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    ArmAs Cover Art

    the old school cover with the soldier but with a dust covered ACU, black sun glasses, camel bak, ACOG, AN/PEQ and a grip. when i scan for games in a store those games with this cheap "battlefield scene" drawings loose my attention first (alŕ bf2, red orchestra .. but finally RO turned out to be an very good game, so this cheap drawing on the box made me to think that game is crap but it wasn't ... OFP OLDSCHOOL SOLDIER FTW !!!!!! )
  2. dachrinne

    German Publisher

    every 12 year old could get armed assault if he wants so
  3. dachrinne

    Latest screenshots available

    they look better then the ones in OFP ... so they kick ass
  4. dachrinne

    Latest screenshots available

    it doesnt looks right but it is right, on that way you can handle the recoil better only noobs hold rifles chicken winged
  5. dachrinne

    Draw Sahrani flags

    this one FTW ! but other colors
  6. dachrinne

    Sound or Graphics

    graphics will never be realistic in games, so atleast get the sound right !
  7. dachrinne


    huh so how you aim your artillery then ?
  8. dachrinne


    thats something like the old dashboards ... in the times were PC games still had quality and big boxes and somegames had a sheet for the dashboard that was printed with all essential command and etc ...
  9. dachrinne

    Modules for game2

    when it kicks ass i would pay 99,90 €
  10. dachrinne

    How realistic do you expect ArmA to be?

    arma should atleast play like FDF
  11. dachrinne

    Destructive Buildings

    that sucks because the trees break like toothpicks... so you drive with 6 abrams throu a forest and you get a new highway for your army
  12. dachrinne

    Adjustable iron sights?

    more tolerance for the crosshairs and the zoomed ironsight view should be a bit blured as mentioned before.
  13. dachrinne

    Join in progress (JIP) and possible problems

    yes thats the point ... somebody gets pi**ed off of the game and then satchels up the MHQ and the whole base in a 5 hour CTI session
  14. dachrinne

    ArmA Progress Updates

    they destroyed the singleplayer with that feature
  15. dachrinne

    German GameStar slaps Armed Assault

    thanks but they flame petra schmitz on the gamestar.de forums ... the birthday is rescued