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    UEFA Euro 2008

    Yeah, that's why I can understand that they allowed it, it's pretty much impossible to see without after action replays. Because there was a dutch player behind the goalkeeper, outside of tne ground, covering the action. Or maybe in the public ?
  2. I tried to read the precedent 55 pages and maybe i haven't seen but... Clearly, with group link 3, in the mission editor, what i have to do for having AI group calling artillery support with CoC UA 1.1 ? or maybe it works only with UA 1.0 ? Anyway what i have to place in the editor, triggers markers units I don't know ! Please Help me i don't know how to do
  3. df2dpxs

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    Hi Sanctuary, Just tried this version today and it's perfect work ! Just want to say that i tried this with GL3 scripts (without SLX mod) and Urban Patrol Script and no problem, no crash, not even a lag ! Just great ! Thanks for this work !
  4. Some Gaie Arms Outcomes Security contractors Posing during Libya contract. Addons : DMA Libya, Personal Work In Progress From Tonal Redux Scratch (Thanks To Ebud) Weapons personal Work from scratch (Thanks to Sanctuary for debugging)
  5. df2dpxs

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks, as usual But strange I tried this link two hours ago and they said that the file is not on server.... Oh ! I'm looking for the Holy Grail, do you know where i can download it ? One more time Thanks very much !
  6. df2dpxs

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello, One month ago i loose my hard disk, and today I'm searching since two hours but it's impossible to find Offtime jon (or John) doe kit Could someone (Sanctuary maybe ) please provide me a link for this wonderful work ? Thank you for your help
  7. df2dpxs

    Bushfires Mod

    Yeah. I'm checking this Buffels since a long time, hoping that it will be released one day... But since Tonal Redux and after having seen "Blood Diamond" I've put out some old models from my hard disk and decide to recreate for myself a fictionous SMP like Executive Outcomes, and I decide that the Buffel could be perfect if it was released
  8. df2dpxs

    Bushfires Mod

    Yes you are talking about the whole mod, but for some of the models which were close to beta, nothing for tonal redux ? (I'm talking essentially about the Buffel IFV, and Ratel....) Ok sorry for disturbing...
  9. df2dpxs

    Bushfires Mod

    Yes it could be good to have some of SADF materials with Mercenaries troops..... Any news or it will be only for Armed Assaut ?
  10. Hello, another questions ! Has somebody made an SLX config for the DMA Toyotawars Addons ? Is it Planned ? More generally, if I'm coding, how can I make my addon completely GL3/SLX compatible ? Thanks for answers
  11. df2dpxs

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    Hello, amazing work, very funny, but I think I got a problem of FPS : When I play from the editor, I just add one player group and four or five OPFOR group with a BTR. I use Urban Patrol script, which was working very well before with SLX (demoniac actually SLX/UPS, especially for sandbox battle) and after ten minutes, a large part of the opfor is died and I have a HUGE Lag, (no more playable) like 1 or less FPS (It's even quite impossible to leave OFP without Alt+F4). It's quite strange because with last version of FFUR or SLX alone it was working very well.... I use vanilla FFURSLX with extra pack.... So any advice on the question ?
  12. df2dpxs

    Bronco ATTC

    Décidemment...... As usual and one more time thank you very much..... Maybe the next time you will send me what i need before I ask What i would do without you
  13. df2dpxs

    Bronco ATTC

    Hello everybody, I don't want to dig up this Topic but I would like to know if someone has some new about this project ? and if someone could provide me a copy of the p3d model since my HD has collapse 2 weeks ago it would be very very nice.... Because Project War Chamber site is down Thanks for your attention
  14. df2dpxs

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.3

    Except this : And the same for M41, I notice nothing..... Ah ! and for the LVTP5, ROC mod have released two variants in their last beta, even if the camo is strange for me.... (Someone already told that on this forum)
  15. Yes i've got the same problem, so i've clicked on solus user profile and refresh several time to have all the files...... I've just installed and play with tonal, the RPG anim are now perfect.... Just great ! What else I've done it's to try to put a copy of the GL3settings.sqs in the Tonal+SLX mod folder with GL3 tonal enabled, and at the same time i keep a copy in the "vanilla" slx folder without the Tonal Gl3 enabled, for instance it works but : Do you think that i will have some problems ? Another question : When a enemy unit is surrendering, is it consider as "non-present" for a trigger condition ? Someon has some problem of compatibility with GDCE mission or Dynamic war ? And last has someone created some mission specifically working for SLX-GL3 ? Anyway JUST GREAT