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    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Dont and havnt played this game for months and months now. The clan we have didnt like it (to lumpy) and the old ofp players were kinda just bored of a repeat game. No tools out,lack of info from DEVS about patches,and an official place for info. Lack of players. Died pretty dam quick for most players except the few here in this forum (about 100 or so active people) respect to moders and mapers for trying,and good luck with your playing
  2. dan9of9

    Everon 0.1

    will it work as a normal addon instead of like before with .exe change this and that and omg i never got it working :P
  3. dan9of9

    Everon 0.1

    check it out with 1.07 beta. i have the 1.07. it loads and crashes to destop with this mod.
  4. dan9of9

    Everon 0.1

    cannot get this to work Ive dragged the addons into the addons folder. created the @ace_everon in the mod part of the launcher prog. Game loads,i goto editor,hit everon,crash to desktop. please help
  5. Hi. The Alpha9 squad are looking for new members. Currently we're a fairly small, close-knit squad that have been together for just over 3 years. We started out in Operation Flashpoint and eventually moved onto other games such as Joint Operations and Battlefield 2. Also such games as World of warcraft, Neverwinter nights, iL2 and some Driving games. AND MORE Latest games: Rainbow6 Vegas, Armed Assault, NeverwinterNights 2. Vanguard. AOC Most of our members are from the UK, but we also have people from North and South America - so where you're from isn't a problem, all we ask is that: - You're able to speak English! - You're at least 18 years of age. (Our current age range is around 20 - 50! ) - You show a reasonable degree of maturity, we all enjoy a laugh and a joke on Teamspeak/VENT. But there is a line! - You're able to work well within a team. If you're interested in joining, or would simply like to find out more about us, feel free to post on our forum. http://www.alpha9s.com Looking for some head members to start recruiting an Arma division
  6. dan9of9

    Looking for a squad

    Hi ya, check us out www.alpha9s.com we are a gaming clan of about 20 members. multiple games RPG,FPS,Driving etc. We are opening our Arma section and need a head member to recruit other players for a great arma section (and other games too if ya want) Friendly clan thats been going 3 years now since OFP and Joint Operations. Vent required,over 18's only. Let me know
  7. dan9of9

    Winter Warfare Mod

    lmao,i hope so. tbh i think these guys have given up the game already,there is no new news on this atall OFP had its following,this died for most in 1 month such a shame. Its bis's fault for not releasing the tools already. Skinin is one thing,mapping and converting ofp bits are total beyond most people. This ofc has its arma followers that love it, i love it,thou i dont play it atall and have not for over 2 months now (still installed). Just cannot get the will to play it,its old,like ofp,which i did already. (for 3 years solid every night day) bored now,same old same old. Would be as sad as going back to world of warcraft after getting tier 2 :0 Aint gunna happen. So come on BIS already. release the dam tools and get the US version out before the instaled becomes uninstalled. :P (still collecting addons ofc :P )
  8. dan9of9

    Winter Warfare Mod

    yeh come on guys,we need snow for the hot summer that is coming so we can go ingame and feel cold
  9. dan9of9

    Winter Warfare Mod

    someone has made this already its the addon 1.02 for the arma editor
  10. dan9of9

    Winter Warfare Mod

    so any news on this yet guys?
  11. dan9of9

    EditorUpdate 1.02 by LowFly

    wow nice,ive been waiting for this xmas tree nice one mate
  12. dan9of9

    Converting OFP addons to ARMA

    hi,i dont think it is possible yet until they release the proper tools. some people around here can probebly do it by re-writing the main codes in the extracted pbo file,but by hand,your talking a day per man/car etc. something coming later, maybe we will see more from bis after the 16th feb (uk release) i heard usa release is even more delayed :/ long way to go yet.
  13. dan9of9

    Alpha9 UK Swat

    thx guys they are grey in color,instead of dark green and light green camo, we have gone with dark grey,and light blueish grey for our camo. great for night work,swat style (althou not based on swat) just simple reskins. and great for shady towns (shadows and concrete style) getting there,my friends just got a copy so soon can get these tested on both comps,add anything else we want,and release. 1pbo coming soon
  14. dan9of9

    THe Sims