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  1. diversant92


    awesome work mate if you need any help with the mod tell me
  2. The new Oxygen loads well, everything works including the buldozer. But, when i try to load textures, it won't even load the .paa in the o2, and shows nothing in the buldozer. It kinda loads .TGA, but this what appears in the buldozer: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/9487/crapem1.jpg Any ideas guys? I have tried everything i could find about, nothing worked
  3. diversant92


    works guys, thanks. But now, it won't load textures. I mean, what do i type in the textures path, and where do i put the textures? it also won't load Paa or Pac, only TGA. TGA just appears as white crap in the viewer. any ideas? a pic of that bug: http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/3857/crapkp7.jpg
  4. diversant92


    My buldozer works fine, but if i close the program, shut down the PC for example, when i try to use the tools again, it says "Cannot load viewer" or "Cannot load worlds" without any reason, cause it worked fine before. Any ideas ?
  5. diversant92

    Problem with the viewer

  6. diversant92

    Problem with the viewer

    I have opened O2 PE, and then i open the viewer, everything is fine. If i restart the O2 PE once, it works. If i restart it again, it says "Cannot load worlds" and crashes. I tried restarting the system, but then it said "Unable to load viewer" Help me please
  7. diversant92

    O2 for dummies

    thanks for info, was useful for me. but there is another problem, in the Options, if the path is data\ where do i put my "addon\data\" folder?
  8. diversant92

    Textures path problem

    Problem kinda solved: put your folder with the texture in \data for example in the new drive. change the textures path in the options to data\ and try to load .TGA texture. It doesn't load any .pac or .paa textures for some reason
  9. diversant92

    Textures path problem

    Hey guys, i have a problem with loading a tetxure, it says "No textrue loaded" Can anybody tell me where should i put my models and what is the best textures path to use?
  10. diversant92

    Weapon anim problem

    Thanks man! I hope BIS will fix this in next patch
  11. diversant92

    Weapon anim problem

    I just installed ArmA 1.08(International) patch, and i have no weapon anims. The weapons doesn't appear, and the soldier stands like he is unarmed. Anyone help me out please?
  12. diversant92

    A problem

    roger that, thanks guys
  13. diversant92

    A problem

    for some reason this model has no hrudnik, i tried to attach it to the body_injury, but it still didn't work:( any ideas?
  14. diversant92

    A problem

    Im trying to make my own soldier from SLX models, but when i add the vest, that's what happens.. http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/4296/arma2007070605132603jn6.jpg The vest is proper set in the .p3d can anyone tell me what's wrong?
  15. diversant92

    BOS objects

    I just started working on those objects, it looks kinda wierd now, but it's on the way. If someone is intrested in giving me a hand, contact me. (MSN: kostia2005@nana.co.il)