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    End of GameSpy

    If anyone wants to help me, getting this done, my project is at: https://github.com/Poweruser/PowerServer I'm currently in the middle of designing it, so there's nothing usable yet. I hope you don't mind, that I chose Java. And excuse its name, I couldn't think of anything better. If someone got a better suggestion, let me know.
  2. poweruser

    End of GameSpy

    Revision of idea 1 from post #16: Having an extra program on each server that broadcasts to multiple master server is just terrible, the master servers can do that among themselves. The only thing that the game server admins have to do then, is to set one of the available master servers, which one that is doesn't matter. That requires a little addition to the heartbeat protocol. The game servers continue to send heartbeats as before: \heartbeat\[i]GAMESERVERQUERYPORT[/i]\gamename\opflashr\ But the broadcasts from the master servers, must be different. Something like this: \heartbeatbroadcast\[i]GAMESERVERQUERYPORT[/i]\host\[i]GAMESERVERIP[/i]\gamename\opflashr\ Only one broadcast per heartbeat and heartbeat-broadcasts are not rebroadcasted.
  3. poweruser

    End of GameSpy

    Almost nothing, compared to the traffic that OFPMonitor is already producing. In detail: For every game state change (and maybe a few more times in between), each game server sends a heartbeat: INCOMING \heartbeat\2303\gamename\opflashr\ The master server sends back a status query then: OUTGOING \status\ And the game server replies with a query answer that represents its current state: INCOMING \gamename\opflashr\gamever\1.96\groupid\261\hostname\[i]server_name[/i]\hostport\[i]2302[/i]\mapname\[i]island_name[/i]\gametype\[i]mission_name[/i]\numplayers\[i]0[/i]\maxplayers\[i]20[/i]\gamemode\openplaying\timeleft\[i]15[/i]\param1\0\param2\0\actver\196\reqver\196\mod\[i]RES[/i]\equalModRequired\0\password\0\gstate\[i]2[/i]\impl\sockets\platform\[i]win[/i]\final\\queryid\[i]2[/i].1 Each of these messages are sent in plain text in a single udp packet. The client acquires the server list from the master server via a tcp connection. The outgoing amount of data depends on the number of listed server. But this event should not happen as frequent as with the ingame browser anymore (a new list is requested there, everytime you go to the browser or clicked Refresh). That depends on what we decide to do. In case of my suggestion with the multiple master servers, every time a new one is set up, the list(s) of master servers needs to be updated. When one goes offline, its not really required as long as the software properly handles a not-responding master server. But cleaning out dead entries once in a while wouldn't hurt. Yes, see post #21. but with downsides, see post #16. Or what "stuff" do you excactly mean? The same risks that every server application comes with. Specifically the master server operates a UDP port (for heartbeats and status queries) and TCP one (for providing the server list to clients). The software must of course comply to the security standards and check/verify all incoming data before processing it and reject it, if it does not match the stipulated protocol. Ontop of that, the software should have a temporary ban system, that ignores sources that query the server list, or send heartbeats too frequently.
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    End of GameSpy

    Note: previous 2 posts were added while writing this one Hmm, two ideas: 1) Having multiple master servers to avoid the "single point of failure" is possible too, but requires a bit of effort from everybody involved: The master server software could/should be able to store all server events in a specified database, so somebody could build a website on top of that. 2) The domain of the master server that is chosen, should be easily reconfigurable. Meaning, when the current MS ceases operation, it gives up the domain and somebody else can pick it up to continue the service. That would be most convenient for the server operators
  5. poweruser

    End of GameSpy

    Hi there, Putting the software of the master server of our own together isn't the difficulty. qbt is already on it, and out of curiosity I started a little project with that goal as well. But a few additional things need to be done as well: - Someone credible and longtime available needs to be found, who wants to host this. And the domain of this service needs to be decided. - The game server operators need to be informed, that they should change the "reportingIP" setting in the servers config to the new domain, if they want to take part in this and be found in the future. Side note: The OFP:R server doesn't just send heartbeats to gamespy, but to master.udpsoft.com, as well. That was the domain of the "All seeing eye"'s master server, but it is not operated anymore. Maybe someone can get a hold of it? :cool: @qbt Are you doing a clone of the gs-ms with the exact behaviour, including encryption/compression of the queried server list? Or a protocol of your own? I don't think that encryption is necessary in our case, as only a handful of players are going to use this, and the produced traffic is nowhere near what gamespy's master-server has to withstand. Maybe just gzip-ing it would be enough. In any case, let me know about that, as the client side counter part (of the implementation that is going to make it) is going to be added to OFPMonitor. And if you need something gamespy protocol related, check http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#distrust. Apart from that, OFPMonitor will get an update anyway, to primarily use domain names, if available, instead of IPs.
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    You can not, as the script command createMarker does not exist in OFP. Neither in 1.96 nor in 1.99, even though the Changelog of 1.99 mentions: It was first added in ArmA 1.00 All markers that you want to use during the mission, have to be created at design-time in the mission editor.
  7. poweruser

    Immense Lag on Operation Flashpoint Resistance LAN

    Do you have a firewall running in the background, which monitors your program's attempts to access the internet? Your firewall may be asking you to grant or deny access to the network, in some dialog on the desktop and meanwhile blocking the process. As you just patched OFP, the executable file changed and therefore any access rules that you had set for the previous version, do not apply anymore. I am using ZoneAlarm and without any rules set for OFP, it completly freezes the game when going to the multiplayer screen, including the mouse cursor. Until I tab back to the desktop and grant access.
  8. It must be: this exec "effects[color="#FF0000"]\[/color]destroyed.sqs" A back slash instead of forward slash. Also in Destroyed.sqs Line 97: _this exec "effects\BSmoke.sqs"
  9. poweruser

    surrendring script

    http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeAllWeapons and http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/join Example: ("soldier" is the name of the unit in the editor that surrenders) removeAllWeapons soldier; [soldier] join player;
  10. poweruser

    OFP Addon request thread

    Dragonfly: http://www.file-upload.net/download-3630459/Dragonfly.rar.html
  11. poweruser

    Mission requests and ideas

    That is Altantis_Gold: http://www.bam-clan.com/Files/Operation%20Flashpoint/Islands/index.php?file=Atlantis_Gold.pbo And if you want the same island with the ring closed, then its Atlantis_2006: http://www.bam-clan.com/Files/Operation%20Flashpoint/Islands/index.php?file=Atlantis_2006.pbo If you need more islands, check this:
  12. poweruser

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    That seriously disappoints me.
  13. poweruser

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    What about the bugs of v1.96, that are still present in v1.99? Are we allowed to report those, too? I would rather see those fixed, than new features added.
  14. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    It is
  15. Hmm, never encountered this. Is there any error dialog poping up in the background, which blocks the application? Try ALT+Tab back to windows and see if there's any. And you might just disable the intro/splash screens by using the startup parameter -nosplash I bet that's the first thing everybody (who knows it) does after installing OFP. Info on startup parameters: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Operation_Flashpoint:_Startup_Parameters
  16. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    I don't The performace was very good. 50fps in idle, 46fps was the lowest during the counter attack on the hill. I had #monitor running with a 10s interval. The unit movements were very fluent, I did not notice any lag, though my ping is about 160ms. This mission was a small one and I was alone, if you want to benchmark your server, run something bigger like a cti with several players. Yes
  17. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    The passworded one is working, it's in the gamespy server list and all. I just played the mission "Return to Eden" on it a few minutes ago. I don't see any other ATS servers. For multiple servers, you have to use different external ports ofcourse with corresponding forwarding rules on the router. And if they are running on the same machine different internal ones as well.
  18. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    If you need someone to test from outside, i can help. Just need your server's external IP. Edit: If you don't even see the server from within the local network, don't bother trying from outside, it won't work as well. Looks like there's a firewall (like iptables) installed on the server machine which blocks incoming connections
  19. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    Ok then. Check if you can you see your server with OFPWatch and if you can connect to it. From within your local network and from outside. Nobody told if these things work already, so go check them. You don't use a \ in the server name, do you?
  20. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    Did you forward the UDP ports 2302 and 2303? 2302 obviously to play the game 2303 is the port where gamespy will send it's status querys on
  21. poweruser

    Linux server set up question

    means that the application is looking for (and expects to find) a class called "CfgAddons" in the top level of the game config, but couldn't find it. This class is defined in the main config of OFP:Resistance \Operation Flashpoint\RES\bin\config.bin (I couldn't find it in the config.bin of OFP:CWC) Is OFP:Resistance installed at all? Are you running the OFP:R server on the OFP:CWC installation?
  22. poweruser

    CTI servers

    1. Addons for cti missions that are frequently played these days: irParaZ: http://xrserver.com/OFP/@irParaZ.rar res-z: http://xrserver.com/OFP/res-z.7z For res-z v3 missions you need both. If you're still missing something, the "Cannot load mission, missing addons" message should tell you. Check then: http://ofpmods.webs.com/downloads.htm http://xrserver.com/OFP/ http://kgonlinegaming.com/downloads/ 2. Getting the "... kicked off" message right away means a) that someone is logged in as *Admin* and he locked the server. Usually when the teams are set and the game is about to start, or has been started already. or b) that one of your custom files (face, sounds; if you have any) exceeds the server's maxcustomfilesize limit
  23. In sqs you can not spread an if/else over multiple lines, you have to put all into one line
  24. poweruser

    BIS Forums Getting Slow?

    I'm not having any speed issues here. Probably because I'm currently just around 50km away from the czech border.
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    This game is so sick. Do you guys realize, that by killing all of the virtual mankind, you're killing your virtual yourself as well? Go ahead and commit suicide, GJ folks!