texture bug that was killing my other cpu which has geforce 8800 not to mention there are texture bugs on 512vram cards also. So I had to wait even more. And finally the 1.08 patch arrived which boosted som fps to my 8800 but ´no change for my x1950pro, and both of them experienced som minor texture bugs. As a summary i want to say that I expected more from arma, I mean come on it's 2007 many years have passed and it's not enough to just sharpen the graphis a little. Now I don't want to disappoint any of you, I just wanted to tell you how i fell about arma which could have been a better game. For you who agree with me, maybe if codemasters provide a ingame mission editor for its upcoming OFP 2, it will give us a new hope for future military simulations
  13. something called 1024X900 maybe can't remember but it's one step higher than the lowest which is 800X600 right??? It doesn't mather what resolution still same shitty FPS And adjusting the visibility and details doesn't help either As i said it's very strange, because I play many other games which require more cpu power without any problems on high setting, but with arma, I don't know........................................
  14. Well it seems like i have to wait for the next patch again. I will not convert to XP because I think Vista is a lot prettier and besides meanwhile I can play Company Of heroes with my friends which is so fun If you have any solutions except trying XP please post them
  15. by the way I'am using VISTA
  16. I have a problem with making choopers and planes fire at enymy infantry. After having placed seek and destroy waypoint at an area where they will spot enemy infantry they still won't fire. They just hovering around that waypoint without firing a single missile. This is very annoying that airplanes and helicopters can't provide ground support. Please can anyone help me with this issue?
  17. well with your help I might fix this (keep in mind that I'am a beginner in scripting) But I'am very handy with the mission editor. If you would have that mapclick with the second option script that creates invisible targets I would be very pleased. Then I would see how you made it ( I understand most of it but not all) And get going with mission editing right away
  18. dragunov90

    enemy counter

    Thank you ;P By the way, do you know some good tutorials in order to make cutscenes, have never done one
  19. dragunov90

    enemy counter

    The second possibility doesn't work. OnAct:thisList execVM "mySpamCounter.sqf"; Whn I put that inte the activation field it says type script expected or nothing???? What's wrong
  20. I appreciate your work, thank you By the way i'am longing for an Ecp mod that will boost the ai like it did with ofp. I remebered that Ofp become a whole new game with that mod with dynamic ai and such cool stuff. Howeever is there a way to make several invisible armored targets to appear on a map by a mapclick. Because if it would be possible then I could use the choppers like real ground support tu supress fire. That would be very nice. This is what I'am trying to do, some ground support either with planes or choppers. And keep in mind that I don't wanna use "one mapclick airstrike"; or "Mr Murrays airstrike", both of them work very badly and can't be used everywhere on the map. And a final request, but it's necessary is it possible to hide this invisble armored targets so that only aircraft can see it. Thank you
  21. by the way, the airplanes still don't engage the invisible targets and normal targets and how and where should i put the reveal command I tested like this, one who i named: a1 reveal a2 (second unit) but no target is to be seen what's wrong?? please help